About Gulf Cryo

Gulf Cryo specializes in manufacturing and distributing industrial, medical, and specialty gases, serving a wide array of industries across 10 countries in the Middle East and Turkey. As the regional leader in this sector, Gulf Cryo has been operational for over 70 years, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. The company is renowned for their commitment to quality and innovation in the gas market.

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"SurveySparrow's customer support has been exceptional. They were always available to answer our questions and guide us through the entire process. The platform's flexibility and ease of use have been instrumental in creating a valuable 360 experience for our leadership team.”

Dina Roshdy

Group Head of HR, Gulf Cryo


Gulf Cryo aimed to enhance their leadership team’s development and performance through a more structured and personalized evaluation system. The primary goal was to implement a competency-based framework that could accurately assess leadership qualities and provide actionable insights for improvement.


Before adopting SurveySparrow, Gulf Cryo’s 360-degree feedback process was complex and time-consuming. It was generic, focusing on standard metrics like leadership skills, communication, and emotional intelligence without tailoring to specific organizational needs.

Additionally, performance evaluations were managed via Excel sheets, which required significant manual effort from HR partners, resulting in inefficiencies and potential inaccuracies.


Gulf Cryo implemented SurveySparrow to upgrade their 360-degree feedback process, initially focusing on their leadership team. They developed a new competency framework tailored to their specific needs. SurveySparrow made it easy for them to create personalized 360-assessments which aligned with the new framework. This allowed for more precise identification of each leader’s strengths and areas for improvement.

SurveySparrow’s survey design flexibility proved invaluable for Gulf Cryo. It allowed them to customize questions, scales, and scoring methods, ensuring meaningful and actionable insights.

Additionally, the enhanced reporting and control features streamlined the 360-degree feedback process. This way the HR team could manage the timeline, reminders, and visibility of results accurately.



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The adoption of SurveySparrow led to significant improvements for Gulf Cryo. Leaders gained enhanced self-awareness through insights into their hidden strengths and blind spots, understanding better how they are perceived versus their self-assessment.

The transition from manual Excel-based evaluations to automated assessments saved substantial time and effort, increasing efficiency. Including personal development plans within the assessment framework ensured leaders received tailored guidance for improvement.

SurveySparrow proved to be a cost-effective solution, reducing administrative costs while providing better value for the organization. The flexibility in designing the assessments and the robust support from the customer success team contributed to a highly positive overall experience.

Gulf Cryo successfully transformed their 360-degree feedback process, aligning it more closely with organizational goals and enhancing leadership development, with plans to continue and expand this approach further.


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