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50 Creative Award Names for Employee Recognition

Kate William

2 min read

Employee recognition awards can be tricky. No one is no more excited to receive the Best Performer award! The award has already lost its lustre and your company urgently needs some creative award names that inspire and excite the employees.

Bored of re-sharing the same old titles every year in the name of employee recognition?

Well, we have curated a list of 50 creative award names that you can proudly award your employees.

Best Performer/Top performer award alternatives:

  1. Pinnacle Performer of the Year
  2. Star Player of the Department
  3. The WoW Machine Award
  4. Mover of Mountains
  5. Spotlight Award
  6. The MVP
  7. The Knight in Shining Armor
  8. Acing It Award
  9. The Smasher of Records
  10. The Alpha of the Department

Best Debut Performer Award Alternatives:

  1. Dashing Debut
  2. Best First Impression Award
  3. The Brilliant Beginner
  4. The Budding Star
  5. Here to Ace it
  6. Valuable Gem
  7. Recent Treasure
  8. On the Hero Road

Peer to Peer Recognition Awards Alternatives:

  1. Perfect Sidekick
  2. The True Gem
  3. The Powerhouse
  4. Flock’s Favorite
  5. The BTS Performer
  6. The Silent Shoulder to Lean On
  7. The Helping Hand
  8. Everyday Hero
  9. The Silent Soldier

Customer Service Awards

  1. The First-Class Performer
  2. Winner of Hearts
  3. Customer Whisperer
  4. The Calmer of Storms
  5. The Distributor of Smiles
  6. The Comforter of Customers
  7. Finding Excellence Award
  8. Conqueror of hearts
  9. Five-Star Performer
  10. Crushing and Cruising it
  11. Mr./Ms. Beyond Expectations
  12. The Attainer of Targets
  13. Customer’s Favorite

Perfect Attendance Award Alternative:

  1. Count You In
  2. Always on Time
  3. Mr./Ms. Perfect
  4. Mr./Ms. Reliable
  5. The Dedicated One

Best Team Award Alternative:

  1. Force to Reckon With
  2. The Super Squad
  3. The “Here to Win It” Squad
  4. Ace Alliance Award
  5. Dream Team Award

Wrapping Up…

It’s always Happy Employees = Happy Customers!

The small instances of happiness combined with satisfaction can push your employees to break their barriers and showcase the best. Regular recognition awards and schemes along with a comfortable working environment guarantee this wholehearted contribution of every employee.

Kate William

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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