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12 Top AI Conversational Platforms For 2024

Kate Williams

2 January 2024

15 min read

Ever wondered how AI conversational platforms have become such a big deal?

Well, let’s think about what makes us humans unique. It’s our brain, right? Our ability to understand language, feel emotions, and respond to the randomness of life. For a long time, tech enthusiasts and scientists have dreamed of building a machine that could match the sophistication of the human brain.

That dream was just that – a dream – until recently. This system, known as conversational AI, is now on every forward-thinking business’s wishlist. 

What are the top AI conversational platforms in the market this year? That’s exactly what we’ll dive into in this article. So, why not grab a cup of coffee (and maybe a pack of nachos!) and let’s explore this exciting world together? No time like the present!

12 Top AI Conversational Platforms For 2023 And Beyond!

If you’re looking to invest in AI conversational platforms, this is the list. Every one of these has its specific qualities, and they all solve customer service & experience issues very well. 

#1. SurveySparrow

Conversation AI platform: SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow, the popular online survey tool, comes with a no-code chatbot that makes them one of the best AI conversational platforms to use. The reason SurveySparrow created their chatbot was that they saw a gap. A gap in the way businesses conversed with their customers or prospects. 

They saw that conversations weren’t conversations at all. One-sided chats resulted in pre-defined responses. The human-like variance was missing. This brought the necessity to create a tool that can improve customer experience with its natural conversation. 

Enter Feedbot. A no-code chatbot you create without writing a single line of code! Instead, customize the widgets, style, triggering, and finally… place it anywhere on the website or application to use.

You’ll be surprised to see how quickly it gets set and ready to roll. Using an intelligent conversational bot such as this, generating leads and improving customer experience becomes a lot easier.

This interactive and 24/7 available tool can turn an otherwise dull conversation into a memorable experience. We’ll now look into some of its prime features: 

Key Features

  • AI survey builderCreate surveys for any situation in seconds with the AI-powered form builder.
  • No-code creation: Copy-paste the auto-generated embed code. Changes will be reflected automatically.
  • Pipe & personalize: Add question piping & variables to keep the conversation personalized. Create expressions to do mathematical computations effortlessly.
  • Conditional logic branching: Use Display & Skip logic features to design the flow of conversation from scratch. 
  • Design with themes & CSS: With Themes, style the chatbot the way you want, or create a new one. With CSS, pixel-perfect the chatbot.
  • Analyze data in real-time: Study the collected data, filter responses, and export reports. You also get to cross-tabulate answers with the compare feature.

Pricing: For custom solutions, contact our team and we will get back with the pricing. SurveySparrow offers a Forever Free account with limited features as well as a free trial to test the product. Sign up below to try it out. 

#2. IBM Watson Assistant

Conversational AI platform: IBM Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant, a customer conversation interface from IBM, can be termed as a complete conversational AI platform. Why? As it solves customer problems at the point of origination using automated chatbots and virtual assistants.

The platform enables organizations to build, deploy, and maintain bots that enhance brand loyalty and transform customer experiences with personalized customer support across channels – such as the web, mobile, and over-the-phone. 

One thing that impressed us about Watson Assistant was how easy it was to hand over a conversation from a bot to a human agent. It’s a seamless process, one which is hard to find in most AI conversational platforms.

Only SurveySparrow’s Feedbot has a similar handing-off process. Customer service agents can quickly retrieve and search answers given by their bot using this conversational AI platform.

To top it off (…drumrolls…), Watson Assistant has the voice capability feature for customers to give queries without typing a single word. Let’s talk about some of its other key features now: 

Key Features

  • With Watson Assistant, the data generated is all yours and is kept secure. 
  • They have a wide range of language processing techniques for efficient conversations.
  • Do powerful predictive analysis from whatever data is gathered. 
  • Blend voice and texting simultaneously to exchange information faster.
  • With their disambiguation feature, there are no queries that can have multiple responses, as the bot automatically asks for clarification before replying.
  • It can jump from one topic to another and return without hampering the chat experience. 

