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Mailchimp is a dynamic marketing platform for small businesses. It makes innovative, beautiful products that empower those businesses to find more customers.

MailChimp Survey Integration: Use Cases

With MailChimp Survey Integration, add new leads & subscribers instantly and collect valuable feedback from them. Create personalized campaigns and segment your audience efficiently with MailChimp integration with SurveySparrow!

Add/Update a Subscriber when there’s a new survey submission

Map survey responses to your MailChimp contacts and update subscriber information on the fly with MailChimp Survey integration.

Update subscriber list with new users

Update your subscriber list in MailChimp on receiving new survey submissions. Keep track of all your subscribers in one place with MailChimp survey integration and avoid juggling between multiple software.

Nurture your users with periodic feedback collection

Keep your active and passive users engaged continuously by sending out recurring surveys. MailChimp survey integration helps you send out personalized surveys to your subscribers, collect feedback, and take actionable measures.

Create and add tags in MailChimp

Create and add tags in MailChimp based on survey responses with the MailChimp survey integration. Segment your audience with ease & utilize the custom tags for sending personalized emails to your users.

Create lists by survey activity

Use information such as users who have viewed, started & completed your survey, to classify your subscriber list in MailChimp. In this manner, MailChimp survey integration helps you to identify the number of people who have responded to your survey. Send email reminders to partial & non-responders, prompting them to complete the survey.

How to set up your MailChimp Survey Integration


A webhook in web development is a method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a web page, or web application, with custom callbacks.

Step 1: Get the API Token. Click the Account Name on the top right side and navigate to Accounts. In the Accounts page, select Extras and copy the generated API Key.

Step 2: Select Method - POST

Step 3: Enter the Callback URL -

Step 4: Pass API Key as Auth. Enter the code snippet below.

Step 5: Save your details and test the connection.

Step 4: 
query: {
'name': 'sadfd',
'contact': {
'company': 'asdfsdf',
'address1': 'sfds',
'address2': 'sdf',
'city': 'sdf',
'state': 'sdfasdf',
'zip': '9879',
'country': 'sfdsadf',
'phone': '098978678'
'permission_reminder': '22',
'use_archive_bar': true,
'campaign_defaults': {
'from_name': 'sdf',
'from_email': 'sfdsd@sdf.vcom',
'subject': 'adsasdasd',
'language': 'asdasd'
'notify_on_subscribe': '',
'notify_on_unsubscribe': '',
'email_type_option': '',
'visibility': 'pub',
'double_optin': true,
'marketing_permissions': true


Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. You can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

Trigger - New Survey Submission

Step 1: Choose App and Event - SurveySparrow and New Submission

Step 2: Choose Account - Sign in to your SurveySparrow Account

Step 3: Customize Submission - Choose Survey to Send response

Step 4: Test Connection - Check Submission

Action - Add/ Update Subscriber in Mailchimp

Step 1: Choose App and Event - Mailchimp and Choose Chanel/ User to Send message

Step 2: Choose Account - Sign in to your Mailchimp Account

Step 3: Customize the Subscriber

Step 4: Choose Audience

Step 5: Map survey response email to Subscriber’s email

Step 6: Map other necessary contact details

Step 7: Test the connection