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Top 6 Multichannel  Survey Distribution Tools (2024)


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30 May 2024

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Imagine a world where surveys effortlessly find their way to respondents, reaching them through various communication channels. Sounds like a dream, right? Get ready to make that dream a reality as we dive into the exciting world of multichannel survey distribution tools.

This blog will explore the top five multichannel survey distribution tools that will revolutionize how you distribute surveys. So, please grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and prepare to be amazed as we uncover the secrets behind seamless survey distribution. 

With SurveySparrow leading the charge, you’ll discover other tools that can be used to gather feedback.

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1. SurveySparrow: Best Multichannel Survey Distribution Tool

SurveySparrow: Multichannel Survey Distribution Tools

Effortlessly gather feedback and reach a broad audience with SurveySparrow,  one of the industry’s leading multichannel survey distribution tools. With its user-friendly interface, diverse question types, advanced features, and robust reporting capabilities, SurveySparrow revolutionizes how you distribute surveys.

Its integration capabilities and customizable surveys make it a versatile tool for various professional contexts, while its responsive design ensures an optimal user experience across all devices. Take your survey distribution to the next level with SurveySparrow.

Notable Features of SurveySparrow

  • Multichannel survey distribution: SurveySparrow offers various channels for distributing your survey, including email, social media, website embeds, SMS, making QR codes, and more. This allows you to reach a broad audience and receive responses from many demographics.
  • User-friendly interface: Users have praised SurveySparrow for its intuitive interface. The software is easy to use, and creating a survey can be smooth.
  • Diverse question types: SurveySparrow offers a wide variety of question types, including multiple-choice, ratings, open-ended questions, and others, allowing for versatile survey construction.
  • Advanced features: It includes skip logic, piping, recurring surveys, reminders for uncompleted surveys, etc., which can enhance the survey experience for both the creator and the respondents.
  • Reporting and analysis: SurveySparrow provides robust data analysis tools, allowing users to understand and interpret their survey data effectively. These include real-time reporting, cross-tabulation, text analysis, and more.


  • Integration capabilities: SurveySparrow can be integrated with many popular tools and platforms like Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, etc., which makes it a versatile tool in a wide array of professional contexts.
  • Customizable and branded surveys: The platform allows for high levels of customization, which means you can align the look and feel of your surveys with your brand.
  • Responsive design: Surveys created using SurveySparrow are designed to work well on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring an optimal user experience across all devices.
  • Feedback management: The platform also has a built-in tool for managing customer feedback, making it a comprehensive solution for customer experience management.
  • Pricing: Under Surveys, the Basic plan starts at $19/month for personal use. The Essentials plan is priced at $49/month for small teams. The $99/month business plan is designed for mid-sized businesses, while the Enterprise plan is custom-built for large organizations.SurveySparrow offers a Forever Free plan with limited features. Users can also access a free trial to test the product.

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2. Google Forms: Free Basic Surveys

GoogleForms: multichannel survey distribution tools

When it comes to accessibility and familiarity, Google Forms takes the lead. With its seamless integration with Google Suite, multi-device compatibility, and various distribution channels, Google Forms makes it easy to reach your target audience and collect valuable responses. 

In addition, real-time response tracking, customizable design options, and basic data analysis tools further enhance your survey experience. Tap into the power of Google Forms to simplify survey management, collaboration, and data analysis.

Notable Features of Google Forms

  • Accessibility and Familiarity: Google Forms is easily accessible to anyone with a Google account, and its widespread usage ensures respondents are familiar with the tool, leading to higher response rates.
  • Multi-device Compatibility: Their surveys work seamlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, enabling respondents to participate using their preferred devices.
  • Seamless Integration with Google Suite: It integrates smoothly with other Google Suite tools like Google Sheets and Google Drive, simplifying survey management, collaboration, and data analysis.
  • Multiple Distribution Channels: It offers various distribution channels such as email invitations, direct links, embedded forms, and social media, providing flexibility in reaching your target audience.
  • Real-time Response Tracking: With real-time response tracking, you can monitor survey progress and view responses as they arrive, allowing for timely decision-making based on collected data.
  • Customizable Design Options: Google Forms provides customization features, including templates, images, videos, and survey themes, allowing you to create visually appealing and engaging surveys.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: It also offers basic data analysis tools, such as charts and graphs, to visualize survey results. Data can be exported to Google Sheets for further analysis and integration with other analytical tools.
  • Pricing: Free tool included with a Google account, no additional cost.