Pricing: The IBM Watson Assistant comes with a free version called ‘Lite’ to give you a hang of the platform. After that, you can switch to their ‘Plus’ plan for $140 per month and start hitting those customer experience goals!  

#3. Feedyou

Conversational AI platform: Feedyou

Feedyou is one of those AI conversational platforms providing distinct solutions for distinct business requirements. They have automated chatbot communication driven by powerful AI tech that gets configured based on their three different business functions.

One for the HRs to help in the recruitment process, the other for the sales team to maximize business turnovers, and the last one for the customer support team to help give clients the best experience. 

Their chatbot is well-equipped to carry employee surveys and support transactions while carrying human-like conversations.

The thing we liked about this conversational AI platform was its easy scalability without compromising data security. This means you can take a pilot test and easily scale it up without worrying about the collected data. Let’s look at Feedyou’s other key features as well:

Key Features

  • A complete no-code platform with a conversational designer for creating and managing virtual assistants. 
  • Single virtual assistant with complete data security across all channels. 
  • Over 30 ready-to-use integrations with the ability to prepare new integrations for internal CRM, ERP, ATS, or e-commerce platforms. 
  • Superb user experience with powerful analytics solutions. 
  • Easy collaboration across teams with the ability of live preview and testing. 

Pricing: Their ready-to-use solution for employee support comes for 500 Euros per month, with a one-time set-up cost of 1500 Euros. To know prices for other solutions, ready-to-use or custom, contact here

#4. Replicant

Replicant Conversational AI

“I can’t believe that was a machine…”

That’s the response customers give after having a conversation with Replicant’s virtual assistant.

No business can miss ‘ The Replicant Thinking Machine’ in the world that’s quickly accepting AI conversational platforms! This machine focuses on solving customer queries through voice conversations, and they do a marvelous job at it. We’re pretty sure you won’t remember traditional calling centers while using Replicant’s voice assistant.  

Respond to customer calls in less than a second, find the right context 94% of the time, and take over a thousand calls in less than 6 weeks.

These are some statistics that make this voice assistant a tremendous asset for its clients. Some of its key features are:

Key Features

  • Unstructured calls are transcribed and clustered to discover key intents. 
  • Design voice conversations using their extremely powerful conversation studio.
  • Use pre-built, modular conversation components to build 80% of your call flows. 
  • Monitor calls in real-time to see how the assistant is doing.
  • The thinking machine can send one-time links while on the call itself to avoid any delays.  

Pricing: Get a quote from them based on your business needs and goals. 

#5. Cognigy


Of the many AI conversational platforms we looked into for this article, Cognigy was perfectly suited to handle customers from different demographics, speaking different languages, and needing different solutions.

Simply put, they’re a conversational AI platform that adds the right value. This suits them, as their goal is to make conversational AI accessible and profitable to businesses of all sizes. 

Enhancing customer interaction with AI assistants, connecting customers to the right department and representative, assisting employees in solving complex customer problems, or driving appropriate actions with smart processes, Cognigy has the right solution for everything.

It won’t be wrong to say that they’ll have solutions to most customer experience problems, and even if they don’t, they’ll get it for you! Let’s now discuss some of their key features:

Key Features

  • Human-like digital agents that communicate in customer’s language. 
  • Consistent, round-the-clock communication on channels your customer prefers. 
  • Scalable solutions with complete data security. 
  • Improve customer satisfaction with their detailed analytics functionality. 
  • Training for your teams to help them make the most of their platform. 

Pricing: Start with their free trial and at the end, the pricing would be made known based on your requirements. 

#6. ConvyAI 


ConvyAI is from the league of up-and-coming AI conversational platforms that are showing the most promise. However, ConvyAI comes out on top because of its focus on giving omnichannel experience to customers and helping them whenever and however they need it.  

