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12 Best Form Builder Apps You Should Try Out

Kate Williams

25 April 2024

10 min read

Yes, we know…it’s a daunting task, to select a form builder app from the many available online. But not anymore. This blog will help you do just that.

We discuss the best form builder apps, their key features, pricing, and more. If you like any of the following form templates, please feel free to use them. Otherwise, read on.

Form templates for you:

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Top Form Builder Apps

We have gone through several review platforms to analyze the apps available on the market and collated a list.

  1. SurveySparrow – Best for conversation, chat-like forms
  2. Jotform – Best for form templates
  3. Typeform – Best for customizable forms
  4. Formstack Forms – Best for workflow automation and data integration
  5. Fillout – Best for simplicity and ease of use
  6. Wufoo – Best for quick form creation
  7. 123FormBuilder – Best for multipurpose form creation
  8. PandaDoc – Best for users who want to get signatures
  9. Google Forms – Best for Google Suite users
  10. Zoho Forms – Best for Zoho Suite users
  11. Microsoft Forms – Best for Microsoft Suite users
  12. Gravity Forms – Best for WordPress Users

Read on to learn more about them.

1. SurveySparrow


  • Free Version: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Offline Forms: Available

SurveySparrow is undoubtedly one of the most reliant and best form builder apps. It supports all kinds of forms and helps you create one in just a matter of minutes. The conversational behavior of the forms makes them engaging and enables a higher response rate. Check out more about the conversational form builder.

Do you want to make the form quicker? Use the templates! SurveySparrow has more than 1000 built-in templates from which you can choose the one that suits you. Here’s a sneak peek into SurveySparrow’s forms.

Lead Generation Form Template

Key Features

  • Create free contact forms, web forms, lead generation forms, or payment forms and embed them on your websites with just a click!
  • Create highly engaging chat-like & conversational online forms that are a hit among the respondents.
  • The forms are mobile-friendly and are available on the SurveySparrow app [both iOS and Android].
  • Use offline forms through an app or web app where there is no internet connectivity.
  • Take the engagement quotient a notch higher through the video surveys.
  • Share forms on Twitter, Facebook, or other social channels using our intuitive form builder app.


  • Supports offline forms [including data collection]
  • Cost-effective
  • Supports multilingual forms
  • Advanced conditional logic and question piping
  • Great customer support


  • Lacks very advanced analytical features


The pricing of SurveySparrow is threefold. For Individuals, the tool offers two tiers –

  • Basic plan – starts at $19 per month
  • Starter plan – starts at $39 per month

Similarly, for Teams, it offers,

  • Business plan – starts at $79 per month
  • Enterprise plan – starts at $249 per month

It also offers a provision for businesses to get a customized quote. For more details, consider connecting with the SurveySparrow team.

2. Jotform

Source: Jotform
  • Free Version: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Offline Forms: Available

Jotform stands out as a highly intuitive and comprehensive form builder app that caters to a wide range of needs. With its drag-and-drop interface, it simplifies the creation of custom forms without any coding skills. However, it’s the vast template library that makes Jotform the center of attention.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Payment collection through forms
  • Conditional logic for dynamic forms


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Vast customization options
  • Mobile forms are easy & accessible


  • Poor customer support
  • Need additional storage for data


The pricing starts from $34 per user per month when billed annually.

3. Typeform

homepage of the survey tool - typeform
Source: Typeform
  • Free Version: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Offline Forms: Not Available

Typeform also offers a good platform to build and share online forms. Like SurveySparrow, it also offers a range of form templates and AI to help create new forms. It lets users respond to one question at a time rather than displaying a series of questions, avoiding survey fatigue.

Key Features

  • It houses a wide variety of forms and survey questions.
  • The white labeling feature helps you customize forms to align with your brand style.
  • Robust integration with third-party tools for seamless workflow.
  • The oversized buttons allow for an easier experience for the respondents.


  • Intuitive UI
  • Good integration with CRM software


  • Poor customer support
  • Expensive (30 euros for 100 responses per month)
  • Limited conditional logic


According to their website, the starting price starts at $25 per month.

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4. Formstack Forms

homepage of the software - formstack
Source: Formstack
  • Free Version: Not Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Offline Forms: Available

Formstack Forms is a no-code platform for creating forms and surveys. It allows you to do an A/B testing to compare two or more versions of forms. The form builder is user-friendly and features drag-and-drop functionality, conditional logic, and analytics to optimize data collection processes.

