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SurveySparrow and Zenkit Harmonize to Create a Beautiful Symphony

Shweta Menon

10 September 2019

2 min read

Hear ye, hear ye! Please bestow upon us the honor of announcing our latest integration! That’s right, folks! SurveySparrow and Zenkit bring their forces together to help users all over the world!

But first, allow me to introduce our newest member.

Zenkit is a project management and collaboration tool that simplifies the management and planning of every aspect of a project, from the creation and completion of tasks to communicate with your team members. Usually, businesses are required to juggle multiple tasks at once, such as follow up with potential leads, complete project after project, resolve customer issues, and maintain employee engagement in the workplace.

With Zenkit integration, you can fly through your tasks, employ efficient communication with your employees, follow up with your customers and get instant notification on the latest feedback with oodles of energy left to be smiling through it all!

If you have a SurveySparrow account, Zenkit can quickly help you automatically create new contacts with every survey submission, manage customer data, and track survey responses.

Here’s how you can benefit from this dynamic duo!

SurveySparrow Zenkit Integration.

Divine Automation

Experience the beauty of automating all tasks to fit your workflow. Be it sending surveys to your employees right after project completion or gauging your customers’ experience after a product purchase. The Zenkit Survey integration holds your hand through it all.

Treat Customers Like Royalty

You ever experience customer churn? Dreadful, isn’t it? With Zenkit Survey integration, serve your customers well by creating tasks instantly on receiving responses. Incinerate all customer issues by resolving them on the dot!

Be Zen With Zenkit

Getting a headache from all the responses that are piling up? What about all those spreadsheets with overflowing information that look like hieroglyphics? Lucky for you, the Zenkit Survey integration ensures efficient tracking of responses from a multiplex of survey projects. You can now breathe a sigh of relief as this integration lets you create custom views of your data.

Well, now that you know what to expect from this beautiful partnership, what are you waiting for? Integrate SurveySparrow with Zenkit today!

Don’t think it all ends here! We still have more surprises coming up for you wonderful users!

Stay tuned!

From all of us at SurveySparrow!

Shweta Menon

Product Marketer at SurveySparrow

An introvert who finds solace in the comforting words of literature.

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