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70+ Online Shopping Questionnaire for Ecommerce Businesses

Kate Williams

Last Updated:  

19 July 2024

11 min read

Considering we shop for nearly everything online these days, from fashion to pharmaceuticals, does the experience of shopping online meet our satisfaction levels?

Let’s say I bought some apples from the shop, which were quite bad. I could tell the vendor my feedback straight away, or any other day, I stop by to get some apples. It’s just straight feedback, and for sure, it’ll be acted upon.

But how do we share our feedback about shopping items online? Without a way for customers to provide feedback and trust in its resolution, customer satisfaction, and retention may decline, reducing the overall trust in a service or brand.

If you run an e-commerce platform and haven’t focused on this aspect, consider integrating targeted questionnaires and feedback tools on your website to understand and enhance your customers’ shopping experiences.

And, this blog is specially made for you.

70+ Online shopping survey questions to ask

Understanding customer’s perspectives about shopping through your online channel is crucial for improving retention. This is mainly why I have curated 70+ questions for you and some exclusively designed free online shopping questionnaire templates you can start embedding on your site for customer feedback collection.
Let’s go ahead.

Here’s an online shopping questionnaire created just for you!

Feel free to use it. Sign up with your email. Tweak the survey to your liking and send it out with your brand’s label.

Online Shopping Questionnaire Template

Explore more online shopping survey templates below.

Like the above, you could get a wide range of pre-made online shopping surveys that you can use well. Create a free account and start using free templates from SurveySparrow.

Now, let’s go to the online shopping survey questions and free survey templates in detail.

General E-Commerce online shopping questionnaire

  1. “Were you satisfied with the overall experience?”
  2. “Would you buy from us again?”
  3. “Did you find the shopping experience pleasurable?”
  4. “Was the eCommerce website easy to navigate?”
  5. “Which are the areas where you would like us to improve?”
  6. “Was it easy to choose the products?”
  7. “Were you able to find enough information about the product on the website?”
  8. “Do you have any suggestions to improve the website experience?”
  9. “On a scale of 1-10, would you recommend our eCommerce website to friends or family?”
  10. “Would you like to suggest other products to be added to the site?”
  11. “How did you find our website?”
  12. “What are the channels you use to discover similar products like ours?”

Here’s a free E-Commerce shopping survey template. Please create a free account and check it out right now.

Free E-Commerce Survey Template

The above survey questionnaire about online shopping is a general eCommerce one that aims to understand the customer’s experience with your brand. The answers to the above questions will give you deep insights into how your eCommerce shopping site is running and help you with your lead-generation activities.

Sign up with your email and start exploring more templates from SurveySparrow. It’s complelty free!

Imagine someone saying they will not buy from your brand again (question #2). You can send them a follow-up question requesting the reason for their stance. You could also try to buy their goodwill by offering a free product or an attractive discount on their next purchase. Make sure that you solve any current issue they are facing. 

Online shopping questionnaire on the products

  1. “Why do you prefer our product over our competitor’s?”
  2. “Have you ordered from our shopping site before?”
  3. “Were you able to find various products to choose from?”
  4. “Did you find sufficient information about the product listed on the site?”
  5. “Which were the other products that you were considering before finally buying this product?”
  6. “Does our product meet your personal/business requirements?”
  7. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the design of the product?”
  8. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the features in the product?”
  9. “Are you happy with your decision to buy this product?”
  10. “What is your favorite feature about the product?
  11. “What is your least favorite feature about the product?”
  12. “Do you find our product easy to use?”
  13. “What are the pain points that our product solves for you?”
  14. “Are you happy to pay the retail price of this product?”
  15. “Is our product better than that of the competitors?”
  16. “What made you choose our product?”
  17. “If given a chance to make the same purchase again, would you buy our product?”
  18. “What are the features in our product that you feel can be removed?”
  19. “Would you like us to add more features and functionality into the product?”
  20. “What are the must-have features that you expect in a product similar to ours?”
  21. “What was your most important consideration while buying the product?”
  22. “Did you find ways to ease your confusion (if any) when finally deciding to buy the product?”

Check this free e-commerce survey questionnaire on products

Free Online Shopping Questionnaire for Product Feedback

The final quality of the product has a huge bearing on the purchasing decision of the buyers. But, it would be unwise to ignore many other factors that depend on this decision. You need to make it easy for the customers to buy from you. The product description should be written in an unambiguous manner. Taking feedback from your customers will give you a goldmine of information that will help to create a better product. 

You will understand what matters to your customers. Getting customer feedback will make you more customer-centric. It will change the way you design the products. It will reflect how you present the final product to the customer. Remember this, every single aspect of the product matters. 