Key Features

  • It allows for collecting signatures on forms.
  • The templates it offers are customizable and speed up the survey creation process.
  • The conditional logic allows for asking the right question according to user response.
  • Robust integration with over 100+ third-party tools.


  • Easy to setup
  • Easily send out and track responses
  • Good data analysis


  • Very expensive
  • Has a learning curve


The paid plan for Formstack Forms starts at $50 per month.

5. Fillout

Fillout Homepage
Source: Fillout
  • Free Version: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Offline Forms: Not Available

This is a powerful form builder app that helps you create forms in a few minutes. It enables users to select from an array of beautiful templates, each customizable to match any brand or style. The tool is suitable for both single-page and multi-page forms.

Key Features

  • The forms crafted can adapt to smartphones, tablets, and desktops seamlessly.
  • The platform offers direct integration with payment gateways like Stripe.
  • Fillout incorporates verification for email addresses and phone numbers, avoiding repeated submissions.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Affordable
  • Great customer service


  • Relatively new tool; therefore, there are some limitations


The pricing starts from $15 per month when billed annually.

6. Wufoo

Source: Wufoo
  • Free Version: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Offline Forms: Not Available

Wufoo is an online form builder app from a prominent survey tool. It helps in creating engaging and customized forms through simple drag-and-drop options. It’s known for being one of the first no-code solutions that allowed for the easy collection of data and automation of processes.

Key Features

  • It houses 100+ form templates, which you use as such or after necessary changes.
  • The branching and conditional logic help you create forms that adapt based on user responses.
  • It supports integration with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.
  • It offers a mobile app, allowing you to build forms on the go.


  • Simple form field addition
  • Ability to create themes for consistent form design
  • Includes custom branding options for professional-looking forms


  • The interface and buttons can feel outdated and small
  • Not the best customer support


The pricing starts at $14.08 per month for one user.

7. 123FormBuilder

homepage of the software - 123form builder
Source: 123formbuilder
  • Free Version: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Offline Forms: Available

123FormBuilder is one of the simplest and best online form creators to use and is quite popular for its intuitiveness. Its drag-and-drop form builder lets you make simple, unsophisticated forms within minutes. Apart from forms, it also supports surveys, quizzes, and polls.

Key Features

  • It houses more than 2000+ form templates.
  • Integrate your forms with over 45 third-party tools.
  • Responsive Forms ensures forms are accessible and functional across all devices and browsers.


  • Easy to set up
  • Integrates with a large range of third-party applications
  • Very good customizable options


  • Poor tech support
  • Integration with payment portals is not good


There are four paid plans available, starting with the Gold plan – $32 per month.

8. PandaDoc

webpage of the pandadoc's form builder software
Source: PandaDoc
  • Free Version: Not Available
  • Free Trial: Not Available
  • Offline Forms: Not Available

PandaDoc is an e-signing platform that makes it easier for businesses to collect signatures from their customers. Even though this is the case, they offer form builder software. It allows users to create forms with the same document editor, which is used to create quotes, proposals, and contracts in the first place.

Key Features

  • It can easily capture credit card payments through existing integrations like PayPal and Stripe.
  • Create legally binding e-signatures by filling out and signing a form without the need for additional paperwork.
  • Manage common repetitive tasks with workflow automation.


  • Easy user interface
  • Online forms for signatures
  • Connectivity and integration


  • Poor customer support
  • Document recovery is hit-and-miss


It offers users a plan that starts from free and goes to $89 per month per user, depending on the features you choose.

9. Google Forms

homepage of the survey software - google forms
Source: Google Forms
  • Free Version: Available
  • Free Trial: Not Available
  • Offline Forms: Not Available

A product of Google, Google Forms is one of the so-called free form builder apps you can try. The tool is actually very easy to use, but the forms you can build are very basic. However, its robust integration with the G-Suite makes it easier to collect and analyze data.

Key Features

  • The online forms offer a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, checkboxes, dropdown, linear scale, etc.
  • Add participants or collaborators to build surveys along with you.
  • Get real-time updates about the forms.
  • The forms are shareable through weblinks and social media platforms.


