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Emvigo Technologies is a global technology development company founded in 2012. They focus on helping businesses innovate and grow through tech solutions. Their commitment to fostering a positive work environment is evidenced by their Great Place to Work certification in 2024. They’ve been recognized for their excellence, achieving finalist status in the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards and receiving the TechBehemoth 2022 Award.

How we hit the mark

  • Diverse question types
  • In-depth 360-degree reports
  • Anonymous feedback collection
  • Ready-to-use assessment templates
"The switch from manual appraisal methods to SurveySparrow has been a game-changer. The variety of survey formats offered is a huge advantage and the reporting is fantastic. Exceptional customer support with steady patience and guidance throughout the process helped us get the most out of the platform. I would 100% recommend SurveySparrow to any company”

Keerthi Nair

HR Manager, Emvigo Technologies


Emvigo Technologies is known for prioritizing employee well-being and engagement. They recognized the need for a more efficient and scalable way to enhance the employee experience. The goal was to streamline feedback collection, gain deeper insights into employee sentiment, and foster a culture of open communication.


As the company expanded, Emvigo Technologies faced the challenge of individually collecting and analyzing feedback from a growing number of employees. The manual approach was both time-consuming and limited in scope. This prompted the search for a solution that could simplify survey creation and distribution.

Their previous tool restricted them from generating comprehensive reports with actionable insights. So they sought a versatile platform that could offer diverse survey formats to capture various employee perspectives and ensure anonymity to foster honest participation.


Emvigo Technologies embarked on a quest to find a user-friendly and feature-rich experience management platform. After evaluating several options, they discovered SurveySparrow, a platform that resonated with their needs.

Emvigo Technologies’ commitment to a fair and unbiased work environment extends to their employee appraisal process. ​​By incorporating SurveySparrow’s 360-degree assessments into their bi-annual appraisal process, Emvigo Technologies strived towards a more data-driven evaluation system.

What truly impressed Emvigo Technologies was SurveySparrow’s robust reporting function. The HR team could now easily analyze trends, identify areas of concern, and measure the impact of company initiatives.


Response Management

Enhanced employee engagement and well-being

Business Intelligence

Significant time-saving and improvement

Reminder gaps & manual overload

More streamlined and effective appraisal process

Emvigo Technologies has significantly found improvement in their employee feedback process since implementing SurveySparrow. The diverse survey formats, particularly the 360-degree assessments, have provided a holistic view of employee sentiment and team dynamics.

This multi-dimensional feedback loop has fostered a culture of continuous learning and growth at Emvigo Technologies. Employees now feel empowered to identify their individual development goals and actively seek feedback from colleagues. This has led to a more positive and collaborative work environment, further strengthening employee engagement and satisfaction.


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