Online shopping questionnaire about the website

  1. “Do you enjoy our website’s navigation?”
  2. “Were you able to find products with ease?”
  3. “Did the search bar work the way it was supposed to?”
  4. “How often do you visit our website?”
  5. “Do you visit our website because of any other prompts?”
  6. “What are the things about our website you would like us to change?”
  7. “Do you like the colors we used in the website?”
  8. “Is the content in the website evenly spaced for the products to stand out?”
  9. “Did it take a lot of time for the website to load?”
  10. “Have you ever had a bad experience on our website?”
  11. “What are your recommendations to improve our website?”
  12. “Would you recommend our website to friends and family if they are looking for products similar to the ones we stock?”
  13. “Is our website better than our competitors?”

Yes, here’s a free survey template for you.

Free Online Shopping Questionnaire for Website

The eCommerce website is a valuable piece of real estate. No matter how good the products you manufacture are, if the website is not functional or easy to use, visitors will pop out as soon as they come in.


Online shopping questionnaire based on customer behavior

Let us look at a few questionnaires on consumer buying behavior online shopping.

  1. “Are you comfortable making payments online?”
  2. “What issues did you face when shopping online on our website?” 
  3. “How was the shopping experience at our website?”
  4. “How was your checkout experience at the online store?”
  5. “Do you feel safe shopping online?”
  6. “Have you ever faced a bad payment-related experience while shopping online?”
  7. “What payment options do you prefer on the online store?”

Use this survey template for free! Check it out now.

Free Customer Analysis Questionnaire

Understanding how users feel about buying online will give you an idea about their shopping behavior. People feel safe these days shopping online using their credit cards, but there will be anomalies. Therefore, you need to figure out the payment options that they are all right using. 

Post-purchase online shopping questionnaire

Sending an online survey immediately after they make a purchase will give you an idea about your overall experience with your brand. It will give you pointers on areas where there can be an improvement. You can use the data you gather from the surveys to improve your shopping experience. 

  1. “Are you happy with the products lined up for the category you were searching for?”
  2. “How was your overall shopping experience?”
  3. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your shopping experience?” 
  4. “Did you purchase all the products that you wanted?”
  5. “How easy was it to finalize the item you wanted?”
  6. “What can we do to improve the shopping experience?”
  7. “What made you abandon the cart?”

Here’s a cute post-purchase survey template from SurveySparrow.

Post Purchase Survey Template

Online shopping questionnaire for customer support

If your customer support is not great, then you will end up alienating them, and increase churn. Not to mention the fact that you will turn away new customers. Giving adequate attention to customer support is the bare minimum that you can do. There are Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES) questions to gauge how satisfied your customers are with you. 

Let us look at a few questionnaires on online shopping customer satisfaction

  1. “Was it easy to get in touch with the customer support team?”
  2. “Did they spend adequate time listening to your issue?”
  3. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate our customer support?”
  4. “Where do you think we can improve on the customer support front?”
  5. “How fast did they resolve your issue?”
  6. “Did the customer support team respond immediately to your complaint?”
  7. “Would you recommend our customer support staff to friends or family?”

Want to get an online shopping questionnaire for customer support at no cost? or Create one using SurveySparrow’s AI survey builder?

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Shipping-related Online shopping questionnaire

Imagine ordering a product only to find that it will take a fortnight for the delivery to happen. You don’t want to have a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to delivering the product. It is the responsibility of the online shopping company to ensure that the product gets delivered on time. 

  1. “Did you get the product delivered on time?”
  2. “Are you satisfied with the shipping and delivery experience, on a scale of 1 to 10?”
  3. “Did the agent call you during the drop?”
  4. “Was the logistics partner’s behavior professional?”
  5. “Would you recommend our shipping and delivery services to friends or family?”
  6. “Where do you think we should improve our delivery services?”
  7. “What did you like about our shipping and delivery?”
  8. “Did the website give you timely updates on when you will receive the product?”

How to Create an online shopping questionnaire using AI

Okay, let’s get straight to the point.

  1. Create a free account here
  2.  Log in to your SurveySparrow and click New Survey.
  3. Click on the “AI do the magic” tab.

ai surveys - SurveySparrow

4. No specific prompts for your survey; you can also choose to use a sample prompt from the available options. dd or customize your survey with relevant questions. Once you’re all set with the questions, click Preview Survey to get a glimpse of your survey.


5. Feel free to customize the survey design, theme, and even the branching logic for question types. You’re all set to go.

customize ai surveys -SurveySparrow

Looks Good Right? Do you want to try?  Sign up here and explore for free.

