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Top 12 Mobile Apps for Exceptional Customer Support

Kate Williams

Last Updated:  

14 June 2024

9 min read

Customer experience has always been an important part of a successful business. For a long time, companies have seen and understood the value of investing in customer support. In 2020, though, the business landscape is different. Alternatives to your product or service are available at the click of a button. In this battlefield, customer loyalty is everything. That’s why your customer support needs to leave an impression. Customer support apps will help you get there. 

When dealing with a business, customers want prompt, timely support. Nobody likes to stretch the process for weeks over e-mail anymore. Quick and easy is now almost a demand. And that’s why you need customer support applications. You can take care of your precious customers on the go and give them an easier shopping experience. They will thank you for the prompt customer support and come back for more. 

Out of all the customer support apps available in the market, you don’t have to go looking for the needle in the haystack. We’ve picked out the 12 best ones. Take a look and utilize the features of these customer support apps to stay ahead of the curve. 

12 Best Customer Support Apps For Customer Satisfaction

When customers expect instant responses, you need customer support apps to work on the go. This is why most helpdesk platforms and CRMs have started offering mobile apps. Still, only some of them are actually useful. With a host of required features and integrations, doing customer support on mobile well is no easy task. In this list, we’ve picked the 12 customer support apps you should consider when going mobile. 

 #1. Google My Business

This is an absolute must-have for small local businesses looking to discover customers. Most customers now find the local service they want on Google. What they see right on top are Maps listings. But those listings don’t just provide directions. They now let you message the business owner and leave reviews. That makes Google My Business an important app to have. 

For local businesses, there is no better way to reach customers than Google My Business. It lets you instantly respond to customer queries and reviews. You can provide great customer support without the customer ever having to pick up the phone. That’s what makes Google My Business a must-have customer support app. 

Google My Business is a well-rounded customer support application for local businesses. You can find it on Android and iOS

 #2. PipeDrive

customer support apps

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) app built to help sales teams for small businesses.  It’s created by salespeople for salespeople and focuses on a nice visual workflow. It has features that help you focus on individual tasks, instead of stressing about results. 

The most frustrating customer experience is to have to go over your needs with a salesperson over and over again. The customer support app for Pipedrive has a range of functionality that helps you avoid that. It allows you to add notes from meetings and calls. This helps you keep a track of your leads and follow up more efficiently. 

The Pipedrive customer support app also works offline, which is great in emergencies. The app also supports integrations with a lot of other services. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS

 #3. ZenDesk

Zendesk : Customer support mobile apps

ZenDesk is a helpdesk application that can serve as one place for all your customer support channels. Its detailed list of features means it takes some time to get used to. The convenience of having everything in one customer support app, though, is worth the learning curve. 

ZenDesk can integrate with a wide range of tools, allowing you to add chat, SMS, and even a CRM service through the app. For more specific use cases, ZenDesk also allows you to create your own ZenDesk app. ZenDesk also lets you take a customer satisfaction survey, through a Net Promoter Score survey at the bottom of your messages.

The ZenDesk mobile apps take all the power of ZenDesk and give it to you in your pocket. You can get ZenDesk on Android and iOS

 #4. Slack

Slack: Customer Support

We all know that Slack is a great team communications app. But can it be a good customer support application as well? Slack is not great for chats with customers, but there are other ways the app works well as a customer support app. You can connect helpdesk solutions and chat solutions to Slack to get instant notifications and keep track of other apps. 

Mainly, Slack is useful as a customer support app because it’s popular. Every great CRM and product focused on customer experience integrates with Slack. So you can do it all through Slack. The app can help you answer e-mails, reply to chats on Facebook and Twitter among a host of other things. And if you’re using Slack already for internal communications, you can now have customer support on the same platform!

A great example of Slack used for customer support is Customer Thermometer. The app posts customer feedback directly on your Slack, so you can get it and respond instantly.  You can even customize it to only post specific alerts. 

The Slack app for mobile is great for keeping track of your customer support. You can get it on Android and iOS

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 #5. FreshDesk

Now that there are so many platforms for customer feedback, you can feel overwhelmed trying to juggle all of them. But you want to prioritize, as a rule, some channels over the other. Which platform you prioritize depends on your product. FreshDesk is a helpdesk app that brings all your customer support channels in one place. It also orders customer support tickets based on their urgency and your priorities. 

The great thing about FreshDesk is that it helps you remember. It shows helpdesk tickets ordered according to priority, so you can get cracking. You can manage customer queries from email, phone, chat, Facebook, Twitter as well as your website. You can even use the FreshDesk app to offer live chat support on your website. Paid versions of the app also offer customer satisfaction surveys

FreshDesk prioritizes your customer support so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Get it on Android or iOS.  

 #6. HelpScout


HelpScout is another helpdesk app that removes obstacles usually associated with customer support apps. It is easy to use because the interface looks just like e-mail. Helpscout also boasts an integrated knowledge base, making storing and following leads much easier. 

The great thing about Helpscout is the seamless way in which it conducts customer feedback surveys. The app offers customer satisfaction ratings, so customers can quickly indicate the quality of support they get. It also uses advanced automation to help you save time. A smoother workflow means more satisfied customers. 

