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medneo has been a leading diagnostic imaging provider in the UK since 2019, offering mobile MRI and CT scans across the country. They stand out in the radiology market with a large team of more than 120 employees in the UK, 17 diagnostic centers in Germany and Switzerland, and partnerships exceeding 300 healthcare providers overall.

How we hit the mark

  • Easy QR share
  • Multiple question types
  • Versatile survey formats
  • Executive dashboard
“We at medneo have been using SurveySparrow for 18 months to collect patient satisfaction feedback. All surveys are completely anonymous, ensuring that personal data remains protected in full compliance with GDPR and UK data protection legislation. The platform is easy to set up and has transformed our feedback collection, enhancing both efficiency and service quality.”

Rachael Mullen

Head of Quality and Risk/ Regional Manager London, medneo


Delivering an exceptional patient experience at medneo was their ultimate goal. To ensure that expectations were consistently met and exceeded, they needed a way to collect patient feedback consistently. However traditional paper-based surveys felt outdated and cumbersome. They aimed to create a feedback collecting system that is easy for patients to use and works well for the staff.


Paper surveys presented a double-edged sword. While they captured feedback manually, the process was clunky. Radiographers spent valuable time scanning the reports, attaching them to emails, and putting them on spreadsheets – a huge administrative burden. This delayed access to valuable patient insights and prevented them from making timely progress.


medneo used SurveySparrow to implement a user-friendly QR code system. Patients now simply scan the code with their smartphone after the examination and share the service feedback while waiting. This not only made it easier for the patients but also reduced the administrative burden on their staff.


Data analytics

4x increase in response rates

Response rate

Improved patient satisfaction

Reminder gaps & manual overload

Streamlined feedback gathering

SurveySparrow has changed how medneo collects patient feedback! Their response rates increased dramatically, from 1.5-2% in paper surveys to a whopping 6.5% using QR codes. This increased visibility allows them to improve their services and provide an exceptional patient experience continuously.

In accordance with the GDPR, SurveySparrow ensures complete anonymity and strictly follows the United Kingdom data protection legislation. About 60% of patients answered the survey’s open-ended question, which medneo carefully reviewed, and any hospital-specific feedback was addressed promptly to improve the patient experience. All responses flow seamlessly into their service quality dashboard, providing minute-by-minute insights into patient satisfaction.

And SurveySparrow didn’t stop with improving the patient experience at medneo. The platform was also utilized to capture medneo’s employee feedback after training sessions and conferences. This helped medneo tailor upcoming programs based on the feedback.


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