360 Feedback Survey

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360 Feedback Survey

What is 360 Feedback Survey?

360 degree survey is a feedback methodology where an employee is evaluated by multiple entities like managers, peers, clients, and colleagues. As the name suggests, it gives an all-encompassing view of the performance of the employee. The 360 feedback survey typically consists of questions that evaluate a set of competencies that are essential for the advancement of both the organization and employee. These typically include:


Ability to mingle with fellow employees

Team Spirit

Dynamics working in a team

Job Satisfaction

Level of content with the current profile

Skills & knowledge

Performance in the current role

A 360 feedback survey is one of the simplest yet easiest ways to evaluate your employees and understand their level of involvement with the company, their rapport with other employees, and their overall performance in the role. And, since it involves views from multiple sources, it’s easier for the HR team and key stakeholders to understand the underlying causes behind problems. So, how does a 360 feedback lifecycle work in simple terms?


Create highly engaging surveys to gather crisp, accurate responses


Utilize every available platform to maximize the reach of surveys


Slice and dice the survey data to obtain new perspectives and rich insights


Plan and execute actionable measures based on survey results

What are the must-have 360 Feedback
Survey Questions?

Here are some pointers on how to go about with your 360 feedback surveys. The sample 360 degree feedback template is to help you get started with your 360 degree feedback collection in a jiffy!

360 feedback survey: Manager

Sharing a 360 feedback survey for managers helps a company understand the supervising & administrative capabilities of team leaders. The survey typically includes the following sections.

  • Setting goals & assigning tasks
  • Response to mistake
  • Consulting team before important decisions
  • Alignment with mission & vision

360 feedback survey: Peers

Sharing a 360 feedback survey for peers helps a company to evaluate the employee from the point of view of their colleagues, reportees, and teammates.The survey typically includes the following sections.

  • Understanding about the job requirements
  • The ability to finish tasks on time
  • Teamwork & spirit
  • Ability to Multitask
  • Willingness to accept feedback
  • The extent of engagement

Create 360 Feedback Surveys
with SurveySparrow

Customized, engaging,
anonymous surveys

Create engaging 360 feedback surveys using SurveySparrow’s conversational forms or chat-like surveys. Using custom params, piping, variables, and contact params, make it highly personalized and engaging. With an assorted mix of question types, customize it department-wise or team-wise, and share it. It’s a good practice to opt for 360 degree feedback tools like SurveySparrow that offer mobile-friendly, multi-device compatible surveys since many of your employees can be frequent travelers.

Customized, engaging, anonymous surveys

Single Sign-On for your company

SurveySparrow’s 360 feedback software lets you to log-in with your organization’s credentials with the SSO feature. Avoid juggling multiple credentials while using your everyday applications. Securely handle your account with your organization’s verified credentials.

Single Sign-On for your company

Reporting module for in-depth analysis

Once you collect data using a 360 feedback survey, the next step is to analyze the data to uncover important insights from it. Perform a thorough 360 review using advanced filters, cross-tabulation, and easily export the data using PDF & SPSS for further analysis. By scheduling feature, you can receive survey reports, right in your inbox at the configured time.

Reporting module for in-depth analysis

Multiple sub-accounts for management

Create and manage multiple accounts for different departments like HR, Engineering, Marketing, etc, all under a single parent account. All the key stakeholders can access the sub-accounts from the parent one. Within each sub-account, you can manage who should view & access which surveys by using teams & folders.

Multiple sub-accounts for management

Automate with Recurring feature

Since 360 feedback review isn’t a one time deal, it’s best to find a software, like SurveySparrow, that helps to automate the process. Configure when and how frequently you wish to send out your 360 feedback surveys- for instance, quarterly or bi-annually.

Automate with Recurring feature

Integrate with any day-to-day app of yours

Integrate with any day-to-day app of yours

What are the benefits of 360 Feedback Survey?

360 feedback survey collects feedback from a variety of sources like the supervisor, peers, colleagues, customers, etc. Therefore, it is possible to identify the best traits of your employees along with the areas that require improvement. 360 feedback survey brings a multi-dimensional aspect of employees, from more than one entity.

A 360-degree feedback approach helps coworkers to function with each other more effectively. A multi-party review system makes the workforce more accountable as they share their views with each other. As a result, a well-planned 360 feedback survey enhances team development and communication.

360 feedback survey data helps an employee to understand their core strengths and key challenges for improving continually. Self-awareness helps employees to develop and enhance their skills. An adept, skilled workforce has a higher chance of meeting the goals of the company and hitting milestones, one after another.

Once you analyze the 360 feedback survey data, it is easy for you to uncover the blind spots that are slowing down progress and resolve bottlenecks that’s piling up tasks. It also builds a culture that’s rich in openness and accountability, both of which are crucial to the success of an organization.

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