Features of Weekly Employee Check-In Template

More Features of Weekly Employee Check In Template

With the features of SurveySparrow, you can record all employee check-ins in a sheet, know their mood for the week, and generate reports for a clear analysis. Study the responses, performance check ins and make your workplace better with this weekly employee check in template.

White Labeling

Add your brand logo in the weekly check-in template and make it look more authentic. You can use our CSS tool to transform your form with your own ideas and make it look truly yours. You can also create a URL of your own with the company’s name in it. To meet your brand guidelines you can also add your brands color, images and font into the form.

Slack Integration

SurveySparrow in integration with daily communication app such as slack or microsoft teams lets you share the employee check in template with your whole network at once. With Slack you can even track the responses and keep updates on when an employee is checking in.

Google Sheet Integration

With this integration the collection of responses for employee check-in becomes hassle-free. The moment an employee completes filling the form the response will be recorded in the google spreadsheet. You can use this spreadsheet to keep a track of every employee check in.

Mobile SDK

This feature allows you to embed the template in your mobile app, by making it easy for respondents to fill it out on their smartphones. You can stimulate the survey and gain valuable insights from the employees with only a few lines of code. This feature allows employees to simply access the form anytime they check in.

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