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12 Online Agile Tools for Highly Effective Project Management

Kate William

28 February 2024

8 min read

There’s no shortage of agile tools for every purpose out there. That’s why in this blog, we will focus on agile tools for project planning and management.

Choosing the one that meets your team’s needs and can fit your allocated budget is tricky. That’s why we will list out the 12 best agile tools for project management along with their features and pricing.

Best Agile Tools in 2023 for Project Managers

#1. Trello

agile tools - trello
Image: Trello

Trello is a kanban agile tool based on a board and card system. It lets you organize each project as boards, assign tasks in the form of cards and place them in columns for each stage of work. Teams can move the card from one column to the next to indicate that the task is in progress. Trello’s straightforward UI makes task management super simple for small teams. On the other hand, if you have larger teams or a complex project that needs extended functionalities, Trello may not do the trick.

‣ An archive of card records
‣ File sharing for all formats
‣ Notifications, deadline alerts
‣ Task assignment, management and tracking
‣ Easy collaboration
‣ Comments on individual tasks
‣ Bank-level encryption mechanism and GDPR compliance
‣ Free plan: unlimited personal boards, + 1 Power-Up per board
‣ Business Class: $9.99/user/month with unlimited Power-Ups
‣ Enterprise: $17.50/user/month. 100 users is the minimum.

Did you know that you can improve participation levels and productivity with the SurveySparrow-Trello integration? Whether you need volunteers for an event, or participants for a side-project, trigger task-based surveys, and automatically add members based on their survey responses.

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#2. Wrike

agile tool - Wrike
Image – Wrike

Wrike is a collection of agile tools for project managers, creatives, marketers and other teams. Its easy-to-use interface lets users switch between various utilities such as Gantt charts, kanban boards, and workload views. In addition, features like Spaces, calendars, timesheet tracking and subfolders help you prioritize your workflows at a granular level.

‣ Spaces for feedback and collaboration
‣ Automated task management
‣ 400 native integrations, including Google, Dropbox, Marketo, etc.
‣ Community Feedback voting
‣ Visual timelines
‣ Effective file management
‣ Starts at $0/month.
‣ Contains 6 pricing plans – including 3 custom ones for enterprises, creative teams and services teams
‣ Includes free trials

#3. Taiga

open-source project management - Taiga
Image – Taiga

Taiga is an open-source platform for project management. Like Trello, it follows a kanban board framework that allows your team to monitor real-time progress. It also enables you to plan sprints, sort issues into epics and prioritize deliverables. It is the perfect fit for multifunctional agile teams and is relatively user-friendly.

‣ Backlog planning
‣ Burn Down charts
‣ User Stories and Tasks. A user story refers to a specific part of the product,as the end-user sees it. It makes your projects easier to manage.
‣ Project Templates
‣ Customizable kanban boards with WIP limits
‣ Wiki functions
‣ Import project data from Trello, Github or Asana.
‣ Includes a free version
‣ Has a Premium plan of $7/user/month and an On-Premise plan for teams that need to have their data on their own servers.

#4. JIRA

Agile tool for Atlassian users - JIRA
Image – JIRA

Initially a tool for bug tracking, JIRA now adapts to multiple use cases, including software management, project development and task management. Project managers can customize workflows and permissions to match a team’s unique needs. As an Atlassian product, JIRA is an ideal solution for teams that are already integrated with one or more tools from their suite (Bitbucket, Confluence, Sourcetree etc.).

‣ Customizable scrum boards with drag-and-drop issues
‣ Backlogs for unfinished issues
‣ Rich APIs
‣ Extensive reporting features such as velocity charts, sprint reports, and cumulative flow diagrams
‣ 1,800+ add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace
‣ Mobile app
‣ Depends on the tools you select, the deployment platform, no. of users and billing period.
‣ For eg.: $75/month for 15 users on a cloud platform.

#5. GitHub Project Management

project management for developers - GitHub
Image – GitHub Project Management

Apart from being a code repository, GitHub is a popular project management software for developer teams. Github consists of two spaces – private and public – for team members. Moreover, there are options to add protected branches, ensuring that crucial parts of a project remain intact, and the option to switch between board and table views.

‣ Issue tracking
‣ Codespaces to collaborate on, edit and review code.
‣ Automation for testing, approvals, planning, and other stages of your project.
‣ Security features: private repositories, secret scanning, and 2-factor authentication.
‣ Product roadmaps
‣ Notifications
‣ Flavored Markdown for communications
‣ Free plan for teams that don’t have a pressing need for data storage.
‣ Paid plans starting from $4/user/month and 2GB of storage.

#6. Proggio

project portfolio tool - Proggio
Image – Proggio

A project portfolio is a collection of strategic projects and programs managed as a group. In this regard, Proggio focuses on improving planning capacity and portfolio clarity. It also boasts impressive visual representations and gives project managers flexibility while creating project blueprints. This tool is apt for medium-size and large enterprises looking to incorporate the best agile practices.

‣ Kanban boards and list views
‣ Integration with JIRA so that you can import tasks, boards, and epics.
‣ 100+ integrations with Zapier
‣ Milestone visualization
‣ Planned and actual expense updates for activities
‣ Budget and Resource Management module
‣ Calendar sync
‣ Color-coded project health scores
‣ Starts at $250/month and lets you add as many users as you like.
‣ Costs more than other tools on this list. It may not be the best fit for individuals or small project teams.

