About UAFS

The University of Arkansas-Fort Smith (UAFS) is a public university located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. It was established in 1928 as a junior college and has since evolved into a comprehensive university offering a variety of associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs across multiple disciplines.

UAFS is an integral part of the University of Arkansas System, which is the state’s premier system of higher education. As an institution of excellence, UAFS is committed to providing personalized attention and mentorship to its students, with a student-to-faculty ratio that ensures close engagement and individualized support.

UAFS is also recognized for its contributions to the state’s economy, with an estimated economic impact of over $300 million annually. The university is committed to promoting economic development in the region through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, as well as through workforce development programs that prepare students for careers in high-demand fields.

How we hit the mark

  • Chat-like interface
  • Ability to manage multi-department feedback
  • Robust reporting module for in-depth analysis
"SurveySparrow really came through for us! It was such an efficient and reliable tool, and the best part was that we didn't need to hire dedicated personnel or go through extensive engineering to get it up and running. Thanks to SurveySparrow, our team at UAFS was able to conduct assessments with ease and move forward without the stress of dealing with cumbersome reporting. It's been a game-changer for us!"

Chelsea Cowan

Program Coordinator


The University of Arkansas-Fort Smith identified the need to explore and assess the efficacy of its leadership classes. Their goal was to have insight into employee performance outcomes and use the information gathered to precisely tailor coaching for its staff members and on areas that could benefit from additional support.

This way, they could fine-tune future courses and empower their employees by improving upon any gaps in required teaching to ensure mastery.

By leveraging effective feedback analysis, they could put efficient processes in place, illustrating effective measures taken by the leadership curriculum at the UAFS.


When the team at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith began looking for effective tools to conduct assessments, they quickly realized they needed a reliable solution. They required something that would enable them to accurately assess their employees’ performance without any hassle.


Before long, they discovered SurveySparrow through referral.

With fewer time-consuming tasks and streamlined input through one platform, the institution felt assured that its employees would receive appropriate evaluations. Not only was it efficient and reliable, but did not require dedicated personnel or extensive engineering.

Thanks to SurveySparrow, the UAFS was armed with an efficient tool to conduct assessments, allowing them to move forward without the stress that cumbersome reporting once produced.



Eliminated Manual Assessments

More than 700% increase in annual responses

Granular insights into employee performance

Real-time data monitoring

Improvement areas easily identified

The University of Arkansas-Fort Smith had a clear problem on its hands. They wanted something simple and effective to survey their employees in order to improve their performance management system. When SurveySparrow came along, it was like finding the perfect solution for the job. It allowed them to design questionnaires tailored to ask specific questions from each employee, followed by the ability to rate individual responses therein.

With the ability to do away with manual assessment and get granular insight into their employees’ performance, the UAFS easily identified improvement areas. Collectively, this enabled them to implement life coaching initiatives solely centered around catering to what the employees were doing well or not.

Specifically, two university departments-the Center for Economic Development and the Center for Professional and Business Development used the SurveySparrow tool to evaluate their professors. The university plans to continue using SurveySparrow every six months, to assess the performance of new classes.

Overall, SurveySparrow has been an effective solution for the University of Arkansas, helping them to achieve their goals and overcome challenges.



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