They come with a simple user interface and offer solutions that businesses require frequently. They pretty much work in a no-nonsense manner, and this suits them as well as their customers. Time to look at some of the key features: 

Key Features

  • Amazing ‘one contact’ query resolution that improves customer satisfaction. 
  • Bring a human agent from their bot without compromising the customer’s experience. 
  • A context-aware transition from simple chatbots to automated assisted chatbots. 
  • Give your bot an actual personality that matches the brand’s identity. 
  • Serve up to 1000 customers at a time without adding a human agent! 

Pricing: Their sales team will be in touch explaining the different pricing in detail. 

#7. ServisBOT


A conversational AI platform focusing on bots that can act while conversing humanly. That’s how we’ll define ServisBOT.

They’ve put groundbreaking work towards elevating robotic process automation (RPA) in the back office, with a conversational interface at the front to get the benefit of both AI and RPA.

What this means is their bots work towards solving your query or purchase request while conversing like a human. They have a lot of features to offer. Some of the top ones are:

Key Features

  • Deploy multiple bots seamlessly for different customer requirements. 
  • Unify and manage all bots from a single place. 
  • Supports an AI engine most suitable for your business needs. No need to stick with a single NLP engine.
  • Fully use their bot maturity stage functionality to get better customer experience accounts.  
  • Make full use of their library of AI services to great effect. 

Pricing: Contact them to know the pricing for solutions you’re looking for. 

#8. is one of the most solution-rich AI conversational platforms you’ll find. They boast industry-level AI models for banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, education, and more.

Their array of solutions come for marketing, sales, HR, and customer support team. On top of all these, they offer powerful AI solutions for the use of WhatsApp and Google for business messaging. If that’s not impressive, what is? 

This conversational AI platform also offers a smart search product where the on-site search is carried on in the easiest possible manner for clients. Also, they have their hybrid chat product which makes automated conversations as easy as they can get. Some of its other noteworthy features are:

Key Features

  • Use their conversational chatbots to capture leads swiftly. 
  • Their virtual assistant gives customers personalized recommendations to make the buying journey smooth. 
  • The most comprehensive bot store to make full use of.
  • Superior NLP capabilities ensuring better performance and accuracy.
  • Powerful built-in analytics to get valuable customer insights right from the bot conversations. 

Pricing: A demo based on your requirements is how you’ll know about their pricing.  

#9. Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is a branch of Amazon’s Alexa. It functions as a service for creating conversational interfaces using voice and text. It can be used with any application.

Lex bots carry out a specific action that you want them to perform. The Amazon Lex console will help you develop a chatbot as per your brand identity and need. You will be given a GUI. The bot can also be configured to better suit the business needs using lambda functions.

Easily one of the most powerful NLP engines available, Amazon Lex, just like Amazon, is a force to be reckoned with in the conversational AI space. Their massively diverse range of solutions, an in-house NLP engine, and bot designing & deployment characteristics make it a favorable option for businesses.

With Amazon Lex, the deep learning technologies powering Amazon Alexa are now available to developers across businesses, enabling them to build sophisticated, natural language, conversational bots in no time.

These bots can be built to increase contact center productivity, automate tasks, and improve the operational efficiencies of a company. Out of its many features, a few crucial ones:

Key Features

  • Amazon Lex is a fully managed service, hence it scales automatically. No need to worry about managing infrastructure.
  • Easy-to-use console to guide through the chatbot creation and designing process. 
  • One-click bot deployment across all selected channels. 
  • Seamless integrations with the AWS platform for better usage and information processing. 
  • Solutions to any conversational problem you can think of! 
  • Highest grade data security at no extra cost. 

Pricing: For a bot that processes 8000 speech requests in a month, you’ll pay just $32. Affordable, isn’t it? Check out their pricing explanation from here

#10. Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft BOT Framework

Microsoft bot framework is a conversational AI platform that has integrations with the whole tech ecosystem. Using their intelligent bot, you can connect to an online site, an app, Slack, Cortana, Skype, Telegram, Messenger, SMS, and more.

The bot is powerful to give smart recommendations based on customer requirements, translate languages, or even recognize users from images. 