3. SurveyLegend: Drag & Drop Surveys

SurveyLegend: Multichannel survey distribution tool

Create, distribute, and analyze online surveys with ease using SurveyLegend. Its user-friendly interface and mobile-first design ensure a seamless survey creation across devices. 

With a variety of question types, customization options, real-time analysis, and multimedia integration, SurveyLegend empowers you to create engaging surveys that capture valuable insights. Share your surveys through multiple channels, export data, and integrate with popular platforms for a comprehensive survey distribution solution.

Notable Features of SurveyLegend 

SurveyLegend provides a versatile platform for creating, distributing, and analyzing online surveys. Here are some key features that make it a good choice as a multichannel survey distribution tool:

  • Ease of Use: SurveyLegend has a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface that simplifies creating and customizing surveys.
  • Question Variety: It supports various types of questions, such as multiple-choice, drop-down, rating scale, and open-ended questions.
  • Mobile-First Design: The tool has been designed with a mobile-first philosophy, ensuring that surveys look and work well on mobile devices and desktops.
  • Survey Customization: You can customize the look and feel of your surveys, including the color scheme, font, and overall design to match your brand.
  • Real-Time Analysis: The platform offers real-time data analytics, giving you instant access to the results as they come in.
  • Multimedia Integration: Unlike some other survey tools, SurveyLegend allows you to integrate multimedia content such as pictures, videos, and even music into your surveys, which can make your surveys more engaging.
  • Sharing Options: Surveys can be distributed through various channels, including social media, email, and even embedded on websites or blogs.
  • Data Export: SurveyLegend allows you to export your survey results to Excel, CSV, PDF formats, or even Google Drive.
  • Integration: It offers integrations with popular platforms, allowing you to import contacts, export responses, or even send data to other tools for further analysis.
  • Pricing: Offers Basic (free), Pro (starting at $19/month), and Business (starting at $49/month) plans with varying features and customization options

4. MailChimp: Ease of Use


Simplify your survey distribution with MailChimp, one of the versatile multichannel survey distribution tools known for its ease of use and customization options. With a drag-and-drop interface, diverse question types, mobile-first design, and real-time analysis, MailChimp enables you to create visually appealing surveys and gain instant access to valuable data. 

Distribute surveys through various channels, export results, and leverage integrations for a seamless survey management experience. Choose MailChimp to streamline your survey distribution and drive actionable insights.

Notable Features of Mailchimp

  • Ease of Use: MailChimp, one of the smile multichannel survey distribution tools, features a user-friendly interface that helps both novices and professionals navigate through its features easily.
  • Email Campaigns: The tool supports a variety of email campaign types, including regular, automated, and RSS-to-email, allowing you to tailor your communications based on your needs.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Mailchimp is accessible via mobile through its app, letting users manage campaigns and view statistics on the go.
  • Template Customization: It provides an array of pre-made templates and a drag-and-drop editor for custom designs, letting you match your email campaigns to your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Mailchimp offers in-depth, real-time analytics and reports that give you insights into your campaign’s performance.
  • Multimedia Integration: The platform allows you to incorporate multimedia elements like images, gifs, and videos in your emails, making them more interactive and engaging.
  • Sharing Options: It also allows you to share your email campaigns on various social media platforms and via email, enhancing your reach.
  • Data Import/Export: It provides seamless data import and export options. You can import your contact list and export campaign reports in CSV or Excel.
  • Integration: It offers integrations with various other platforms, such as WordPress, Shopify, and Magento, allowing you to sync your data and extend your marketing capabilities.
  • Pricing: MailChimp proposes a Free tier and three paid plans: Essentials (starting at $9.99/month), Standard (starting at $14.99/month), and Premium (starting at $299/month), with each tier providing more features and greater customization options.

