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11 Best Online Poll Apps for 2024 (Free and Paid)

Athira Unnikrishnan

Last Updated:  

16 July 2024

12 min read

Need a quick way to make meetings, presentations or even everyday interactions more interesting? Check out our list of top online poll apps for meetings, market research, customer satisfaction, classroom lessons, and more!

After all, finding good online poll generators and apps isn’t hard. But with so many options, choosing the right one for your needs can be tricky. After some serious research using our top 6 criteria, we have collated a list of the best poll creators that can help you generate live polls in a snap, and view the results (also live).

If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, click below to read the summary.

Online Poll Apps: Our Top Picks for 2024

  1. SurveySparrow
  2. StrawPoll
  3. EasyPolls
  4. PollJunkie
  5. Poll Everywhere
  6. Outgrow
  7. Vevox
  8. Google Forms
  9. Zoho Survey
  10. Polltab
  11. Xoyondo

Best Poll Apps: At a Glance

ToolBest ForG2 RatingPricing
SurveySparrowOffline Polls4.4/5Starting at $19/month for personal use
StrawPollQuick, Informal Polls4/5Starting at $5.90 per month
EasyPollsWebsite Embed Polls3.8/5Free plan available; Pro plan at $29/month
Poll JunkieBasic Polls Without an AccountFree
Poll EverywherePolls for Presentations4.5/5Starting at $10 per month
OutgrowSeamless Data Sharing4.8/5Free basic plan; Paid plan starts from $14
VevoxDiverse Poll Types4.7/5Starting at $10.95/month
Google FormsFor Google Workspace Users4.8/5Free
Zoho SurveyFor Zoho Users4.4/5Plans start at $20 per month
PolltabMultiple Choice PollsFree
XoyondoSimplify Meeting Schedules and Opinion PollsFree

1. SurveySparrow – Offline Polls

Team Lunch Poll Template

SurveySparrow is an all-in-one survey software that lets you create live polls, quizzes and chat surveys. It promises a response rate that’s 40% higher, and also lets you view poll results in real-time.

With the tool’s GIPHY and Unsplash libraries, choosing images and GIFs is a breeze. What’s more, SurveySparrow’s offline survey app lets you easily collect poll data even without the internet.

🎯Who it’s for: Entrepreneurs, educators, marketers – anyone seeking audience feedback with rich data analysis.

Top Features:

  • Themes & Templates – Create free polls with predesigned templates and themes.
  • Multiple Sharing Options – Allow respondents to easily access the poll. Share using SMS, QR Code, social media, or Slack, or embed it on webpages or emails.
  • 20+ Question Types – Use multiple choice, yes/no, ranking, dropdown, picture choice, etc.
  • Interactive Elements – Emojis, GIFs, images and videos, oh my! Make your polls conversational and engaging.
  • AI Assistance – Save time.  Use our AI Survey Builder to instantly generate polls.
  • White Label – Create white-labeled polls with your custom URL, background pictures, logo, and colors that blend with your brand.
  • Automation – Schedule your polls using workflows and analyze the results in real time.
  • Dashboard – Gain access to a vibrant dashboard to see your poll results. Create widgets to display the results of your poll to gain in-depth insights.

Check out these examples below from various polls.

A compilation of live poll results from SurveySparrow.

Find it on: WebiOS Android | AppSource


Use this app to poll my team. They found it easy to use. In fact, they returned to survey quicker than other polls I have used. Thank you. Efficiency is important. 😊 – Teresa Payton


Under Surveys –

  • The Basic plan starts at $19/month for personal use.
  • The Essentials plan at $49/month is designed for small teams.
  • The $99/month Business plan suits mid-sized businesses, while the Enterprise plan is for large organizations.
  • SurveySparrow also has a Forever Free plan for users on a tight budget, as well as a free trial.

Enter your email below to try our polling software. You can choose the Forever Free plan later if that suits your needs.

2. StrawPoll – Quick, Informal Polls

Strawpoll's online poll app and form builder page.

StrawPoll is a poll app that lets you create polls in seconds. Users love it for how quick it is to set up – if you suddenly decide a poll is needed and didn’t plan for one, StrawPoll is a great option.