This conversational AI has integrations with Microsoft APIs including Bing search, Text Analytics API and Cognitive Services, while having defined target markets of travel, banking, and entertainment industries.

This allows them to solve complex problems in specific areas with great impact. Also, the voice commands incorporated in their bots, allow organizations to streamline activities and deliver a better customer experience for their clients. Some of its key features that need to be talked about are:

Key Features

  • Use their cognitive services to build bots that can speak, listen, understand, and learn. 
  • A massive source of SDKs and tools to test and improve your bots. 
  • Scalable solutions that can integrate into your existing IT ecosystem. 
  • Get enterprise-level data security and ownership of your data. 

Pricing: Try their Azure bot service for free and know about their pricing. 

#11. Acquire


Very much like, Acquire is an automated chatbot platform that’s programmed to provide answers to frequently asked queries, allowing employees to focus on complex issues and functions.

This conversational AI platform requires no coding knowledge, and can easily bring the right human representative for an issue.

Simple to use, easy to navigate, and powerful analytics – that’s why Acquire has made it to this list. Just decide your goals, the purpose of the chatbot, and then set up a custom workflow to see the magic! 

Send personalized messages from Acquire’s chatbot on your website’s important pages to get more qualified prospects. Do this by offering lucrative offers or limited-time coupons. Once qualified, the prospect’s contact details will be sent to your sales team. Ain’t that fantastic? Some of its other key features are:

Key Features

  • Make the chatbot perform better with an intuitive and customizable dashboard.
  • The platform can be fully understood in less than a day.
  • Build and edit Chatbots until you’re satisfied with their powerful visual editor.
  • Unmatched integration options! 

Pricing: Get a quote based on your requirements to know the pricing.

#12. Avaamo


The latest innovations in neural networks, speech synthesis, and deep learning, are what powers Avaamo, a cloud platform that lets you automate the entire conversational AI lifecycle.

You get to build powerful domain-based models on your own or use its existing vertical models to get started quickly.

With this conversational AI platform, execute the entire bot lifecycle in weeks using enterprise connectors, conversation analytics, and validators. Let’s look at some of its key features:

Key Features

  • Extremely quick bot deployment process, even for enterprise-grade solutions. 
  • Speech synthesis, allowing better conversation and problem-solving. 
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance. 
  • Start a conversation on voice, continue it on chat, and confirm it on text.

Pricing: Request for a demo to know the pricing for different solutions.  

What Is A Conversational AI Platform?

What is a conversational AI platform, and why’s it needed in your company? A conversational AI platform uses the conversational AI technology, that’s a subset of artificial intelligence, allowing us to interact with computers in a human-like manner.

Businesses integrate these platforms on their website, social media, SMS marketing, and other messaging channels. The responses from the bots and virtual assistants are automated but get tailored easily to the customers’ needs.

Some of the well-known conversational AI that we’ve heard of are:

  • Virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home.
  • Chatbots, which customers interact with through live chat, especially on websites.
  • Automated virtual assistants that you hear while calling a customer service number.
  • FAQ bot that delivers quick answers to common questions. One of the most simple forms of conversational AI.

How Do Conversational Platforms Work?

The technology behind AI conversational platforms is ever-evolving, but most of today’s media work this way:

  • Automatic speech recognition: The computer first listens to the human voice using automatic speech recognition.
  • Natural language processing: Then, it uses natural language processes to understand what the person is saying/writing.
  • Advanced dialogue management: It understands what has been said and forms a response using advanced dialogue management.
  • Machine learning: As with every artificial intelligence technology, conversational ai platforms learn to get smarter and better over time using machine learning.

Why Use A Conversational AI Platform?

You now know what conversational AI platforms are, but why does your business need one? This requires discussion. Plus, learning the reason (or reasons!) would drive you to choose one. Got your attention, haven’t we? So let’s get the ball rolling.  

#1. Lower Fixed Expenses

One of the significant benefits of conversational ai platforms is their ability to efficiently handle routine queries. This helps free up human agents for more challenging work, reducing the cost of providing excellent customer service.

