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10 Best Poll Everywhere Alternatives (with Free Trials + Pricing)

Parvathi Vijayamohan

6 min read

Looking for Poll Everywhere alternatives? 

In this article, we’re covering ten of the top Poll Everywhere competitors to help you zero in on the audience response software that best fits your needs. 

Ten Top Poll Everywhere Alternatives & Competitors 


Poll Everywhere alternative #1: SurveySparrow - The best online poll maker

Poll Everywhere is a great presenter tool. But its interface feels clunky, and it’s tough to customize if you want to target specific participant groups. If these are the features you’re missing, SurveySparrow is one of the best alternatives to Poll Everywhere. What’s more, you can display poll results as a TV dashboard that gets updated in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Omnichannel Engagement: Share polls/quizzes/surveys via email, text message, chat, web link, Slack, Microsoft Teams, QR codes and more.
  • Interactive Poll Builder: 20+ question types, 500+ templates, image uploads, video surveys, NPS surveys, 360 surveys
  • Customization: Custom branding, custom variables, question and answer logic, answer scoring. 1,500+ integrations
  • Analytics: Real-time results, engagement dashboard, individual response summaries, response editing, word clouds.

Pricing: You can collect 100 responses per month under SurveySparrow’s Free plan. The next tier is the Basic plan, which collects 500 responses per month for $19. 

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You can also try out all of our bells and whistles absolutely free for a limited time. Sign up below to collect up to 100 free responses per month. 


Poll Everywhere alternative #2: Typeform - free online poll creator

Aside from the ability to create unlimited questions, there aren’t any major benefits you can get from Poll Everywhere’s Free plan. So if you’re looking for free alternatives to Poll Everywhere, Typeform is a sensible option because it offers helpful features even for free users. 

Key Features:

  • Cost-effective: Unlimited typeforms on all plans.
  • Design: Logic jumps, multiple ending screens, hidden fields, calculator, templates
  • Customization: Responsive forms, multi-page forms, question library
  • Data: Shareable reports, Analytics and results dashboard, Integrations with Slack, Sheets, data downloads

Pricing: The Free plan lets you collect ten responses per month. For $25 per month, you can collect 100 responses under the Basic plan. 

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Poll Everywhere alternative #3: Quizizz - the 100% engagement platform

Are you looking for a cost-effective, fun alternative to Poll Everywhere? Then Quizizz might be just the tool for you. In addition, Quizizz has a much higher level of gamification than other Poll Everywhere competitors on this list; this makes it an excellent software for boosting audience participation. 

Key Features:

  • Gamification: Presenter-led and self-paced live lessons, team competitions, replays, flashcards, power-ups. 
  • Teaching tools: Google Classroom integration, quiz and lesson library, live games, Homework Mode
  • Customer and Employee Engagement: Gamified live quizzes/polls/presentations, virtual training, asynchronous training, micro-learning
  • Audience Retention: Interactive lessons, differentiated study materials, auto-generated reports, responsive software

Pricing: Contact vendor. Quizizz also provides a free trial.

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Kahoot! : Make learning awesome

Kahoot! is a learning game platform that lets you create, share and play games (called ‘kahoots’) in minutes. The Kahoot! app is a fun standalone tool for bonding with your coworkers during a lockdown or effectively teaching a concept. 

Key Features:

  • Employee Training: Social learning tools, virtual team building tools, progress tracking, Kahoot! 360 reports
  • Student Engagement: Flexible learning tools, flashcards, test and practice modes
  • Hybrid Learning: Interactive lessons, live and self-paced games, group challenges, a game library for all age levels
  • Results: Kahoot replays, game analytics, topic reviews

Pricing: Contact vendor. 

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Mentimeter: Engage your audiences and eliminate awkward silences

Mentimeter makes it simple to create and share beautiful, interactive presentations. What’s more, its Mentimote feature lets you turn your smartphone into a presentation remote control. You can switch between slides and moderate audience questions with this. So, what else can you do with this Poll Everywhere alternative?

Key Features:

  • Presentation Builder: Cloud-based, templates, customizable slide types, plugins for PowerPoint, Zoom, and Teams
  • Audience Engagement: Live Q&A, town halls and AMA sessions, interactive polls and quizzes, templates, various question types
  • Moderation: Q&A presentation slides, question moderation, anonymous questions
  • Results: Real-time responses, trend analysis, word clouds

Pricing: Mentimeter’s Free plan allows you to host unlimited presentations for any audience size. 

