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Trello is a visual project management and team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything & everything to keep your projects on task.

Trello Survey Integration: Use Cases

Trello survey integration helps you optimize your workflows and achieve higher levels of productivity in the workplace. Map survey responses to a card in Trello, add members to a card from submissions and trigger task-based surveys at the right time.

Map survey responses to a Card in Trello

Map responses to a card in Trello automatically when you receive new survey submissions. Optimize workflows and become action-efficient using Trello survey integration.

Add members to a Card via survey submissions

Add new members to a Card in Trello via survey responses. Be it rounding up a team for a project or collecting volunteers for an event, with Trello Survey integration, organizing your workflows is simple.

Trigger survey when there is a new activity

Trigger an employee engagement survey when a Trello Card is updated. Keep a check on employee pulse in the workplace and improve the culture over time with Trello survey integration.

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