About Miinto

A leading online fashion platform in Europe and one of Scandinavia’s fastest-growing e-commerce businesses, Miinto connects online shoppers, boutiques, and brands across 13 European markets, offering customers a convenient and centralized platform to shop directly from 1,800 independent fashion stores.

Established in 2009, Miinto’s commitment to collaboration has set the stage for its success. Their unique approach allows independent clothing stores to make use of Miinto’s expansive marketing, technical and digital skillset in order to grow their business reach.

Miinto embraces the diversity of its thousands of suppliers and customers, presenting a broad range of women’s, men’s, children’s, sportswear, and accessories, ensuring every customer can find something they love on the platform.

With its focus on the multi-channel approach and commitment to providing the best possible shopping experience, Miinto is the go-to destination for fashion-savvy consumers looking to explore and shop the best local fashion.

How we hit the mark

  • Email embed for NPS
  • Scope for advanced customization to fit specific needs
  • Targeted follow-up questions based on NPS answers
  • Advanced logic for deeper insights and analysis.
“By using SurveySparrow, we’ve managed to gain more customer insights than ever before”

Paloma Truong

Director of CX & Customer Intelligence of Miinto


Miinto aimed to tap into customer and partner satisfaction through the use of NPS surveys. The company’s objective was to measure customer and partner satisfaction across multiple channels, including on-site and post-purchase NPS surveys, as well as partner satisfaction surveys.
To achieve this, Miinto sought to implement a user-friendly and accessible survey tool that would provide a better front-end experience for its customers. The aim was to gather insights into customer experiences, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall customer and partner satisfaction.


Miinto ran into significant roadblocks while attempting to gather feedback through their previous survey tool. Their chosen platform for running on-site surveys was Hotjar, but as the company scaled, found it impeding customer engagement as it was not optimized for mobile usage.

Additionally, the company’s custom solution for email NPS surveys was rigid and static, limiting their ability to be flexible with the content they provided. The surveys sent out using this was often cluttered and more prone to be lost in the noise. This ultimately led to fewer responses and more negative feedback. Consequently, the team at Miinto sought a new solution to address these shortcomings.


After a methodical evaluation of multiple NPS providers, Miinto selected SurveySparrow to power their customer feedback efforts. This decision was based on in-depth analysis and positive online reviews about the product’s performance.

Right off the bat, the team was thoroughly impressed by the tool’s accessibility and user-friendliness. SurveySparrow also yielded favorably in providing a seamless experience for users, particularly those on mobile devices. The advanced logic capabilities offered by the platform were also well-received.


Feedback collection in less than 2 minutes

2x more responses

More than 18% increase in annual CSAT score

Improved insights into what is working and what is not

Real-time data monitoring

Better understanding of customer and partner satisfaction

“With the help of SurveySparrow, we gained more insights into what’s working and what’s not, allowing us to get smarter on our customers”

By implementing SurveySparrow as their NPS survey tool, Miinto was able to achieve a significant improvement in their data gathering process. The biggest gain that the company experienced was the ability to quantify data with more certainty. The surveys were no longer cluttered or lost in the noise, leading to increased visibility.

In light of this, Miinto reportedly saw a 2X increase in the number of responses received, providing them with a more stable ground to make informed decisions based on a larger volume of data. They could also schedule follow-up questions and emails to know the ‘why’ behind the scores and take corrective action when required.

In conclusion, having SurveySparrow at their disposal empowered Miinto to closely track and improve their NPS, while responding with tailored strategies that addressed each group’s needs. This allowed the company to make smarter decisions based on actionable insights gleaned from both customers and partners, improving satisfaction all around.


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