Think of it this way, humans can handle only so many conversations at a time, and having no virtual assistant requires them to service every query. This increases costs that could’ve been avoided by using conversational platforms. Hence, deploying chatbots or virtual assistants, especially those built with AI chatbot Python, is one of the most cost-effective ways of scaling customer support.

According to a report by Juniper Research, business-related costs are expected to reduce by over USD 8bn annually by 2022, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Conversational ai would play a massive role in that.

It’s a common misconception that chatbots or AI would eliminate the need for humans in the workplace. They would handle the grunt work and leave humans to handle more complex tasks, which, we think, is quite fair for everyone. Especially for a business gunning for sustained growth. 

#2. Fast Customer Service

In a 2015 report by Forrester, when customers were asked how companies can improve their customer service, 73% of them answered – by valuing their time.

We agree with them, as every customer wishes to quickly resolve their queries whenever they contact a company’s support team. What better way to do this than to deploy conversational AI bots & assistants?

Thanks to deep learning, real-time engagement has massively increased over the years. Moreover, common customer questions and issues shouldn’t take more than a specific time.

With human agents, that’s not always the case. Still, automated bots can recognize familiar situations through particular keywords like “track package” or “damaged item.”

It then offers the best solution, using the history of solutions given in the past. If needed, a human can take over the conversation from the bot at any point quickly. As a result, the time a customer waits for query resolution decreases significantly. 

#3. Gather Crucial Data

Run as many social media ads or email campaigns as you want, but without essential information on the target market, it’s doubtful they will succeed. With the help of AI conversational platforms, businesses can gather the crucial information they need on their customers, existing and potential.

The best part is this information is collected conversationally. Hence, customers would willingly give the details they’re offering.

For example, customers often share their contact details and shipping address to continue the query resolution or buying process. This can then be processed to find the right demographics and interests of your target market. Sweet, right?

#4. Intelligent Lead Generation

Besides improving the customer experience and gathering their data, AI conversational platforms help businesses increase lead generation. How? By sorting a random prospect from an interested one.

They do this while conversing with them on specific set parameters. Conversational AI, this way, simplifies the long, often complicated, process of getting new customers. 

Automated bots, voice assistants transfer the contact or hand over the conversation with a qualified prospect to a human after verifying them on parameters set by your teams while designing the bot or assistant.

Your groups might not have the time to talk to every lead, and they may miss out on a few good ones that way. Thanks to conversational AI platforms; they won’t! 

#5. Boost Loyalty

Businesses that struggle with customer engagement should deploy a conversational AI platform.

They can converse with prospects and existing customers via messaging apps (like WhatsApp), social media (like Twitter and Facebook Messenger), and live chat from the website. Conversational AI ensures no query is going unnoticed, and every customer is attended quickly and smoothly.

This approach allows businesses to be proactive and provide immediate responses to customers across multiple channels. Consequently, it boosts operational efficiency without needing to involve too many people.

The boost in customer engagement without increasing costs results in increased revenue, as customers stay loyal to a company giving importance to timely engagement. 

#6. Enhance Employee Experience

Using conversational AI platforms, data is put directly into the hands of the employees. They have to take care of complex stages of the conversation or the last stages of the prospect to customer process. But that’s it.

No more grunt work for them. This enhances employee experience big time. Not only are they showing excitement to do the work, but they increase levels of productivity and hunger too.

Additionally, a Gartner report shows that by 2022, 70% of employees will interact with conversational AI platforms daily. Exciting times up ahead for both customers and employees! 

That’s All From Us 

Conversational AI platforms are here to stay for good! Well, you already have an advantage because you’re going to use one from the 12 discussed. Why? Because you know the need for conversational AI, and you have the 12 best platforms to choose from!

From saving hundreds of hours for employees to offering real-time support swiftly and aptly, conversation AI platforms are proving to be a game-changer. And they’ll continue to do so in the post-Covid world. That’s for sure.

Don’t miss out on it. We’re here (the bot and our team) 24/7 if you need any help. Make the right choice!

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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