It doesn’t require an account and is relatively accessible for computer and mobile users. The only drawback is if you’re handling a large volume of data; in that case you might need a more sophisticated tool.

🎯Who it’s for: Users who want to create a quick poll for fun or to gauge opinions on a topic.

Top Features:

  • Quick Setup – Add your question and the answer options. Then, share the poll’s link with your audience. Everything is just one screen.
  • Anonymous Voting – Encourage more honest responses, especially for sensitive topics.
  • Strawpoll Meetings – Schedule meetings by taking the opinion of each participant. These polls will always be private and can have unlimited participants.
  • Live Results – Manage your polls in a single interactive dashboard and view the results in real-time. Evaluate them using a pie chart or bar graph.

Find it on: Web

 Creating and sharing virtual polls using a link for opinion collection is a significant thing about Strawpoll. – Sachet


Ads support their free version. If you don’t want ads for you and your respondents, they have basic, pro, and business plans. The basic plan starts at $5.90 per month.

Read more: 10 Best StrawPoll Alternatives

3. Easypolls – Website Embed Polls

Poll App by Easypolls with the "Question" tab open. It has a field for the question text and answer options.

Easypolls is a free poll app that simplifies the process of embedding polls with the help of its feature named ‘poll container.’ The poll container is a code that you can generate via EasyPolls to embed polls on your website.

Their website look and feel might not be impressive. But creating a poll is super easy.

🎯Who it’s for: Developers looking to integrate a polling functionality into their site or applications.

Top Features:

  • Poll Container – After you create a poll, you can add it to the container instead of manually editing each page and adding the embed code. However, a container cannot have multiple polls at a time; you can have only one container per poll.
  • Poll themes – Customize the look of your polls using any of the 16 themes available. You can also create your own.
  • Save your polls – Sign up for free and save your polls.

Find it on: Web

The best part about EasyPolls is that it is easy to use and respond to. – Mitali P.


EasyPolls is a free online poll creator. But they also have paid plans for ad-free polls, location tracking, and data download. Their pro plan is priced at $29 monthly, and Enterprise is $49.

4. Poll Junkie – Create Basic Polls Without an Account

The poll app homepage by Poll Junkie.

After  StrawPoll, Poll Junkie is another online poll app that lets you create a poll without signing up.

You can make a poll by entering your email and setting an expiration date.

🎯Who it’s for: Researchers and individuals who need an anonymous poll maker.

Top Features:

  • Multiple Question Types – Poll Junkie offers question types like ranking, free text, multiple-choice, and rating. Save your work, edit polls, share the poll, and easily view results.
  • Open Polls – Copy polls from their website and tweak it a bit to create your own

Find it on: Web


This poll app is entirely free.

5. Poll Everywhere – Polls for Presentations

The poll app homepage by Poll Everywhere.

The fifth poll app to make it to our list is Poll Everywhere. It is considered one of the best online poll apps for its ease of being added to presentations.

They focus on helping companies that work hybrid through live polling, online quizzes, and more.

🎯Who it’s for: Presenters and educators looking for a free voting poll to engage their audience.

Top Features:

  • Embedded Polls: Integrate polls into your PowerPoint presentations and Google Slides and have interactive sessions with your attendees.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Visualize open-ended responses as word clouds, providing quick insights into audience sentiment.
  • SMS Polls: Participants can respond to polls using text messages. Even audiences that have no internet access can participate in polls.

Find it on: Web | iOS | Android

Easy to use, install and vote anonymously on questions during presentations. – Heidi T. 


Starts at $10 per month. They also have a free plan with an audience size of 25.

Read more: 10 Best Poll Everywhere Alternatives

6. Outgrow – Seamless Data Sharing

Outgrow's Online Poll Maker tool - Homepage

While not as popular as some of its competitors, Outgrow is a solid polling tool that serves some of the world’s biggest brands, including Hyatt Hotels and Nielsen. This free poll maker lets you create polls in real-time with the help of a myriad of attractive templates and question types.

These include drop-down, text input, opinion scale, star rating, and much more. Like any other poll app, you can share your polls through multiple channels and analyze the response through a dashboard.

