About Furlenco

Furlenco, India’s premier furniture rental platform, has set the standard in the home and furniture industry since 2012. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Furlenco offers more than furniture rentals — it provides comprehensive home solutions to meet a wide range of customer needs.

How we hit the mark

  • AI-driven survey creation for targeted feedback collection
  • Real-time dashboard monitoring for instant insights
  • Enhanced Engagement and response rates through customized surveys
  • Effective survey distribution control with throttling
“SurveySparrow's comprehensive platform has revolutionized our approach to connecting with customers. The platform’s detailed analytics and customizable survey options have empowered us to deeply understand our customers and significantly enhance our offerings.”

Akil KJ Bhat

Product Manager, Furlenco


Furlenco aimed to deepen its customer engagement and gain comprehensive insights into their needs. The company sought to move beyond traditional NPS surveys by integrating a variety of feedback mechanisms, including CSAT, and CES tools. By incorporating these broader metrics, Furlenco aspired to garner a holistic view of customer preferences and experiences.


Furlenco’s primary challenge was an over-reliance on NPS surveys, limiting the scope and depth of customer feedback. This approach did not manage to fully capture the nuanced preferences and satisfaction levels of Furlenco’s diverse customer base. Additionally, the absence of advanced survey features limited effective customer engagement and feedback analysis.


With SurveySparrow, Furlenco was equipped with advanced survey capabilities to optimize feedback collection and analysis. By introducing survey throttling, they were able to mitigate response fatigue and ensure the collection of accurate feedback, enhancing the overall quality of insights. The adoption of chat-based surveys, designed for conversational engagement, significantly improved customer response rates by making the process more interactive and user-friendly. Additionally, the implementation of single-page surveys simplified the completion process, thereby encouraging increased participation from customers.

To support data-driven decision-making, a real-time TV dashboard was facilitated for efficient data sharing across teams, facilitating swift actions based on real-time insights. SurveySparrow also eased the survey creation process with AI-generated surveys, allowing for quick and targeted feedback collection. Lastly, the issue of data security was addressed by ensuring the confidentiality of customer feedback through robust password protection, safeguarding the integrity of the feedback process.


Data analytics

Significant increase in survey adoption rates

Reputation Management

Enhanced accuracy of Customer Feedback

Response rate

Improved Customer Engagement

Adopting SurveySparrow’s platform led to a significant increase in the engagement metrics of Furlenco. The company observed a remarkable uptick in survey adoption rates, reflecting not only greater participation but also enhanced quality of insights gained.

SurveySparrow enabled Furlenco to efficiently gather feedback across multiple touchpoints, offering a comprehensive view of customer satisfaction and highlighting areas for improvement. This approach has significantly improved Furlenco’s customer service, leading to faster and more accurate issue resolution, thereby boosting customer trust and loyalty.


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