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10 Best Poll Apps to Look for in 2020

Athira Unnikrishnan

7 min read

The world’s changing for good. Today, we live in an era where every opinion matters and therefore is sought before taking any decision, be it a trivial or serious one. Opinions and feedback have become an integral part, especially for the business world.

Let say, you have added in a new feature for your product. You would want to know the opinion of your users about the new addition. Or, you want to schedule a meeting on a particular day. You will need the opinion of employees to know if it really is the best time.

Now, manually approaching and collecting opinions from each individual would definitely be a no-no. It’s almost impossible.

So, how do you gather the opinions and feedback of a large-scale audience?

Quick answers to a single question will do the trick! Of course, I meant polls. There is no easier way than polls to gather opinions and feedback.

Are you looking for the best way to conduct polls?

A Poll App is your best solution. You can create online polls, share it, collect the responses and even analyze it in no time.

What is a Poll App?

A poll app is a software application that lets organizations and researchers create productive online polls. With a poll app in place, you can customize your polls, share it through various channels and analyse results effortlessly.

Why do you need a Poll App?

Social Media does offer options to conduct polls. It is one of the easiest ways to create polls but not always the best option if polling is quite an important matter to you, especially if you are running a business organization.

You need a dedicated tool that not only conducts polls almost instantly and extends your reach to more audience through multiple sharing platforms, but also gives you a detailed analysis and insights into your polling results so that you can take appropriate actions accordingly.

10 Best Poll Apps of 2020

We know that you have started searching for good online poll generators and apps now. Don’t take the trouble. We’ve done the job. After some serious research, we have collated a list of the best 10 poll apps that the market of 2020 offers. Dive in:

  1. SurveySparrow
  2. StrawPoll
  3. EasyPolls
  4. Poll Junkie
  5. Poll Everywhere
  6. Outgrow
  7. SurveyMonkey
  8. Google Forms
  9. Zoho Survey
  10. SurveyLegend

1. SurveySparrow

Poll App - SurveySparrow.

Comparatively a new player but a fierce competition to the counterparts, that’s how SurveySparrow exhibits itself as a poll app. What makes the poll generator stand out is its intuitive and conversational UI that promises a response rate that is 40% higher.

You have tons of templates and themes to choose from, a myriad of question types and multiple channels (email, website, social) through which you can share your polls. Create a poll that is highly customizable. You can add branding elements like custom logo etc. and give the poll the look and feel of your brand.

And what’s more? You can schedule your polls to be conducted at the time you need with the built-in automation of SurveySparrow and analyze the results in real-time with the help of robust analytical reports.

Pricing: Starts at $19 per month. Free Version Available.

2. StrawPoll

Poll App - StrawPoll.

StrawPoll is a poll-app that claims to help you create polls in just seconds. It offers you mainly two types of polls which include Straw Polls and StrawPoll Meetings.

When it comes to Straw Polls you can either make it private or public, apply features like anonymous voting etc. Whereas with StrawPoll Meetings you schedule meetings by taking the opinion of each participant. These polls will be private always and can have unlimited participants.

After creating the polls you can embed it or share it through various social channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. Manage your polls in a single interactive dashboard and view the results in real-time.

Pricing: Free.

3. Easypolls

Poll App - Easypolls.

Understand customers better supported by the website embeddable polls of Easypolls. This poll app can make the entire process of embedding polls with the help of its feature named ‘poll container’. Basically, the poll container is a code that you can generate via EasyPolls to embed polls on your website.

After creating a poll, you can just add it in the container instead of manually editing each page and adding the embed code. However, a container cannot have multiple polls at a time; you can have only one container per poll.

Customise the look of your polls using any from the 21 themes available or even create your own. But if you want to save any of your polls, you will have to signup or login to the poll generator.

Pricing: EasyPolls is a Free online poll creator.

4. Poll Junkie

Poll App - Poll Junkie.

Poll Junkie is one of the most popular free online poll creators that lets you create polls with minimal processes. With Poll Junkie, you don’t need to sign up or log in to make a poll. The poll app is pretty straightforward and helps create polls quickly without making you go in circles.

All you have to do is go to the homepage of Poll Junkie, click on the get started button and start creating polls effortlessly. Poll Junkie offers question types like ranking, free text, multiple-choice and rating. Save your work, edit polls, share the poll and view results with ease. Poll Junkie is definitely one of the best out there if you are looking for an intuitive poll maker that’s absolutely free.