#7. Asana

agile tools - Asana
Image – Asana

If you’re looking for an all-in-one tool that lets you get the job done in one platform, Asana is it. Asana can eliminate the cost of extra tools since many additional features are built-in – like task planning, collaboration, communication, content and document management, storage, mobile access and loads more. Each team creates projects, and each project consists of tasks. These tasks, in turn, can have notes, comments, and attachments. One noteworthy feature is that you do not need an email to use Asana.

‣ Customizable dashboards to monitor individual task progress, track leads, queries, and more.
‣ To-Do lists
‣ Gantt charts for visually representing the tasks and dependencies
‣ Issue tracking
‣ KPI tracking
‣ Resource allocation monitoring
‣ Kanban boards
‣ Starts at $0/month for the Basic version.
‣ Costs $10.99/user/month under the Premium plan for larger teams.
‣ Costs $24.99/user/month under the Business plan for enterprises.

#8. ClickUp

project management - Clickup
Image – ClickUp

ClickUp is a cloud-based agile tool that caters to all types and sizes of teams. Depending on their needs, teams can manage times, tasks or processes. For better clarity, you can view different work items as a list, board, box, map, calendar, table, or a Gantt chart. ClickUp also assigns scrum points for each task as per its value and complexity and tracks the points received in each sprint. This enables you to  make sure that each job gets the effort it deserves.

‣ Client portal
‣ Kanban boards
‣ Resource management
‣ Customizable templates
‣ Agile development software
‣ Task management
‣ Reporting/analytics
‣ Starts at $0/month
‣ Costs $5/user/month onwards under the Paid plans


SurveySparrow integration -
Image –

Instead of an agile tool, how about an agile OS? is a cloud-based OS that lets team create their own work apps and workflows. With its customizable templates and kanbans, makes it simple to onboard your team and create different workflows suitable for your agile project management. In addition, it has colorful panes that let you quickly detect where your sprints stand and what actions you should take next. also has robust project tracking features and generates real-time reports on team progress.

‣ Color-coded labels and visual interface
‣ Time tracking
‣ Real-time reporting
‣ Activity logs
‣ Dashboards
‣ Integrations with popular tools like Slack, SurveySparrow, Dropbox, etc.
‣ Starts at $0/month for the trial version
‣ Costs $8/user/month under the Basic package
‣ Costs $10/user/month under the Standard package
‣ Costs $16/user/month under the Pro package

#10. Zoho Sprints

Project management for scrum teams - Zoho Sprints
Image – Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints is ideal for scrum teams who want to plan and iterate their activities in sprints. One noteworthy feature is that it lets you incorporate customer feedback from your last sprint. You can also use labels and checklists to streamline your processes, track billable and non-billable hours in the Sprint timesheets, and use activity graphs to track the progress of ongoing sprints.

‣ Drag-and-drop task planner
‣ Continuous integration pipeline with tools such as Jenkins
‣ Swimlanes for work items on priority, story, or estimation points
‣ Automatic agile report generation
‣ Work in Progress (WIP) limits
‣ Customizable scrum boards
‣ Different project templates
Based on an annual subscription model, Zoho
Sprints starts at $10/12 users/month.

#11. Clarizen

Clarizen - project management
Image – Clarizen

Clarizen is an enterprise software with two significant products: Clarizen One and Clarizen Go. Clarizen One is a comprehensive project and portfolio management tool for global businesses. However, Clarizen Go is a specialized task management system for project teams. As a result, this platform is less like a tool and more like a configurable SaaS solution that lets you support hundreds of custom fields and rules.

‣ File management
‣ Project and portfolio management
‣ Multiple boards
‣ Centralized view of the entire workspace
‣ Guest access
‣ Resource management
‣ Reports and dashboards
‣ Email, mobile and social collaboration
‣ Clarizen Apps Marketplace
‣ Comes as two plans: Unlimited Edition and Enterprise Edition.
‣ Pricing available on request.

#12. Pivotal Tracker

Task story mapping - Pivotal tracker
Image – Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is the perfect agile project management tool for software teams. In Pivotal Tracker, tasks are labeled as ‘stories’. Each story is estimated in points, not hours. In addition, the Icebox feature allows teams to add new stories and keep them “on ice” until they are ready to prioritize them. While Pivotal Tracker has all the essential elements of agile project management tools, two features stand out.

‣ Velocity: Measure how quickly your team members complete their stories. Based on the current velocity, you can accurately estimate timelines and assign tasks for similar projects in the future.
‣ Task types. Users can pick from ‘features’, ‘new releases’, ‘bugs’, and ‘chores’ based on the activity.
‣ Starts at the Free plan for teams of 1-5.
‣ Costs $10/month onwards for teams of 6-10 under the Premium plans
‣ Custom quotes available for enterprises.
‣ Price calculator option to get pricing based on team size.

Agile Tools: Wrapping Up

Researching, getting the necessary buy-ins and onboarding to a new tool can be a time-consuming process for sure. That’s why tools like customizable survey templates like the ones from SurveySparrow can come in handy.  From project estimates and planning to daily standups and weekly checkins , sometimes the best agile tools are the ones that keep it simple.

Kate William

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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