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What is Performance Management & How To Do It Right

Genre Learning Centre
Duration3 mins


The world is now recovering from the pandemic, with some workplaces beginning to open up while others still banking on ‘work from homes’.  In times as these, employee performance management has become crucial yet daunting with employees scattered around the globe, struggling to cope up. In such a scenario, it becomes important to do regular employee engagement and employee pulse surveys. Creating surveys that can be shared through your organization’s internal communication tool like Slack, Teams, will improve the response rates. Scheduling a regular employee NPS survey can help you gauge overall employee loyalty and reduce attrition. A 360-degree survey can be used effectively to encourage personal development as well as improve performance and accountability. Considering the current pandemic situation, even COVID- related surveys for symptom checks, transportation or work from home requests, contact tracing and more can be utilized for employee safety. Remote daily scrums can take your employee engagement to the next level.

Performance management is a continuous process involving constant interaction with employees to create a supportive work environment. Such a workplace enhances their abilities, hence producing quality work while keeping up with the organization’s mission.

Sounds complex? We’re here to help you make the process easier and better.

Meet Regularly

Nothing can beat the constant interaction and engagement between managers and employees. This helps with the timely evaluation of progress at different stages.

Align Progress with the Mission

The success of an organization is tied to the impact that an employee creates. Help employees understand the importance of their roles in achieving organizational goals.

Create Measurable Expectations

It is vital to create performance-based expectations so that the employee understands how success is measured in your organization.

Generate Personalized Development Plans

The plan must explore key job performance competencies like their strengths, areas of improvement, blind spots, and hidden talents. A proper performance management tool can help managers adjust workflows and formulate plans.

Every organization aspires to a healthier, transparent, and productive work culture. Quality performance management takes your brand to the next level and helps in the overall development. Plan, review, track, and act, and the marketplace is yours!