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Want to Expand Your Business Outreach? Here’s How (in 5 Steps)!

Vismaya Babu

15 July 2022

4 min read

Looking for a way to turn your venture into a global business?

If so, then keep reading. Expanding is easy. It’s all about using a single tool correctly, so you can do it all online!

With that, cold emailing isn’t what we’re discussing. While cold calls are a good start, they’re not the best way to generate sales.

But what is? That’s what we’ll discuss below!

First: What Tool Do You Need?

You’ll need an email automation system (being the only tool required here).

Other tools to try include:

  • SalesBlink
  • SalesHandy
  • Woodpecker
  • SmartReach

There are two ways to use email for outreach. The first is to get more clients. And the second is to get more employees…

Getting More Clients

This is what most people think of when it comes to business outreach. You’ll have a business that can export products/services easily, and you’ll want to sell overseas.

Here, email is the best starting option, and for a few reasons.

Email is used by all of the world’s urban population. In fact, it’s projected that by 2025, over 4.6 billion people will be using email (source).

Another reason is simplicity. You might not have a known global business brand, so you must slowly build up your global following. Email is an excellent tool for that.

Lastly, there’s ROI. According to the 2019 DMA Marketer Email Tracker, every $1 spent on email marketing yields $42 in return (source)!

This makes it a very low risk investment, but with high rewards!

Getting More Employees

It’s another type of business outreach. You’ll need this when your business grows too large. You might be overstressed and understaffed, requiring you to find labor somewhere.

Email is a good way to find that labor. You can launch a campaign targeting hiring services, PEOs, and PROS. This’ll let you get employees matching what you need!

Second: Configuring Your Email Tools

Nothing complex needs to be done here. Only two rules should apply, and those are…

Keep Your Email Batches Small

You want your market to remember you. But, you don’t want to spam excessively, as this’ll push them away.

Also, keep your emails short. Get to the point, and save the long enticing messages for landing pages (if sales are your goal).

Email List Cleaning

Not all contacts on your list are active clients. You’ll have to purge inactive contacts occasionally.

This’ll free up your list, especially since most tools charge you per list size. And with a freer list, you’re sending emails to those who care.

The key is recognizing who should be purged.

Prioritize active clients who frequently view your content or buy. Those clients should be in a special list that you’ll constantly update.

Other emails to purge on the spot include:

  • Spam emails
  • Duplicate addresses
  • Those who unsubscribe from your list

Third: Make a Drip Campaign

What’s a drip campaign? That’ll be a sequence of emails that are pre-designed. Those emails are sent (en masse) in set orders and intervals.

It’s how newsletters, special offers, and many affiliate marketers email people!

They’re easy to design with any email tool. Though they do require planning on your part beforehand.

A drip campaign should start with the welcome letters sent to new prospects. Those have a high open rate of 82%, so almost all new clients will view them (source)!


With a drip campaign, you don’t have to constantly contact email writers to help you out. You can let them design the chain of emails all at once.

As a tip, design enough emails for a three month period max. You still want flexibility, just in case you decide to change your offers down the line.

Another benefit is brand awareness. You can tune your drip campaign to send enough emails where you aren’t spamming excessively (but are still marketing yourself).

And finally, it’s a way to promote content. If your business relies on posting content at regular intervals, you can have a drip campaign to notify your list of each piece!

In fact, that’s how the majority of marketers use email. 87% of marketers use it for organic content distribution (source)

Fourth: Add in Personalization Features

Email personalization is all about using the personal info of your email list. It helps create a better marketing experience.

Those have a high open rate. Personalized emails are 50% more likely to be opened than ones that aren’t (source)!

For example, you can tweak your emails to talk to customers by name.

You can have emails designed as a response to behavior triggers. That is, if customers click on a certain link, you can send an automated email specifically catered to that link.

Products are another factor. If you can pick up on what a client likes most in your store, you can email sales offers that match what they’re looking for!

The options are endless, but the previous list is a starting point. Not only will it make the client feel special, but it’ll create more trust for your brand!

Fifth: Target Organizations That Can Help

Expanding your reach isn’t just about selling products. You’re expanding your reach to:

  • Get other influencers/organizations to market you
  • Gain more followers
  • Find employees

To those ends, you can target big names and large organizations with your emails. And both can be found through PEO and EOR firms!

What Are Those?

PEOs stand for professional employer organizations. They’re like HR departments that work independently.

They’ll take on partial employer responsibilities and will source you the labor you need

EOR are similar to PEOs, except that they act as the employer for tax work, even if the employee works at a different company.

If you’re expanding globally, an email campaign targeting overseas PEOs and EORs can make the process easier.

You can find and follow up with a firm that’ll get you the employees you want while shouldering part of the employer burden!

Email is All You Need!

The previous steps are an outline. They’re not rules set-in-stone, but are guidelines that let you expand your business faster!

From there, it’s all about writing enticing emails. Email is a medium that has a lot of potential, and a well-constructed campaign can win the heart of your audience!


Vismaya Babu

Marketing whiz and tech lover, always exploring the digital world with curiosity and creativity!

SEO at SurveySparrow

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