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Slido: Your go-to interaction app for hybrid meetings

Slido shares many features with the other tools on this list. But it also lets your audience prioritize questions for Q&A sessions by upvoting/downvoting them – a concept that Reddit users will be familiar with. Also, if you’re looking for Poll Everywhere alternatives with Powerpoint embed, it’s integrated with Powerpoint, Google Slides, and Microsoft Teams.

Key Features:

  • Audience Engagement: Live Q&A, live polls, image polls and surveys, live video integrations
  • Collaboration: Virtual brainstorming, event collaboration, event “rooms” for multiple parallel meetings
  • Moderation: Question crowdsourcing, question moderation, questions sentiment analysis
  • Results: Event analytics, data analytics, data export

Pricing: Slido’s Basic free plan lets you host unlimited Q&As for up to 100 participants. 

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MeetingPulse: Activate your audience with real time brainstorms

MeetingPulse has twelve modules that let you boost audience engagement to the max, including polls, brainstorming, audience pulse, and more. Moreover, you can reward your audience, break the ice or strategically boost audience engagement with MeetingPulse’s Raffles feature.

Key Features:

  • Participation and Engagement: Multiple poll types, dynamic surveys, pulse surveys, raffles and rewards, real-time messaging, crowdsourced agendas, virtual brainstorming
  • Knowledge Retention: Video integration, live Q&As, custom page/link creation, file storage
  • Security and Event Management: Meeting ID/password, admin roles, monitor meeting activity
  • Reporting: anonymous results, participant activity, data export, data summary

Pricing: MeetingPulse’s Free plan covers up to 100 attendees, and covers basic features like polling and live Q&As. 

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WooClap: Make learning awesome and effective

WooClap has different question types that you can embed within your presentation. Even better, there’s no app to download, nothing to install; participants can use a link to connect to WooClap on their smartphone, tablet, or computer and answer questions online or through text.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Presentations: Powerpoint, Teams and Slides plugins, presentation imports from Keynote, PPT or PDF, image/video embeds, polls/quizzes/surveys
  • Audience Engagement: Message Wall for live questions and reactions, anonymous or authenticated participation, brainstorming surveys, competition mode
  • Customization: Integrations with major LMS software, color options, branding
  • Results: Result grids, result exports, individual reports

Pricing: WooClap is one of the more cost-effective Poll Everywhere alternatives. They have a free trial for all their pricing plans, and the Basic Plan for Business starts at $9.99 per month.

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Presentii: Capture audience interest

Presentii helps you find out which parts of your presentation resonated with your audience. How? The platform collects this data through a sliding scale that indicates their level of interest – along with direct comments from the participants themselves.

Key Features:

  • Event Creation & Sharing: Job interviews, sales pitches, lessons and classes, and more.
  • Capturing Audience Sentiment: Presentiimeter to record interest levels during the session, comment box, post-event surveys
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Hopin, Skype, Webex
  • Results: Consolidated interest graphs, correlated audio replays, survey results

Pricing: For $12/month, Presentii’s Wiz plan lets you use the platform for an unlimited number of events with up to 100 people per event. A one-month free trial is available. 

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Vevox: Polling and Q&A platform

What makes Vevox a good free Poll Everywhere alternative? For starters, their Free plan gives you access to unlimited basic polling, Q&A, instant leaderboards, and Powerpoint integrations for up to 500 participants. Moreover, you can use diverse poll types, including word clouds, numeric polls, XY plots, and image polls. 

Key Features:

  • Audience Engagement: Live polls, multiple poll types, optional anonymity, themed quizzes, quiz leaderboards, crowdsourced Q&A platform
  • Integrations: Event app embeds, Microsoft integrations, presentation software integrations, webcasts
  • Analytics: Report downloads, report shares, user account analytics

Pricing: Vevox has a lifetime Free plan. Their single user-paid plan costs $50/month. 

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Wrapping Up: Why Switch from Poll Everywhere?

When it comes to audience engagement software, Poll Everywhere is a solid choice because it has loads of great features for audience response management. But even long-time users agree that Poll Everywhere’s interface feels clunky and outdated.

Also, compared to the alternatives on this list, Poll Everywhere pricing doesn’t offer much value for money in terms of features. So if you are looking for better alternatives to Poll Everywhere, we hope this list was helpful. 

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