Importance of online shopping surveys

eCommerce businesses have a lot to learn about their customers’ needs, requirements, and motivation to buy, which keep varying. The results from the survey can help in optimizing the website, improving the shopping experience, changing business tactics, etc. 

Let us look at why eCommerce stores should regularly conduct surveys:

1. Helps with data collection

Online shopping surveys are great for collecting data about customers, their motivations, purchasing behavior, requirements, and so on. You will get to know about their challenges, experiences, and preferences. You can gather information in real-time using which you can make immediate changes to your business. 

2. Better customer experience

When a customer buys from you one time and never shops from you again, you will never know what happened. Conducting a survey as soon as they shop from you or a few months after they use your service is a great way to find out if they were dissatisfied with anything. You can take remediation steps immediately to address them. It might work in your favor as they will be pleased that you solved the frictions that they faced while shopping. They might even recant on their decision of not shopping from you again. 

3. Helps improve your marketing strategy

You can use the data gathered from the online shopping survey to understand if your marketing strategy is on point. If you get to know that a majority of your target market is on Instagram through the survey, there’s your cue to change your strategy. You will have a better understanding of your customers. It will also help you create content for each segment so that you hit the right nerves. 

Here is a few online shopping questionnaires you can ask:

  • What are the social media sites you use to search for products?
  • Where do you access most content from?

4. Understand why your product isn’t selling

Not having the expected sales from your online store can be terrifying. You need to know why sales aren’t happening. What better way than asking your website visitors directly? 

You can ask the following online shopping questionnaire:

  • What stopped you from buying the product?
  • What did you dislike about the product? 

5. Understand why people leave your site

Sending an exit-intent pop-up survey when a user leaves the webpage would be an easy way to collect information about why people leave the site. Ask questions to customers who were almost ready to buy, but backed out from doing so. 

Here is a few online shopping questionnaires you can ask:

  • Didn’t like our product? We’d love to know why.
  • What can we do to make you buy from us?
  • May we know why you exited the shopping cart?

6. Understand your pricing strategy

For online stores that are still unclear about their pricing or want to know what customers think about it, no better way than surveys. You don’t want to scare away potential buyers by overpricing. Nor do you want to underprice your products. Ask the right questions to understand if your pricing is right. 

Here are a few online shopping questionnaire you can ask:

  • Are you satisfied with our pricing?
  • Are we better priced when compared against competitors?

7. Helps gather testimonials

People trust when others like them recommend products or services. They are more likely to listen to them than advertisements on TV. Online shopping surveys are also a great opportunity for online stores to gather testimonials in a subtle manner. 

Here are a few online shopping questionnaire you can ask:

  • How has our product helped you solve your problems?
  • Would you miss our products if we shut shop today?
  • Please tell us how you feel about your entire experience with us.

8. Find product market fit

Do your potential customers want the product that you are selling? Is there a market for it? Understanding the demand for your product is pivotal, as it can help you with managing your inventory too. 

Here are a few online shopping questionnaire you can ask:

  • What’s the most important feature you use in our product? 
  • Is there an indispensable part about our product? 

9. Measure word-of-mouth recommendations

The NPS survey tells whether your customers would recommend your products or not. For a customer to talk about your products to others, they have to be really fond of the product. Finding out those who give a score of 9 or 10 (called Promoters) will help you identify those who can be made ambassadors for your brand. 

Here are a few online shopping questionnaire you can ask:

  • Why did you give this score?
  • What can we do to make things right for you?

10. Get your communication right:

The way you communicate with your existing and potential customers matters a lot. Does it address their pain points? Are your points clear and concise or do you keep rambling? Does your communication address the best parts of your products? Asking the right questions will help you figure out how your marketing messages work for you. 

Here are a few online shopping questionnaire you can ask:

  • What do you like most about our brand?
  • Do you enjoy our advertisements?
  • How has been our after-sales service? 
  • If you could describe the brand in a single word, what would it be?
  • What do you think is unique about our brand?

Wrapping up

Consumers spend hours researching about the product before they open their purse strings. Getting a peek into their minds will clearly help your brand. To create remarkable shopping experience for your customers, you need to have a clear understanding of their expectations, pain points, needs, and requirements.

Using the right online survey tool and asking the right online shopping questionnaire will help you gather information that can catapult your brand to the next level. Online shopping survey questions examples in the article can be used in your online shopping surveys. 

If you are looking for the an online survey tool to gather relevant data of shoppers, SurveySparrow is the tool to choose. It has a myriad of eclectic features that make data gathering a breeze. Get in touch with us, and we will show you how our online survey tool can help you. 

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