Pricing: Free

5. Poll Everywhere

Poll App - Poll Everywhere.

Poll Everywhere is the next poll app to make it our list. It is considered as one of the best online poll generators for being added in presentations. Make your presentations more engaging. Create a poll on the platform and add the Poll Everywhere widget to your presentation be it PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides.

The audience can answer your questions by attending the polls from where they are. One of the best features of this poll app is that it displays the poll responses to the respondents in real-time inside the presentation itself.

Pricing: Starts at $42 per month. Free Version is available.

6. Outgrow

Poll App - Outgrow.

Outgrow is yet another poll app that is quite popular in the market. Outgrow lets you create polls in real-time with the help of a myriad of attractive templates and question types that include drop-down, text input, opinion scale, star rating and much more.

You can even customise your polls by adding the necessary branding elements. Also, embed it on your website or share it instantly via multiple channels like chat, pop-up etc. After which you can analyze the poll results with the help of Outgrow’s analytical reporting.

Pricing:  Pricing Plans start at $14 per month.

7. SurveyMonkey

Poll App - SurveyMonkey.

SurveyMonkey is a name that you can’t miss when it comes to polling. A much-renowned survey and polling app, it is trusted by numerous organisations, a majority being Fortune 500 companies.

Create polls with the help of a myriad of templates, share it via email or display it as a pop-up in your website and gather the feedback to make better decisions. The poll generator offers features like data analysis tools, live results tracking and email distribution etc.

Customers love the tool for its user-friendliness that lets them create polls in a matter of minutes. However, the popular poll app does have its limitations in providing branding provisions.

Pricing: Plans start from $31 per month. Basic Version is free.

8. Google Forms

Poll App - Google Forms.

The ever-popular free online poll creator, Google Forms helps you create easy to embed polls in a few minutes. Make your polls more interactive by customising them with your own logo, getting a suitable colour picked or selecting from a set of themes that Google Forms offer. You also can choose from a bunch of question types ranging from multiple choice to dropdowns.

Engaging your audience becomes simpler by adding images or YouTube videos with Google Forms. Analyse responses in real-time by viewing it in sheets or charts. Yet another great feature of Google Forms is that you can collaborate with your team and create polls easily.

Pricing: Free

9. Zoho Survey

Poll App - Zoho Survey.

Zoho Survey lets you create smart online polls and helps launch it within minutes. With this poll app in place, you can save a lot of time as it aids you in building polls effortlessly using the drag and drop builder.

Now, you don’t have to worry about drafting questions either. Zoho Survey offers a ready-to-use question template which can be even edited if you choose to. Customize your online polls. Give it a fabulous look by selecting appropriate themes and leveraging branding provisions like custom logo and colours.

When you are done with creating a poll, you can embed it or share it via email, social media or even consult the research panel offered by Zoho Survey. As for analysing results you have real-time reporting wherein custom, trend and cross-tab reports are included.

Pricing: Plans start at $20 per month.

10. SurveyLegend

Poll App - SurveyLegend.

If engaging and good looking polls are what you require, then SurveyLegend is your best bet. You can make distinctive polls with this poll app by adding image-based questions that can actually help you interact with the respondents better. Moreover, the poll generator is highly customizable letting you put together polls aided by a myriad of templates and themes.

Share your polls through multiple channels like email, SMS, Social media etc. with nothing more than a single click and collect real-time insights about the responses. Though SurveyLegend seems to be a fairly decent tool, you can’t expect it be very mobile-friendly.

Pricing: Starts at $15 per month. Free Version Available.

Winding Up

Polling was a rarity a couple of decades back. But today it has grown into a necessity. From politicians to researchers to entrepreneurs, everyone has resorted to polling because every single opinion counts in today’s world.

If you want to grow and flourish, especially your enterprise, then you need to be backed by your customers; they should love your product or service. You need to know of their opinions and feedback regarding your product/service and when that’s the case polls are your ultimate saviour. A single question is all that takes to know your user’s mind.

Well, then that’s a wrap! Happy Polling!

Athira Unnikrishnan

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

Just a plain soul enthralled by the power of words and the aroma of food!

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