🎯Who it’s for: Marketers looking to segment visitors, and generate leads based on their interactions

Top Features:

  • Multiple Ways to Embed – different types of embeds are possible. Full-page, in-page, pop-ups, greet bars, floaters, chatbots, etc., to make your content unique and engaging.
  • Brand your polls – Customize your polls by adding the necessary branding elements.
  • Integrations – Offers 1,000+ integration solutions both via native and Zapier integrations.

Find it on: Web

Outgrow offers a wide range of interactive content types, such as quizzes, calculators, polls, and chatbots – Dinesh Y.


The free basic plan allows you to conduct only surveys. The paid plan starts from $14 a month. They call it a freelancer plan. They also have a startup plan priced at $55.

7. Vevox – Diverse Poll Types

Vevox polling app: Homepage

Vevox is a powerful tool for engaging audiences in meetings, classes, and townhalls. The platform provides nine types of polling for instant engagement, like star rating polls, wordcloud polls, numeric polls and more.

It also has features like data analysis tools, live results tracking, email distribution, etc.

🎯Who it’s for: Businesses wanting to collect anonymous feedback and engage attendees.

Top Features:

  • Ease of Use: Use it for remote use cases, face-to-face sessions, or virtual meetings and classes. Participants can use any device to respond.
  • Integrations: Vevox works with all major conferencing apps like Zoom, Teams and Meet. In addition, it also integrates with popular LMS software like Canvas and Blackboard.
  • Anonymity: Allow participants to complete polls anonymously, ensuring a safe space for individuals to share their opinions.
  • Real-time Insights: Visualize the data live in your Vevox dashboard, and save them to share with your teammates or view later.

Find it on: Web | iOS | Android

It can really make your virtual team meeting more interactive and fun. – Gabrielle R.


Vevox offers different price plans for businesses and educational institutions. They start at $10.95/month for the former and $6.75/month for the latter. Free plans are also available.

8. Google Forms – For Google Workspace Users

Google Forms Poll App - Homepage

There’s a reason Google Forms has captured a share of 44.46% in the survey market. This free online poll creator helps you create easy embed polls in a few minutes.

Make your polls more interactive by customizing them with your logo, selecting a suitable color, or selecting from a set of themes that Google Forms offers. You can also choose from many question types ranging from multiple choice to dropdowns.

🎯Who it’s for: Individuals and businesses wanting to create simple polls for free.

Top Features:

  • Integration with Google Sheets – Poll responses can be automatically saved to a spreadsheet, allowing further analysis and sharing.
  • Responsive Design – Polls created with Google Forms are responsive, meaning they’ll work on any device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Add-ons – Enhance functionality with various add-ons like Form Publisher, Choice Eliminator, and Magic Spreadsheet. You can find them in Google Workspace Marketplace.

Find it on: Web (Accessible through Google Drive)

Auto save in the cloud is seamless with amazing collaboration support. Free to use and easily integrates with other Google features. – Verified Reviewer


Google Forms is free to use.

9. Zoho Survey – For Zoho Users

Zoho Survey Poll App - Signup Page

Zoho Survey lets you create smart online polls and helps launch them within minutes. With its drag-and-drop builder, you can save a lot of time.

🎯Who it’s for: Businesses looking for an enterprise-grade survey and polling platform.

Top Features:

  • Question Templates – Offers a ready-to-use question template that can even be edited if you choose to. Customize your online polls. Make it look fabulous by selecting appropriate themes and leveraging branding provisions like custom logos and colors.
  • Integrations – Widen the range of usage for polls using other apps in Zoho Suite. You can also integrate your polls with Google Sheets and Mailchimp.
  • White Label – Customize your polls with logos, themes, and domain names. Ensure brand identity and build trust with your respondents.

Find it on: Web | iOS | Android

Zoho Survey, allows us to conduct surveys and opinion polls not only to our bosses but to the general public –  Sergio Rafael


Plans start at $20 per month.

10. Polltab – For Multiple Choice Polls

Polltab's free polling app. The page is showing a form with fields for the question text and answer options.

Creating polls in this polling app is… how to say it? Simple. They have the option of creating a “bracket poll.

What is a bracket poll? It’s where two options are put against each other, like a tournament match. Each poll is like a match and with subsequent polls. You get to decide the winning option.

