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Top Free Ticketing Tools of 2024! 

Kate Williams

Last Updated:  

2 January 2024

8 min read

Your customer service plays a massive role in your customer’s satisfaction. That’s a no-brainer. Even when the offerings are excellent, it won’t be enough if the service isn’t exemplary.

Ensuring quality customer service, however, is no easy feat, especially when there’s an endless pile of customer requests! Your team hasn’t cleared one request properly, and another 5 pop up, making focusing on one nearly impossible.

To counter that and improve overall customer service, a ticketing tool or system is what you need. Here, we talk about the 10 best free ticketing tools for 2023, but up first, let’s further understand the importance of a ticketing tool.

Top 10 Free Ticketing Tools

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag here. Here are the 10 top free ticketing tools you should know about and preferably… start using;

  1. SurveySparrow
  2. Freshdesk
  3. Engagebay
  4. Spiceworks
  5. osTicket
  6. Zoho Desk
  7. UVDesk
  8. Jira Software
  9. Agile CRM
  10. Monday

#1 SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow’s ticketing solution, previously known as the case management solution, is the best for turning angry or frustrated customers happy.

This ticketing system lets you close all customer queries and feedback loops based on the priority level and assign them to your teammates effortlessly. You can create actionable items required to resolve the case in a separate inbox and track them regularly with our in-built system.

This SurveySparrow solution also offers top collaboration features for team members to come and work together on complex queries that need quick solving.

Features of SurveySparrow’s Ticketing System

  • It helps you address client queries and suggest an instant solution using the knowledge base.
  • The ability to create a user-friendly product or service by continuously analyzing the feedback loop.
  • It reduces the hustle between multiple platforms and gets things done from one place while providing powerful integration options.
  • While resolving customer queries, this ticketing software lets you and your team collect actionable insights to become more efficient.

ticketing tool

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You get a 14-day free trial of this SurveySparrow solution, which is included in the Premium plan for practically free, along with a plethora of other hugely useful solutions.

Talk to our team and try it out, then. You’ll see how good a solution it is!

#2 Freshdesk

Next up here is Freshdesk. This ticketing system is famous for supporting businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level automation and sleek UI. Its shared inbox makes it easy for teams to sort, assign, and collaborate on tickets.

The best part about this ticketing tool is the easiness with which it converts incoming emails, calls, Twitter, and Facebook support requests into query tickets, which it then prioritizes and assigns to the right agents. It eliminates repetitive queries and focuses on tickets that need more attention through its powerful ticketing automation. Using Freshdesk, your team can send automatic email notifications based on a customer’s ticket status, perform multiple actions on it with a single click, or set these tickets to move to the next stage based on time and event triggers.

Along with its integrations to platforms like JIRA, live chat apps, Dropbox, Zapier, and more, Freshdesk’s ticketing system also comes equipped with agent collision detection to prevent multiple agents from working on the same ticket.

Freshdesk has certainly staked its claim to be regarded as one of the best free ticketing tools available. Ain’t that, right?

#3 EngageBay

EngageBay is much more than just a ticketing platform! It’s one of the best tools for small and medium businesses to get all-around growth. And query ticketing is just one of the many ways it does that. It’s a one-stop shop to automate all aspects of your company’s marketing, sales, and support processes, with a core focus on improving customer engagement.

EngageBay’s free helpdesk software is a free forever solution where unlimited users or support agents can be used. Powerful features like live chat and automated messaging are intuitive, reliable, and everpresent to support your customer support requirements. The prices for its marketing and sales features on the helpdesk are pretty reasonable, too. You can make the EngageBay ticketing system better with these features.

All in all, it’s a ticketing system loaded with quality features to support your online customer base, and worth trying.

#4 Spiceworks

If you’re an IT brand looking for free helpdesk software that’s already completely set up, Spiceworks will work wonders. It’s a helpdesk system online in the cloud, meaning no server procurement, setup, or maintenance. All you have to do is sign up and start using it!

It makes your support team’s life easier by using monitors, alerts, custom ticket attributes, and ticket rules for faster query resolution. With Spiceworks, you also get help desk reports with key information like ticket updates and agent’s work map. It also provides a secure remote support session directly from your help desk tickets. And if your agents are not always at their desks, Spiceworks’s helpdesk mobile app has all the latest ticket updates and crucial notifications for you.

It is one of the best free ticketing tools available, for sure.

#5 osTicket

“We believe in helping you Make. Happy. Customer.”

When we first get on osTicket’s website, we see this, and from our research, they sure do stand by it! This free ticketing software includes dashboard reports, configurable help topics to suit your customer’s preference, ticket filters, automated query resolutions after work hours, and more.

osTicket comes packed with more features and options than most paid ticketing systems. That certainly proves its mettle!

#6 Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk made our list of free ticketing tools for many reasons and not one. For starters, it offers multichannel support, allowing customers to contact via email, live chat, a web form, or social media platforms. Plus, it’s also equipped with telephonic support, including call routing, to create automated query tickets.

The next reason is its clear and intuitive dashboard giving agents a complete overview of all tickets and a separate dashboard for you or the team leader to track and analyze agent performance. Your service reps can also customize, view reports, and respond to tickets from an easy-to-use mobile app. Wow!

Then there are the automation features of ticket assigning, ticket status alerts, and automatic custom workflows to make query resolution a far easier job than it should be! And at last comes all the Zoho Desk integrations with G Suite, Slack, Salesforce, and popular email and project management platforms. Your team can also seamlessly connect with Zoho’s other products, like Zoho CRM, SalesIQ, BugTracker, and more.