5. Sogolytics: Efficient Survey Management

Sogolytics hompepage


Reach your audience through multiple channels and gain valuable insights with Sogolytics, a comprehensive survey distribution tool. With its intuitive interface, a wide variety of question types, templates, and question banks, Sogolytics simplifies the survey creation process. It is considered a great tool because of its seamless integration capabilities and multiple sharing options. 

You can easily share your surveys through email, social media, direct links, and even embedding them on websites or blogs. This helps you reach a wider audience and collect critical data and insights about your business product.

Notable Features of Sogolytics 

  • Ease of Use: The platform provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface, making it easy to create, distribute, and analyze surveys.
  • Wide Variety of Question Types: You can choose from many questions to make your survey as detailed and specific as you want it to be. These include multiple-choice, matrix/rating scales, demographic, open-ended questions, and more.
  • Better Engagement: Increase your survey response rate by integrating images, GIFs, audio, and videos.
  • Analytics and Reporting: You will get real-time insights and data based on the feedback collected from the surveys sent to your audience. This will help you better understand customers
  • Integration Capabilities: Sogolytics can integrate with various popular CRM platforms, such as Salesforce and Hubspot, to help streamline data collection and analysis.
  • Mobile Optimization: Surveys are automatically optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a good user experience regardless of the device used to complete the survey.
  • Pricing: The pricing plan starts at $25 a month. You can also use their free plan with limited features. 

6. Quill Forms: Seamless User Experience

quillforms homepage

Quill Forms stands out as a revolutionary conversational form builder, empowering businesses to craft engaging contact forms lead generation forms and more easily. Its user-centric interface and robust functionalities enable you to design forms that provide a frictionless user experience, ensuring your data collection is both effective and efficient.

Quill Forms redefines the form-building experience, making it not just about data collection but about creating conversations and connections. With its focus on engagement, customization, and integration, Quill Forms is the ideal tool for businesses looking to elevate their data collection with forms that are as engaging as they are insightful. Start with Quill Forms today and transform your approach to online forms.

Notable Features of Quill Forms:

  • Versatile Building Options: With a WordPress plugin and a Studio version, Quill Forms offers flexibility to cater to various needs, ensuring seamless integration whether you’re a WordPress enthusiast or prefer a standalone solution.
  • Diverse Question Types: Catering to a wide array of data collection requirements, Quill Forms supports multiple-choice, rating scales, text inputs, file uploads, and more, allowing for precise and relevant information gathering.
  • Engagement-Driven Design: Utilize interactive elements, conditional logic, and visually appealing designs to craft forms that captivate and engage, minimizing abandonment and boosting completion rates.
  • Dynamic Personalization with Jump Logic Flow Charts: Personalize the respondent’s journey through dynamic form paths that adapt based on their answers, offering a tailored and engaging experience.
  • Seamless Integrations: Connect with many tools, including CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce, email platforms such as ActiveCampaign, and project management tools like ClickUp and Asana, for efficient data flow and productivity.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Dive into detailed reports and visual data insights to track form performance, identify trends, and optimize for higher completion rates, all through an intuitive dashboard.
  • Pricing: Quill Forms combines accessibility with affordability. The Studio version starts at $9/month, offering comprehensive features for standalone users, while the WordPress plugin is priced at $69/year, providing a tailored solution for WordPress sites.


In today’s rapidly evolving digital age, connecting with your audience and grasping their viewpoints is more important than ever. Capitalizing on the potency of multichannel survey distribution tools enables us to gather insightful data effortlessly, spanning a broad array of platforms. These cutting-edge solutions bring an array of robust features—from intuitive survey crafting to complex data analytics.

Finally, having explored the top five multichannel distribution tools, the power is now in your hands. It’s time to dive deeper, compare these tools in detail, and identify the perfect fit for your unique requirements. Remember, the right tool will be a catalyst for understanding your audience and driving your business success. 


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