🎯Who it’s for: Individuals and businesses wanting to create simple, mobile-friendly polls

Top Features:

  • Easy to use – Setting up a poll is simple; no registration is required.
  • Real-Time Data – No need to refresh whenever you want updated data for your polls. With WebSockets, a web protocol, the poll responses are updated in real time.
  • Data Security – With features like one vote per ISP, Facebook or Google login, and a captcha, you can prevent spam votes. You can also hide the poll results till the poll’s end date.

Find it on: Web


Polltab is a 100% free polling platform.

11. Xoyondo– Polls to Schedule Meetings Faster

'Schedule a meeting': Xoyondo's form with fields for poll title, description, user's name and email.

Xoyondo is your solution to effortless meeting scheduling. And the best part, you ask? It’s free, and there is no need to register!

Plus, you can create opinion polls to see who voted for what. 

🎯Who it’s for: Businesses looking for a free poll for meeting times.

Top Features:

  • Simple Planning and Voting- Easily set up meetings, survey, and create discussion boards.
  • Endless Surveys and Participants- Make as many surveys as you like and invite as many people as you need.
  • Your Own Xoyondo Space- Share your surveys on a public page with your chosen web link.
  • Gather Extra Info from Users- Get more details from participants when they vote, like their email.
  • Share Documents and Pictures- Upload and connect files and images to your surveys.
  • Make It Yours with Custom Design- Change the Xoyondo logo and design surveys with your unique style.

Find it on: Web

It is very simple to choose several potential dates for a meeting and to create the poll where everybody can vote – Corina


It’s free!

How We Picked the 11 Best Poll Apps

These are the key criteria we looked for while hunting the best polling software for this list.

1. Real-Time Insights

A live polling app without real-time results is like a sports game without the scoreboard.

It not only helps you spot trends, but it also helps you adapt your approach to fit the situation in an instant.

2. Ease of Use

Poll apps should be easy to use, quick to set up, and shouldn’t require any technical know-how.

In addition, pre-built templates and drag-and-drop functionality are a must for quick form creation.

3. Flexible Poll Builder

Ability to use most common question types like yes/no, drop down, multi-choice and picture choice.

Users should also be able to customize and brand their polls – plus add some interactivity, with images, GIFs, emojis and video clips.

4. Mobile-Friendly

The polling software should be able to display on all kinds of devices without performance issues.

Additionally, offline survey capabilities are a big plus – they can help you collect data even in scenarios where the net is unreliable.

5. Integrations

Seamless integrations with your tech stack, including any marketing software or data analytics tools that you’re using.

If you’re planning to export data to other tools for further analysis, such a feature is helpful.

6. Budget-Friendly

The best poll app has pricing plans for different business tiers. This will help you choose the right plan without overspending.

Many poll apps also have free plans with basic features – a good option if you’re a casual user or simply looking to test-drive the tool.

Winding Up

Polling was a rarity a couple of decades back. But today, it has grown into a necessity.

Everyone, from politicians to researchers to entrepreneurs, uses poll apps because every single opinion counts in today’s world.

If you want to grow and flourish, especially in your enterprise, you need to be backed by your customers; they should love your product or service. You need to know their opinions and feedback regarding your product/service; when that’s the case, polls are your ultimate savior. A single question is all it takes to know your user’s mind.

Ready to choose your polling tool, but don’t know where to start, or what to ask? Take inspiration from our list of 170+ poll questions for work events. Oh, and you can also check out our list of 100+ good poll questions for every occasion.

Poll Apps – FAQs

What is the app that creates polls on WhatsApp?

SurveySparrow lets you create and share polls and surveys on WhatsApp. It also lets you monitor the survey to track its performance on WhatsApp.

What polls work on Android and iPhone?

SurveySparrow, Poll Everywhere, Vevox and Zoho Survey. These poll apps are perfectly optimized for both iOS and Android.

How to create a successful poll?

1. Know your goal. What you want to learn? Is it audience preference (chocolate vs. vanilla) or gauging interest (team movie night?)

2. Offer compelling options. Provide 3-5 answer choices that cover the key possibilities. Include an “other” option if necessary.

3. Add a supporting visual. Images and emojis grab more attention, especially if it’s a social media poll.

4. Share and analyze.

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