About Marshalls

Marshalls is one of the UK’s leading hard landscaping, building, and roofing products suppliers. Marshalls has supplied some of the most prestigious landmarks in the UK since the 1890s. Marshalls is acknowledged as a frontrunner in the industry for their commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainable business practices.

How we hit the mark

  • NPS surveys
  • CSAT surveys
  • SMS and Email share
  • Power BI integration
  • Proactive customer support
“I can now comfortably go back to my stakeholders and say that we’ve got hundreds of responses this month and what we need to focus on. It’s fabulous, fresh, and relevant.”

Jon Horrie

Group Customer Experience Manager


Marshalls wanted to deliver high-quality customer experience across their businesses. Going beyond collecting annual customer feedback, Marshalls aimed to improve their customers’ experiences at different touch points with their business. From generating a quote to delivering the goods, they looked for opportunities to understand their customers better. With a holistic view of customer feedback, Marshalls intended to gather insights and formulate strategies to enhance customer experience.


Previously, Marshalls were dependent on an agency to collect customer feedback. The agency would make phone calls and gather annual customer feedback. It was a one-off event which made it challenging to connect with the customers. With an average duration of approximately 20 minutes per interaction, feedback collection process was identified to be cumbersome. The overall completion of the process for all customers spanned nearly two months.

In their pursuit, Marshalls managed to accumulate a mere 700 responses. However, the data collected proved to be difficult to interpret, lacking accuracy and depth. Ultimately, the return on investment (ROI) did not align with the significant expenditure of time and resources dedicated to the endeavor.


After testing multiple products, SurveySparrow stood out as the platform that met Marshalls’ specific needs, providing the ideal solution for enhancing customer engagement and understanding. Marshalls were impressed by SurveySparrow’s comprehensive customer experience module and the flexibility to share surveys across various channels. The platform’s cost-effectiveness was the icing on the cake.

After identifying key touchpoints in their customer’s journey, engaging feedback surveys(CSAT, NPS, NetEase) were deployed. The tailored outreach ensured Marshalls connected with their customers effortlessly while making the feedback experience even more valuable and convenient. This enabled Marshalls to double down on feedback analytics by easily integrating the responses with Power BI.


Increase in responses

Over 700% increase in annual responses

Quick response

Feedback collection in less than 2 minutes

Improved ratings

More than 18% increase in annual CSAT score

Marshalls saw a whopping 700% increase in their annual customer feedback responses. For business quotes generated and orders placed, email surveys were triggered to collect customer feedback. The corresponding delivery experiences were captured through feedback surveys distributed via SMS. This proactive approach ensured timely insights to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline their services. And it took less than 2 minutes for the customers to answer relevant questions with ease!

Furthermore, Marshalls conducted sentiment analysis on responses, reaching out to customers as needed. This was made possible by the easy integration of surveys with Power BI. The streamlined process not only resolved issues promptly but also significantly improved the Turnaround Time(TAT). Addressing customer queries promptly and minimizing escalations led to an impressive 18% increase in their CSAT rating. Marshalls, dedicated to enhancing customer experience through SurveySparrow, also experienced substantial improvement in their Net Promoter Score (NPS), solidifying heightened brand loyalty.


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