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Free Online Survey Maker: Overview

Feedback collection has seen a steady evolution along the years for knowing the pulse of the customers is crucial for any business to flourish. From paper surveys, one-to-one interviews, postal questionnaires, telephonic surveys, we have arrived at online surveys in the tech-savvy age.

With the introduction of online survey tools, gathering the views and opinions of people have gone from being cumbersome to easy-breezy. Thus for any business, a free online survey maker finds a crucial spot in the asset-requirement list.

Advantages Offered by Free Online Survey Maker

Easy to Design

Creating a survey using a free online survey maker is a simple walk in the park. Round-in on your questions, feed it in, pick the layout, and you are good to go. While traditional methods keep the hourglass going for all time just to craft a survey, a free online survey maker gets the job done in no time.

Insights Gathered

Postal questionnaires and paper surveys leave a pile on your table for analysis, and this surely isn’t the best sight for the eyes. Especially after the time invested in collecting the responses in the first place. A free online survey maker does all the work for you by creating detailed reports from the survey data for your perusal.

High Response Rates

A survey made with a free online survey maker can be shared across different channels. This results in broad reach and visibility for the surveys. More people means higher completion rates! This advantage is enjoyed solely by a free online survey maker as opposed to the conventional techniques.


It’s no surprise that people have an aversion towards taking a survey. And this is quite understandable; getting thrust with a paper questionnaire or a phone survey call right when they are in the middle of something. However, a free online survey maker takes it earnestly to ensure that the respondents can take up the survey at their convenience, whenever they wish.

Light on the Pocket

While postal mails, paper questionnaires, phone surveys and so on take a significant chunk of time to give results, they also do something else. Make your wallet light as a breeze in the process. However, with a free online survey maker leaves your wallet fat and also, gives you a big chunk of surplus time in return which you can use for something productive.

Features that Make a Great Free Online Survey Maker

A survey maker offers a multitude of features to its audience for the best survey experience. Even though a free survey maker may not have the premium features in its kitty like its paid counterparts, there are still features to look out for that turns survey experience from mundane to exciting!

Free Online Survey Maker Feature #1: Captivating Interface.
Captivating Interface

An undisputed advantage a free online survey maker offers to the survey creator is the ability to design and create visually stunning online surveys. This provides a refreshing experience to the users as opposed to a paper survey where the scope to get creative is close to none. Pick a free online survey maker that has a captivating interface to grab the attention of even the dullest respondent who has vowed not to take a survey!

Free Online Survey Maker Feature #2: Diverse Question Types.
Assorted Question Types

In a survey, you can pose either open-ended or closed-ended type questions where the former fetches accurate responses. If you wish to get quality responses, then open-ended questions like scale rating, star rating, MCQ, and such, must find the way into the surveys. A free online survey maker that offers diverse question types is your best bet in achieving this.

Free Online Survey Maker Feature #3: Share Options.
Share Options

A free online survey maker has a plethora of options to share surveys with the audience. This offers unmatched reach and visibility for the survey bringing in more responses. Be it email surveys, social media, embedding surveys in a website, SMS share; you name it, a free online survey maker has got it! Identify which channel fetches you maximum responses thus!

Free Online Survey Maker Feature #4: Reports & Insights.
Reports & Insights

Merely sending out surveys is not sufficient; you must be able to gather insights from the data. A free online survey maker helps you do just that. With detailed reports, graphs, pie-charts, histograms and what not, a free online survey maker saves you all the trouble and time in scanning paper surveys one after other! Gather valuable aspects from surveys to improve your brand

Free Online Survey Maker Feature #5: Templates Collection.
Templates Collection

A survey template consists of relevant questions which you can ask your audience. Employing a template will help you kickstart your survey process at once, without spending time searching for the apt questions. A free online survey maker must have a vast repository of custom templates to suit any business needs, across any domain, be it customer feedback or employee engagement. Use it as such, or give it a tweak!

SurveySparrow as Your Free Online Survey Maker

Now that you have seen the perks of having the best free online survey maker by your side, it’s time to pick one that will suit your business needs tight and snug. Take a minute to read through why SurveySparrow is the best free online survey maker you always wanted! You would make up your mind in a blink!

Dual UI

Wouldn’t it be nothing short of cool if you had not but two user interface to choose from for your survey? Yes, you heard it right! SurveySparrrow’s free online survey maker is the world’s first multi-platform survey maker that offers two interfaces:

  • Chat-like surveys
  • Conversational forms
  • You can choose the which interface your respondents must view! Either way, surveys made with SurveySparrow’s free online survey maker are conversational!

    Diverse Question Types

    SurveySparrow’s free online survey maker offers a myriad of diverse question types you can use to extract precise answers from your audience. Star rating, scale rating, MCQ, image type questions, matrix type, drop-down you name it, the free online survey maker has it. Besides, you can upload images, GIFs to make your surveys more creative and add a dab of personal touch using emoticons!

    Rich Insights

    A free online survey maker that can create a detailed analysis of the data collected from the survey saves a lot of time and efforts for you. SurveySparrow’s free online survey maker comes with a rich dashboard that furnishes you with in-depth reports, graphs, charts, histograms and more to give you a wholesome view. This is extremely useful when you are conducting market research and academic studies.

    Recurring Surveys

    Automate anything that can be automated; businesses with nod heads in unison with this idea. It's futile to spend time sending the same surveys repeatedly when you can automate the process using a free online survey maker. SurveySparrow’s recurring feature does just that! Set the survey settings once, and we take it from there!

    Share Options

    SurveySparrow’s free online survey maker leaves no stone unturned in ensuring your surveys receive maximum reach and visibility. For that, we have the best survey options neatly lined out for you:

    A step more, our offline survey app helps you collect feedback in the absence of internet connection!

    Audience Management

    Would you want to send a survey to the Engineering team originally meant for the sales team? Definitely, no! The free online survey maker by SurveySparrow offers the audience management feature to organize your audience into various categories for better visibility and easy sorting. Send surveys to each group, quickly and without a mix-up!

    A free online survey maker is the simple surefire way of ensuring that your business sky-rockets with improved services you provide after working on the feedback received. Having a free online survey maker is more of a necessity than an option now! Thus it is imperative that you round-in on the best free online survey maker that gives a seamless survey experience.

    Happy Surveying!

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