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How to choose the best market research software for your agency!

Clare Zacharias

18 April 2024

6 min read

If you run an agency, chances are, you are big on ‘tomorrow experiences’. Are you always on the lookout for better services/ products to help serve your clients better (without burning a hole through your pocket, if that can be helped)? Well, that’s precisely why this guy should be your new best friend. Who? Market research software.
It’s not just a tool; it’s a potential game-changer. In this blog, we will explore it’s potential, importance, and some of the best market research tools you can come across in the market. 

Why do Agencies Need Market Research Software at all?

Well, a market research software comes handy when you consult a customer and report to him why the market is responding in a particular manner. It is also useful to have market insights before the launch of a product/service to gauge customer reaction in advance.

Furthermore, the right market research software can predict trends for not just your agency and aid your own business plan, but can also help you advise your clients on their campaigns and strategy. Let’s just agree that this software has one too many uses in the scheme of things.

Now that the scope of a market research software is established, let’s proceed to the other concern that has been plaguing your mind. Should you go with an “enterpris-ey” product or a simpler tool? Truth be said, the mature brands are already well-known and comes with well-oiled machinery, and a streamlined onboarding program, thanks to the fact that they are likely to cater a thousand other agency like yours. Let’s admit it, to them you are merely one among the lot.

On the other hand, you can expect a red carpet and all the frills if you choose to do business with a relatively younger company. You are valuable partners who get them more clients at a lesser cost. Chances are, they will want to keep you and they’ll bend over backward to accommodate your fair needs. Your partner management experience will be a whole lot more smooth and precious in this case.

How to Choose a Perfect Market Research Software

There are so many agency partner programs out there that it is tricky to choose the right one for you. But that’s what we are here to help you with! In order to choose the best market research software for your agency, I urge you to ask yourself the following five questions:

How good is the software in question?

This is one area that you just cannot turn a blind eye to. Read up on the reviews and ask for a demo. See for yourself the features and usability, and weigh the experience against the pricing offered. Is the software features the best there is? What does the software bring to your table? Can you foresee the market research software adding value to your agency and to your customers? Is it a good buy?

Ask yourself: Would you buy this tool for yourself?

How enticing is the pricing plans?

Having decided that the tool is worth some introspection, compare the pricing plans with its alternatives. Do you get attractive discounts? Are you offered free or heavily discounted product your internal use?

Remember that the agency partner program is a two-way street. You get to offer better services, and the software, in turn, can acquire more clients at no acquisition cost, whatsoever. It is within your rights to expect a smooth experience and lucrative pricing.

Ask yourself: Do you get the feeling that you are short-changed? Probably because you are. Find a fair game and keep it.

How special are the other perks?

Now, this is where the game gets real. Apart from a decent product and attractive pricing, what else is there for you? Do they provide a commission when you refer or resell your product? Do you get listed in a public directory where their customers can find agencies like yours? Co-marketing opportunities, anyone?

Ask yourself: Is there anything exclusive to this partnership? Or is this just old wine in new bottle? Get out if so. You can find numerous other partner programs of the same elk anyway.

How does your business get better with this partnership?

Since we are talking about market research software, let’s inspect how the product improves your offer? Is the added advantage of the market feedback likely to entice your customers? Will it improve your offer? Does this partnership solve problems for you? Will this add value to your services?

Ask yourself: Will this partnership make you a better agency? Will your clients love you for this? Is this some tool that you can use yourself? Rather, is this a tool that you’d want to try yourself?

How awesome is their support?

Don’t forget that you might have to offer to consult and train your own customers on the product to get them onboard. Is the learning curve so steep that you’ll want days to find your way? You’ll surely sleep better if the software is intuitive that using it feels natural.

Does the agency offer training and support on how to implement their product and services around yours? Are they excited about complementing you with hands-on sales training? Can you count on them to have your backs?

Ask yourself: Will they be with you through thick and then? Are they keen on a ‘dedicated manager’ idea?

In case you need a handy list of the best agency partnership programs around, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the list of the top 20 Marketing Agency partner programs and all you need to know about each of them.

Top 3 Market Research Tools

And while we are at it, the tool with the most features needn’t translate to the best tool for your needs. Why pay for stuff that you won’t even use? Choose the best market research software that covers your needs and nurtures your growth, not that will burn a hole through your wallet without any justification, whatsoever. Here are 3 market research platforms that we think you should give a spin. 

1. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow is a user friendly market research tool designed to create engaging surveys and gather actionable insights. With its conversational user interface the platform makes your survey experience enjoyable. 

Key Features:

  • Market Positioning: Identify the most suitable marketplace for your product, ensuring it stands out amidst competition.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Leverage the flexibility of market research survey software to gather valuable information about your target market.
  • Competitor Analysis: Measure and understand your competition, allowing you to navigate market challenges effectively through insights.
  • Conversational Forms: Create surveys that feel like conversations. This will increase response rate and engagement.
  • Multi-Channel Distribution: Share via email, web links, social media, and more to reach your target audience.
  • 800+ Pre-designed Survey Templates: Create your own perfect study for your audience without any external help.

Pricing: Paid Plan starts at $19/month 

2. Qualtrics


With Qualtrics, you can conduct in-depth research and make data-driven decisions. The user-friendly interface, advanced features and analytics capabilities make it one of the best market research platforms.

Oh, not just that! You can conduct academic research, do competitive benchmarking and conjoint analysis to understand customer sentiment!

Key features:

  • Market Segmentation: Easily segment your customers and target the right audiences for perfect results. It also allows you to use AI to spot the gaps and find those segments that remain untouched.
  • Purchase Behavior: Understand the “whys” behind customer purchase and get a comprehensive outlook of buying behavior.
  • Ad Testing: Dive deep into the type content that leave an impact on customers. This can be online or direct.

Pricing: You need to contact the team for a quote

3. Typeform


Typeform lets you conduct market research that not only engage your audience but also provide meaningful insights. Craft surveys that resonate with your audience!

  • Enhanced Engagement: It is designed to be visually appealing and user-friendly, encouraging higher participation rates. With mobile optimization, custom designs, and a media-rich library, your brand shines.
  • Personalized Experiences: Create tailored survey journeys with one question per screen, branching logic, and the ability to recall previous answers.
  • Efficient Data Handling: Access real-time responses, effortlessly sync with tools like Google Sheets, and generate shareable reports with built-in analytics.

Pricing: Starts at just $25 per month 


Just think of market research software as your secret weapon. It’s your tool to uncover valuable insights about your market. So keep using these tools to gather valuable insights and make informed decisions. Your success in the market depends on it. Stay curious and keep exploring!

Clare Zacharias

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow.

A sort of Jill-of-all-trades! Enchanted with storytelling, fascinated with startup life.

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