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WePlay Studios stands at the forefront of the esports and entertainment industry, delivering captivating and innovative digital experiences. Renowned for their creative excellence and cutting-edge technology, WePlay Studios has carved out a prominent space in the market, engaging audiences globally with their high-quality events and interactive content.

How we hit the mark

  • User-friendly UI
  • Different survey types
  • Auto-generated reports
  • Efficient data sharing
  • Personalized development plan
"SurveySparrow creates engaging surveys quickly and easily. The platform's analytics understand the responses precisely and provide detailed reports that are easy to share. Overall, SurveySparrow is the best option we have chosen for improving our employee experience. It's a very user-friendly platform that has helped us significantly.”

Uliana Pavlovska

HR Director, WePlay Studios


WePlay Studios embarked on a mission to enhance their internal culture by deeply understanding employee sentiments and fostering a positive work environment. They recognized the critical need to implement an experience management platform that could offer rich insights into employee feedback, performance, and overall job satisfaction.

The primary objective was to create a workplace where every team member felt heard, valued, and motivated, thereby driving continuous improvement and engagement across the organization.


WePlay Studios sought to implement an efficient employee feedback and performance management system. They tried using generic forms to collect feedback, which wasn’t very user-friendly. Employees found the forms tedious, leading to low participation rates and incomplete feedback.

Moreover, the manual process of analyzing the data was time-consuming and often lacked depth, making it difficult for managers to derive actionable insights. Additionally, preparing and sharing performance reviews required significant effort, slowing down the process of promptly addressing employee needs.

WePlay Studios needed a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that could streamline their processes and provide meaningful analytics.


WePlay Studios discovered SurveySparrow, which transformed their approach to employee experience management. To monitor performance scores and gauge employee satisfaction, they utilized eNPS surveys and 360-degree assessments.

The platform’s user-friendly interface made it easy for employees to participate in engagement surveys, significantly boosting response rates. Visually engaging and rich reports facilitated easy sharing with top management, saving them valuable time and empowering their decision-making.

The platform’s ability to handle both performance reviews and various types of employee surveys offered WePlay Studios a unified solution that streamlined their feedback processes and improved overall employee experience.


Response Management

Higher participation rate

Response rate

Increased employee engagement

Business Intelligence

Clear insights into performance gaps

The adoption of SurveySparrow led to remarkable improvements at WePlay Studios. Participation in surveys increased due to the platform’s engaging and user-friendly design. The detailed reports provided valuable insights into employee sentiments and performance, enabling better strategic decisions.

WePlay Studios was able to cut down the time spent on preparing and sharing reports, allowing HR and management to focus on more critical initiatives. Overall, the regular and transparent feedback processes fostered a culture of trust and continuous improvement, boosting employee morale and engagement across the board.


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