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Google Forms RSVP — How to Create a Better RSVP Form

Kate William

14 September 2022

5 min read

Planning a birthday, anniversary, conference, or any stunning event? And you wish for it to be a grand success?

Then, ensuring all guests’ RSVPs are crucial.

RSVP form gives event organizers the idea of how many people are attending the event leading to more complete preparedness.

Like all online form builders, Google Forms also comes with RSVP templates that are completely free for use. But how to create one? And is there a better alternative available?

We answer both these questions here. So sit tight and get yourself a hot cuppa. The next 5 minutes will be a great informative read.

In this blog, we’ll cover:

  1. How To Create A Google Forms RSVP?
  2. Easier way to Create RSVP with SurveySparrow

How To Create A Google Forms RSVP?

When you send out event invites, you’re expecting guests’ responses confirming their availability (or unavailability) to attend. When you get the exact number, arranging for food and drinks becomes a lot easier.

Naturally, you wish the attendance to be high. To ensure that, however, you have to make the RSVP process easier for all respondents. One way of doing that is by using Google Forms RSVP. We’ll walk you through its steps to make the job easier. Follow them and creating RSVP on Google Forms will be a cakewalk.


Visit Google Forms and select the RSVP template on the homepage. You can also create a custom Google Forms RSVP, but the available template has all the basic things you’ll need in an RSVP form. And you can manually add anything that this form lack. So, it saves you time.


The RSVP form has got the questions you’ll need, but for further customization, here are the 4 pointers to follow;

#1 Rename the RSVP form as per your liking from the ‘Event RSVP’ tab. An ideal title here is- Name of the event + RSVP. Example: 10th Anniversary RSVP, Scott’s Birthday RSVP, etc.

#2 To edit the address and add relevant contact details, like phone number, email, and social medial handles, tap the section below the title.

#3 To edit existing questions in the Google RSVP form, tap on the one you’d like to change and edit it.

#4 If you don’t want any of the preset questions, select the question field and tap the ‘Trash’ icon to delete it.


After fully customizing the RSVP form, you can share it using multiple sharing options made available in Google Forms. Let’s see the 3 options we’re talking about with the steps to use them;

Via Email

Step-1: Tap the ‘Send’ at the top-right corner of your RSVP form.

Step-2: On the pop-up that appears, enter the email addresses of the people to whom you wanna send the RSVP Form.

Step-3: Although optional, type some extra words in the Message section to give better personalization.

Step-4: Tap ‘Send’ again and forward the form to all specified email addresses.


Aside from sending the Google Forms RSVP via email, you can create a link to let all guests access the form over the web. Here’s how;

Step-1: After tapping the ‘Send’ button, navigate to the ‘Link’ section of the ‘Send Form’ window.

Step-2: Check on the ‘Shorten URL’ box to create a miniaturized version of your actual URL link.

Step-3: Hit the Copy button to copy this link on your device’s clipboard.

Step-4: Now share this RSVP link as a text, SMS, via apps like Whatsapp, iMessage, Telegram, or through a QR code. Here’s how to generate and share the QR code if Google Forms is your survey builder.

Via Social Media

Sharing the Google Forms RSVP through social media is the best option if you’re planning a public event where you need potential attendees. Here’s how to do that;

Step-1: Tap the Send button after making all changes to your RSVP form.

Step-2: Now tap the Facebook icon to share your RSVP on your Facebook wall or page, and tap the Twitter icon to share the form on Twitter. Simple, right?


Lastly, you can manually check the total number of guests who’ve agreed to your RSVP form in Google Forms. Here’s how;

Step-1: Go to the Google Forms dashboard on your computer.

Step-2: Tap the RSVP Form whose response you want to see.

Step-3: Tap on ‘Responses’ to navigate to the response section.

Step-4: Here, you’ll be presented with a summary of all RSVP responses.

Step-5: Select the ‘Get email notifications for new responses’ to let Google notify you when a new response comes.

Create RSVP Faster And Better With SurveySparrow

Yes, Google Forms RSVPs are good, and they get the job done, but the process of creating and sending one is not fast, and neither are the designs best. As we said, it gets the job done, but why let the RSVP remain bland if you’re celebrating something big?

This problem is duly solved with SurveySparrow’s RSVP templates and video invitation surveys.

Sign up here to use the above template for FREE!


You not only get templates that are ready to be sent but a faster overall process for customizing and sending them through the right channels. The guests would love the vibrant colors and designs, and you’ll have more hands congratulating you and your family. A special feeling that would be.

Go for it, then. And if you’re still thinking, here are some more reasons to start using SurveySparrow as your one and only survey tool;

  • Conversational Interface: User experience matters a lot at SurveySparrow. Hence, its conversational interface keeps the audience engaged while boosting results, thereby providing a much better conversion rate. Better than most of its competitors.
  • NPS Surveys: SurveySparrow understands that you wanna know what your customers and employees think about the brand. That is where their NPS software, one of the best in the market, helps you easily conduct and analyze NPS surveys.
  • Offline Surveys: Not just online, but SurveySparrow offers the feature to roll out offline surveys, too. It just takes you or your team a few minutes to set up the prerequisites for it, and that’s it. You can now easily give respondents the ability to take a survey offline.
  • Performance Management Tool: SurveySparrow isn’t just a tool with only a few survey types. It is an excellent performance management tool with survey solutions like employee pulse surveys, 360 feedback surveys, mobile-friendly surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, and so many more. It really is the perfect survey solution!
  • Feedbot: With SurveySparrow’s chatbot ‘Feedbot’, you can conduct surveys and collect quality conversational data from the website. That helps convert more website visitors into customers and improves overall customer support.
  • Vibrant Dashboard: SurveySparrow offers a vibrant dashboard, thanks to its executive dashboard, with rich and in-depth analysis of extracted data, which gives more meaning to your survey efforts. Cool, right?

Time To Decide

Google Forms is a fantastic form builder. A lot many people and businesses use it for their survey requirements. And in all fairness, it does a decent job, too. Is it the best survey tool, though? We wouldn’t go that far. Why? Because if you analyze, and we’ll help you with it, SurveySparrow is better than Google Forms on all fronts. Be it RSVP templates or other crucial features.

With Google Forms, you get features that do a basic job in helping to collect data. With SurveySparrow, the features help you collect and analyze data for better decision-making. And that makes a massive difference if you’re gunning for sustained long-term growth.

Our suggestion, then. Go for SurveySparrow’s free trial, if you haven’t already. We promise that you’ll not be disappointed. For the product demo, technical query, or to just have a friendly chat, we’re a ‘Hi’ away, and we’re here 24/7. Keep surveying!

Kate William

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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