All this… without paying a dime for it!

#7 UVDesk

UVDesk is a lesser-known ticketing tool on this list. But the quality is certainly there in terms of features and automation capabilities. It allows you to manage tickets generated through emails with the ability to send pre-recorded responses instantly for common queries. The collaboration tool on offer with this tool is one of the best we could find, and its sleek interface deserves mention, too.

All this, and a superb support team is working 24/7 to help and assist you with the free plan.

Now, suppose you decide to go for one of its premium plans. In that case, you get the ability to manage tickets from social networks, assign them to agents directly, and facilitate internal communication with collaborative notes for quality work.

#8 Jira Software

Jira Software is part of Atlassian’s suite of ticket management and analytics products. It’s a free ticketing tool giving access to ticket management via email, an advanced reporting function, and great automation & collaboration features. The plan is limited to 3 agents. The ability to build custom workflows with a few clicks is an eye-catching feature of this ticketing software, with the Kanban view of tickets and bug tracking the other noteworthy features.

By paying $45 per month, though, Jira’s ticketing software goes to the next level! You get to add live chat to your channels, generate unlimited email notifications, and include more than 3 users.

#9 Agile CRM

Agile CRM is another all-in-one free ticketing system that dips into the realms of customer relationship management through quick and effective query resolution. Agile CRM provides a free helpdesk feature along with its CRM to improve customer touchpoints and enhance customer experience multi-fold.

You get the option of prioritizing tickets and adding labels to organize all queries while giving customer service agents the capability to set the progress of each ticket for better tracking. What’s mindboggling is the fact that up to 10 agents can use the free plan, which is great for small or new businesses. And with powerful helpdesk analytics to track a company’s performance, Agile CRM is a tool worth exploring!

#10 Monday

Last on this list is Monday, with a free ticketing system to centralize and manage all queries from their software and mobile application. Its biggest strength is its 24-hour customer support via chat, for a quick resolution to user difficulties. Rest features remain in line with that of the tools we discussed.

But if you decide to pay for the CRM ticketing system, you unlock all reporting features and can have unlimited users while having the marketplace of integrations to use. All this for a maximum of $16 per month. Sweet.

Why Are Free Ticketing Tools Crucial For Businesses?

A customer service ticketing tool lets customers get quick answers via email, phone, live chat on your website, or even through a self-service knowledge base. Such tools, also known as help desk software, streamline a team’s customer service by automatically creating support tickets, routing them to a support agent, creating support workflows, providing collaboration options for complex issues, and even offering pre-written answers for common queries.

Free ticketing tools are no different in their scope, but yes, they have limited features compared to a paid ticketing system. Even then, they are very important for businesses for 5 different reasons;

Faster Communication

The first and foremost reason to use a ticketing system is to connect customers having issues with a support member faster. The line of communication between them develops very quickly using these free tools, thereby leaving no place for dissatisfaction to creep in among customers.

Trust Building

The success of any brand is built on the back of its customer’s trust. When people realize the reliability of your brand, they’re in a better position to give more business. As such, a free ticketing system helps automate routine queries 24/7 with well-explained answers and lets customer support representatives engage via different channels to give quick and personalized problem resolution.

Employee Growth

When you choose a free ticketing system, you’re choosing to support employee growth in your organization or team. How? Because now, your employees or team members can do more critical things, solve complex problems, and work on new ideas rather than just on repeat queries. And this… brings growth!

Efficient Query Resolution

Consistent customer support is tough when employees use a shared inbox with extensions to communicate with all present and potential customers. Free ticketing tools doesn’t just offer separate inbox for separate customers but necessary triggers, smart rules, canned responses, and the ability to consolidate the entire history of conversation for efficient query resolution.

Customer Service Roadmap

A crucial part of every customer journey map is understanding the type of queries they’re coming up with. And since a free ticketing tool lets you consolidate the entire query resolution conversation, you and your team can create a customer service roadmap for each customer and support them better going forward.

Tips To Choose The Right Ticketing System

Well, you know the tools, but how about some tips to choose the right one, eh? Here’s what we’re talking about;

  • What exactly do you need a ticketing tool for? The first tip is to know the answer to this. These 10 free ticketing tools are your best bet, but they’re all different in terms of their overall features. So, know the requirement first.
  • Determine how many support representatives will use the ticketing tool.
  • Don’t compensate on the ticketing system’s UI. Even the menus should be logically organized.
  • Check the security measures offered by each of these 10 tools based on your requirements.
  • The tool should have fluid collaboration features for all teams to join and work on a complex query.
  • The free helpdesk software should have encryption features to ensure all the stored data is encrypted and a password protection feature to prevent unauthorized access.
  • A ticketing system integrating with other softwares is huge. Keep that in mind.
  • The ticketing tool should be customizable to match your brand’s layout, color patterns, font, and look.
  • See if the tool offers an extensive ‘how to’ tutorial. You and your team will get the hang of it better with that.
  • Lastly, make sure the tool offers impeccable support 24/7, all year long. SurveySparrow clearly stands out here!

The Next Step Is…

You came here looking for the best free ticketing tools, and we discussed so much more…

From the importance of a ticketing tool for your business to the tips for choosing the right one. You have everything here. Now you have to take the next step: try these 10 free ticketing systems and go ahead with one.

Pro tip: Start with SurveySparrow’s ticketing solution. It has everything your business needs from a helpdesk system. Talk to our team to get a demo and know everything about it

With that, we’ll wrap up here to see you another time. Ciao.

Kate Williams

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