  • Very easy to use
  • Suitable for Google users


  • Lacks advanced features Very few customization options
  • Poor integration outside of Google Suite
  • Don’t support in-app forms or surveys


There is a free option, and it’s great. Though others aren’t aware of this, Google Forms offers a paid version of the tool for business. It starts at $12 per user per month.

NOTE: if you are looking for a highly professional online form creator, then Google Forms might not be the right choice. Consider exploring potential Google Forms alternatives.

10. Zoho Forms

homepage of zoho forms
Source: Zoho Forms
  • Free Version: Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Offline Forms: Available

Zoho Forms is another form builder app you can use to collect and manage data efficiently. With its dynamic drag-and-drop interface, Zoho Forms allows for the creation of complex forms using a collection of over 30 field types.

Key Features

  • Validates forms through CAPTCHA and prevent spam and attacks.
  • Straightforward analytics for monitoring form performance.
  • Integration with Zoho Suite and other third-party tools.


  • Intuitive UI Cost-effective
  • Mobile app for data collection


  • Lacks live chat or phone support
  • Outdated template designs


The tool is very cheap compared to its competitors, with just $12 per month.

11. Microsoft Forms

homepage of the survey software - microsoft forms
Source: Microsoft Forms
  • Free Version: Not Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Offline Forms: Not Available

Microsoft Forms are good for building online surveys and forms. It helps you collect and analyze responses in real-time and visualize the data through analytical charts. Like Google Forms, Microsoft Forms has robust integration with the Microsoft Suite. So it will be easier to collect data through Excel.

Key Features

  • The forms are customizable in fonts, themes, and style.
  • Built-in AI to help you with data analysis.
  • The forms are shareable across devices using weblinks.


  • Easy-to-use Cloud storage is helpful
  • Support multilingual forms


  • The desktop version is comparatively poor
  • Not good for lead generation
  • Limited survey questions


Microsoft Forms is part of Microsoft 365 and is not available alone. Therefore, you’ll have to buy the whole package to just use it. The starting price is £4.90 per user per month. Those who are already using Microsoft Suite can try it. Others can look for better alternatives.

12. Gravity Forms

homepage of the survey software - gravity forms
Source: Gravity Form
  • Free Version: Not Available
  • Free Trial: Available
  • Offline Forms: Not Available

If you are looking for a form builder app for your WordPress website, Gravity Forms is the right choice. With this form creator, you can make forms in a couple of minutes, be they basic or advanced forms. It also provides you with an array of useful integrations to ease the workflow.

Key Features

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder for easy form design
  • WCAG 2.0 AA compliant forms for accessibility
  • Form Import/Export functionality
  • Multi-column layouts and responsive form design for any device


  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • Extensive field options
  • Robust security features


  • Steeper learning curve
  • Mediocre customer support


The pricing for this tool is a bit different. Instead of plans, they have licenses. It starts from $59 per year for one website.

What Should You Look for in Form Builder Apps?

When you’re in the market for a form builder app, there are several key features and aspects to consider to ensure the tool fits your requirements. Here’s a comprehensive checklist.

Ease of UseHighSimple, intuitive interface with drag-and-drop features, requiring minimal technical skills.
Customization OptionsHighFlexibility in design and functionality to align with specific branding and data collection needs.
Integration CapabilitiesMediumCompatibility with other tools for seamless workflow automation and data management.
Mobile ResponsivenessHighForms should be easily accessible and functional on smartphones and tablets.
Data Analysis and ReportingMediumTools for straightforward analysis and reporting on the collected data.
Security and ComplianceHighEnsures data protection through encryption and adherence to regulations like GDPR or HIPAA.
Sharing and Publishing OptionsMediumVarious methods for form distribution, including embedding and direct links.
Notification and AutomationMediumAutomated notifications and actions (e.g., emails or redirects) based on form submissions.
ScalabilityMediumThe ability to support growing needs, such as handling more submissions or providing more advanced features.
Customer Support and ResourcesMediumAccess to help and information through support channels and educational materials.
PricingVariableConsideration of the app’s cost relative to the features and value it provides.

Consider this table as a guideline, prioritize your needs, and make informed decisions when choosing a form builder app. The importance column suggests a general prioritization, but it may vary with your needs. Kindly consider what aspects are most crucial for your specific context and use cases.

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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