HelpScout also has a reputation for offering great customer service to their customers. You can find their app on Android and iOS

 #7. Intercom


Conversation is perhaps the most traditional method of offering customer support. But now, most conversations in customer support start with a chatbox, and we don’t miss the time-sucking answering machines. Intercom focuses on improving automated conversations for a better customer journey. 

Intercom offers automated conversations that go beyond traditional customer support. Intercom’s automated bots can even conduct pre-sales surveys to help you generate better leads. Aside from a focus on conversations, Intercom also offers traditional customer relationship management (CRM) services. It allows integrations with a wide range of apps. Intercom facilitates great cross-app interactions and helps you focus on customer data to extend better customer support. 

Intercom is a good choice if you want to focus on automated conversations, while also having traditional CRM features. Intercom’s customer support app is available on Android and iOS

 #8. Salesforce

Salesforce customer support app

Salesforce is one of the most famous cloud-based CRMs, which happens to be its biggest advantage. Being cloud-based, it has no hardware or software requirements. The mobile app runs smoothly and remains in sync with your desktop. 

Other than being on the cloud, Salesforce offers the classic CRM features, like storing leads and helping you organize your customer support. It also offers task automation. Salesforce is great for companies who want to prioritize security. Salesforce offers enterprise-level cloud security to ensure all your customer support data is safe. Being one of the most popular CRMs, Salesforce also offers a wide range of app integrations. 

To manage your whole customer support on the go, Salesforce has a great customer support application. You can find Salesforce on both Android and iOS

 #9. Olark

olark Customer support app

Olark is another customer support app focused on live chat. Olark uses automated live chat to do a host of things. It generates leads from your website and even conducts online surveys and customer feedback surveys using the live chats. To put it simply, Olark helps you find out who your visitors are and what they want. 

Using Olark as a customer support app, you can even find out who’s adding what to their shopping cart. This helps offer personalized customer support. You can also conduct a pre-sales survey using Olark’s seamless live chat, so it feels like a smooth conversation. Olark is heavily customizable, so you can use it based on your needs. 

Olark offers the mobile chat experience by integrating through Trillian, and it’s fully worth it. You can get it for Android and iOS.   

 #10. Groove

Groove is very clear on who it’s for – small businesses. It’s a helpdesk app that focuses on helping small businesses provide great customer support. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s limited in any way. Groove brings the most advanced tools in CRM apps and helps small businesses deploy them seamlessly. 

The interface is just like e-mail, so there is no learning curve. GrooveHQ offers individual customer profiles, private notes, and even collision warnings, so two customer support executives don’t end up helping the same customer. Groove also offers a knowledge base that helps customers resolve common issues. For small businesses, GrooveHQ is a great customer support app. 

Groove will soon let you chat with customers in real time on its customer support app. Both Android and iOS versions of the app will be released this November. 

 #11. Zapier


Zapier is not exactly a customer support app, but it can be a great tool to have in your toolbox for customer support. What Zapier does is make your different apps speak to each other. If you get an e-mail, you can set up Zapier to send you a notification on Slack, or add it to your CRM. With Zapier, you can supercharge your customer experience by letting apps speak to each other. 

While Zapier’s usage for customer support is not straightforward, there is plenty of scope for creativity. You can set up the Zapier workflow that works best for you. This leaves you free to choose between different kinds of apps and helps you create new integrations. For companies that deal with an overload of customer queries, Zapier can help organize things. 

Zapier is not itself a mobile app. It makes it to the list, though, because it can help you use your other mobile apps better. Try Zapier and you’ll see what we’re talking about. 

 #12. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is the customer support app from Zoho, the larger business software suite. Zoho Desk packs some very useful customer support features, including chatbots and high-end automation. Zoho Desk also helps customers help themselves, by offering an extensive knowledge base for FAQs. Zoho Desk lets you respond to customer feedback from all channels, including social media, e-mail, website chat, and others. 

Zoho Desk has a powerful mobile app. It categorizes customer support requests by priority, helping you focus on the most urgent ones on the go. Zoho Desk also alerts service reps when customers take actions, to help them stay prompt. 

The Zoho Desk mobile app is one of the most feature-rich customer support applications. It’s available on both Android and iOS

Wrapping Up

All great customer support apps are now offering mobile versions. Its 2020 and nobody wants to open their computer to make small changes or quickly reply to customer queries. For great customer experience, your service reps need to be able to respond to their problems on the go. That’s why helpdesk apps have started to go mobile.

Also, adopting just a customer support app might not be the one and only solution. Using an online survey software to roll out customer satisfaction surveys, customer feedback surveys, NPS surveys using vibrant online survey templates and engaging UI can go a long way in understanding your customers’ preferences, likes, and dislikes. A simple yet engaging question designed like this can do the trick. 
restaurant survey template.

From generating leads to making conversation and even conducting customer satisfaction surveys, online surveys, customer support apps these days can do it all. Having all that functionality on your phone just makes the whole experience much more seamless. That’s why you need to pick a customer support application that offers a mobile app. This is now a must-have.

Try the best customer support app below.

Mobile apps make customer support easier by allowing you to stay prompt while multitasking. You don’t have to stay glued to your desktop screen to look out for notifications from customers. You can get them while enjoying a cup of coffee. Pick from this list of customer support apps and start assisting your customers on the go!

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