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Nestled in the heart of Marksville, Paragon Casino stands as a beacon of entertainment and hospitality excellence. With a top ranking on Tripadvisor and a stellar reputation for service, Paragon Casino Resort has solidified its position as an industry vanguard.

How we hit the mark

  • Easy to create customized surveys for diverse target audiences
  • User-friendly dashboards and reports for easy interpretations
  • Real-time TV dashboard for monitoring response
"Leveraging SurveySparrow's intuitive platform has dramatically transformed our feedback collection process. It has allowed us to navigate through customer insights with precision, ensuring that no voice goes unheard and every action we take is informed and impactful."

Lonnie R Bridges Sr

Director of Training & Customer Experience, Paragon Casino


In its continuous pursuit of excellence, Paragon aimed to elevate guest experiences and enhance operational decision-making. The goal was clear: to innovate their feedback collection methods, transitioning from traditional, cumbersome techniques to a streamlined, efficient, and real-time feedback system.


Paragon’s previous feedback collection methods were slow and inefficient making it difficult to swiftly address to guest and employee needs. Moreover, the dependency was costly and complicated the feedback analysis process.


SurveySparrow provided Paragon Casino Resort with a tailored solution that fundamentally revolutionized their feedback collection approach. By integrating customizable, conversational surveys, the platform enabled Paragon to directly engage with diverse guest segments through personalized questions. This approach not only improved the depth and quality of insights gathered but also significantly enhanced response rates

The adoption of real-time analytics was pivotal, allowing for the immediate collection and analysis of feedback. This capability ensured that Paragon could make quick operational adjustments in response to guest opinion, leading to a more agile and responsive operational framework.

Further enhancing the utility of SurveySparrow’s solution was the introduction of simplified reporting mechanisms. These easy-to-use dashboards and automated report-generation tools facilitated efficient cross-team sharing and collaboration, making data accessible and actionable across the organization.

Additionally, the Live TV Dashboard emerged as a key tool in Paragon’s strategy, offering a dynamic way to track responses in real-time. This not only encouraged a culture of swift action based on direct feedback but also underscored continuous improvement as a core operational ethos.

Together, these elements coalesced into a powerful feedback management system that drove substantial improvements in both guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Business Intelligence

70% reduction in feedback analysis time

Omnichannel share

Real-time feedback collection for immediate insights

Response rate

Notable uplift in guest satisfaction scores

Adopting SurveySparrow marked a significant milestone in Paragon’s quest for operational and service excellence. Notably, SurveySparrow’s solution cut down feedback analysis timeframes by an astonishing 70%, streamlining operations and amplifying the resort’s responsiveness to guest preferences and concerns. This pivotal shift not only optimized resource allocation but also bolstered Paragon’s commitment to excellence in customer and employee experience management.


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