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Uncovering the Top 10 SurveyLegend Alternatives

Kate Williams

20 June 2023

6 min read

SurveyLegend shines with simplicity and stunning designs. However, limitations in data visibility and pricing may leave you searching for alternatives. Discover surveys with enhanced features and budgets in mind. Let’s find your perfect fit!

Remember, your surveys are only as powerful as the software you use. Let’s embark on a journey to find the ideal survey solution that empowers you to create engaging surveys, gather insightful data, and make informed decisions. It’s time to explore the top SurveyLegend alternatives and revolutionize your survey experience!

From Legend to Innovation: Unveiling the Top 10 SurveyLegend Alternatives

We understand that every adventurer seeks the perfect fit for their unique quest. Thus, we embark on a quest of our own, exploring alternative survey software options that may better align with your specific needs.

Let’s take a quick look:

1. SurveySparrow: For Conversational Surveys 


SurveySparrow is a top alternative with enhanced customization, advanced features, and a conversational approach for engaging surveys. With multi-format surveys, branching logic, and real-time analytics, it provides insightful responses and improves data visibility. It’s a comprehensive solution for efficient surveying.

Starting Price – $19/month

  • Mobile app for offline survey creation and management
  • Advanced reporting and analytics with customizable dashboards
  • Collaboration tools for team-based survey creation and review
  • Integration with popular third-party applications like Salesforce, Slack, and HubSpot
  • Advanced survey branching and skip logic for personalized respondent experiences
  • 800+pre-designed survey templates

Elevate your survey game and market research today with SurveySparrow!

2. SurveyMonkey: For Data-driven Decisions


It is a trusted and widely-used survey software alternative, known for its quick response capabilities and comprehensive survey management solutions. It offers an intuitive interface, customizable surveys, seamless integration, and powerful analytics. With SurveyMonkey, you can conduct surveys effectively and gain valuable insights.

Starting Price – $18/month

  • Automated survey data cleaning and analysis
  • Survey templates for various industries and use cases
  • Customizable survey design with branding options
  • Survey panel and respondent targeting options for precise audience selection
  • Integration with data visualization and reporting tools like Tableau and Power BI

3. Typeform: For Interactive Forms


Typeform is a top-notch alternative to SurveyLegend, offering interactive and visually appealing surveys. With a user-friendly interface and support for various question formats, it creates engaging survey experiences.  

Starting Price – $25/month

  • Conditional logic and advanced skip patterns for dynamic surveys
  • Seamless integration with payment gateways for collecting payments within surveys
  • Interactive question types such as sliders, rating scales, and image choices
  • Embeddable surveys for easy integration on websites and social media platforms
  • Collaboration features for team-based survey creation and review

4. Qualtrics CoreXM: For Experience Management

surveylegend alternatives

Qualtrics CoreXM is a comprehensive experience management platform with powerful survey capabilities. It provides better data visibility and ease of use compared to SurveyLegend. It’s suitable for large organizations that need in-depth insights and comprehensive survey capabilities.

Starting Price – Custom

  • AI-powered text analytics for sentiment analysis of open-ended responses
  • Multilingual surveys and translation options for global reach
  • Advanced survey distribution methods, including email triggers and website intercepts
  • Advanced survey logic for complex branching and routing options
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts for immediate insights and response management

5. Zoho Survey: For Seamless Survey Solutions


With an intuitive interface, diverse question options, and robust reporting features, Zoho Survey empowers you to make informed decisions. Say goodbye to survey hassles and hello to valuable insights. A reliable alternative to SurveyLegend, Zoho Survey is your go-to solution for meeting all your survey needs.

Starting Price – $20/month

  • Offline survey collection for gathering responses without an internet connection
  • Multi-user collaboration with role-based permissions for team collaboration
  • Survey embedding options for seamless integration on websites and blogs
  • Multi-language support for conducting surveys in different languages
  • Advanced question randomization and rotation for eliminating bias in survey responses

6. Google Forms: For Simple Surveys


With a user-friendly interface, versatile question types, and advanced targeting options, Google Forms streamlines your market research efforts. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficient data collection. 

Compared to SurveyLegend, Google Forms offers better flexibility and seamless integration with other Google products, empowering you to gather valuable insights effortlessly. 

Starting Price – Free

  • Access to a diverse audience through Google’s extensive network
  • Advanced targeting options based on demographics, location, and interests
  • Integration with Google Analytics for comprehensive data analysis
  • Automated data cleaning and processing for accurate insights
  • Real-time reporting and data visualization for quick decision-making

7. QuestionPro: For Empowering Insights

surveylegend alternatives

Unlock the full potential of your surveys with this comprehensive suite of tools. With a better meeting of requirements compared to SurveyLegend, QuestionPro offers advanced features like polling and mobile research for valuable insights. 

Starting Price – Custom

  •  Offline survey capabilities for data collection in remote or low-connectivity areas
  • Advanced survey logic and branching options for complex survey designs
  • Panel management for building and managing respondent panels
  • Advanced data security measures, including SSL encryption and data anonymization
  • Advanced reporting options, including pivot tables and custom dashboards

8. Jotform: For Effortless Form Creation


It is a versatile form tool that also includes powerful survey capabilities. With its drag-and-drop interface and customizable survey templates, Jotform makes survey creation a breeze. It offers a free plan that lets users explore all its features. 

Starting Price – $34/month

  • Workflow automation for creating conditional logic and customizing survey flows
  • Collaboration and commenting features for team collaboration on survey projects
  • Extensive integration options with popular apps like Google Sheets, Zapier, and PayPal
  • Advanced form features beyond surveys, such as form calculations and e-signatures
  • Advanced form customization options with CSS styling and layout design

9. Nfield: For In depth Research


Collect valuable customer feedback with this cloud-based solution. Nfield is the alternative to SurveyLegend, offering advanced scripting options and offline capabilities. With panel management and customizable reporting, it ensures efficient data collection and analysis. 

Starting Price – Custom 

  • Mobile data collection with offline capabilities and remote access
  • Advanced survey scripting and programming options for complex survey designs
  • Real-time data synchronization and secure data storage
  • Panel management and respondent tracking for efficient data collection
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting options for data analysis and visualization

10. Startquestion: For Customizable Surveys


Startquestion is a professional survey software suitable for businesses of all sizes, freelancers, nonprofits, educational institutions, and more. It offers a wide range of features for creating online questionnaires and conducting research on employees, clients, and communities. 

Starting Price -Custom

  • Pre-built survey templates for various industries and use cases
  • Advanced survey logic, including piping, looping, and scoring
  • White-label branding options for creating custom survey experiences
  • Multilingual surveys with automatic language detection and translation options
  • Collaboration features for team-based survey creation and review

Charting Your Survey Course with Confidence!

Discovering the right survey software is crucial to meeting your unique needs. While SurveyLegend offers simplicity and visual appeal, it’s important to explore alternatives that provide diverse features and customization options. With options like SurveySparrow, you can unlock the power of smart surveys and engaging forms to captivate your audience and gain valuable insights. 

Sign up now and elevate your survey experience with SurveySparrow!

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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