About TwinHealth

Twin is a health care company headquartered in California, USA and Chennai, India. Twin Health invented the Whole Body Digital Twin™ to help reverse, improve and prevent chronic metabolic disease. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Whole Body Digital Twin™ is a dynamic representation of each individual’s metabolism.

Everyone’s metabolism functions uniquely. The Whole Body Digital Twin™ continuously learns about each person and provides precise insights for improving health. Twin’s clinical research team is conducting the world’s first randomized controlled trial for reversing chronic metabolic disease using digital twin technology; results include 92% of patients eliminating diabetes medications. Combining cutting-edge technology and advanced medical science, Twin Health addresses the root cause of metabolic disease.

How we hit the mark

  • Engaging UI
  • Chat-based questions
  • HIPAA-compliance
  • SurveySparrow’s In-app Mobile SDK
  • Level of Customization Available
  • Proactive Customer Support
“Our survey response rates were mere 5% with our previous tool. With SurveySparrow, response rates have been steadily increasing to over 30% within a year of implementation. And we are hoping to achieve 50% in the upcoming quarter using the Flutter SDK integration.”

Abdul Rahuman

Principal Product Manager


Twin Health wanted a tool that would help them routinely touch base with their members and gauge their experience throughout the different phases of the program. They also send out NPS surveys every quarter to encourage member feedback, understand their needs better, and align their services accordingly.

The bottom line is that Twin Health wanted to make their member journey as seamless, engaging, and rewarding as possible to ensure their customers get maximum value for every penny they pay.


To deliver precise, personalized guidance and maximize impact, it was imperative that the Twin Health team kept a regular tab on the members- right from onboarding to their eventual exit. But with the program typically spanning over a year and its members spread across several geographical regions, keeping them thoroughly engaged was no easy feat.

To complicate things further, Apptentive-the initial tool they went with, grossly fell short in its offerings. User experience took a hard hit, and the survey responses plummeted to a stark 5 percent. Although the tool fared relatively well in terms of offering an in-app SDK, its cons easily outweighed the pros, and the team was resolute in finding a tool that worked for them.


Twin Health’s hunt for a tractable survey solution led them to consider multiple alternatives to Apptentive-from the likes of SurveyMonkey to SurveySparrow. After substantial fact-finding and back-and-forth consideration, the die was cast in favor of SurveySparrow.

Right off the bat, the tool’s advanced capabilities, particularly when it came to creating a truly on-brand survey, really impressed the team. It was easier than ever to customize brand colors and tweak backgrounds, buttons, or fonts to mirror their company’s voice through and through.

Props to the conversational UI, they could show one question at a time and get people talking. This invariably sought to humanize even the most mundane, routine interaction.  On top of that, with conditional branching, the surveys could be made to feel a lot more intuitive, tailor-made, and attuned to a member’s specific experience and needs.


More than 18% increase in annual CSAT score

30% Increase in Response Rate

Feedback collection in less than 2 minutes

3X Improved Member Experience

Real-time data monitoring

Improved Care Team Time

By using SurveySparrow, the team at Twin Health was able to meticulously record, monitor, and optimize their members’ journeys. Right from the outset, when a member enrolls in their program, all through their onboarding, treatment activation to routine check-ins, the tool proved itself handy and functional.

As a first step, SurveySparrow enhanced overall productivity by eliminating tedious manual data collection tasks. All the relevant patient details could now be collected and documented by sending out a simple survey. As a result, the team could now direct all their enthusiasm and resources toward other pressing matters.

Just by focusing on the end-user experience and continuously optimizing towards it, Twin Health saw an enduring change in its survey completion rates. To put things into perspective, by making the switch from Apptentive (where the engagement rate plateaued at 5% due to its primitive interface) to SurveySparrow’s conversational interface,  survey completion rates skyrocketed to a whopping 30% and is expected to touch down 50 with the new mobile SDK

By embedding chat-based surveys on their app and websites, the team could consistently gather valuable feedback, redirect them to relevant articles, and engage them in fun quizzes. These small-time changes really helped them gain ground and make strides in improving member experience manifold.

In addition, with quarterly NPS, they could promptly assess their member satisfaction, understand granular insights on their product and services, and prioritize their resources accordingly. If any key indicators came up short, the tool made it possible to ticket the feedback and take corrective measures before any escalation. This ensures churn stays at its lowest.

All things considered, SurveySparrow’s CX management solution provided tailwinds for TwinHealth to achieve its mission to make its members healthy and happy throughout their program and beyond.



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