SOCAR Mobility, a car-sharing platform that offers flexible and convenient car rental services in Malaysia, is a game-changer that is turning heads and wheels all over the country!

Established in January 2018, SOCAR, short for “Social Car,” aims to provide a solution to urban mobility challenges by allowing users to rent cars for short periods, typically by the hour or day, all through a mobile app! Dominating over 90% of the market share, with more than 1.9 million members, SOCAR has proven that car renting is not merely a passing trend but a practical and sustainable solution to urban mobility challenges.

How we hit the mark

  • Better understanding of customer pain points
  • 2X increase in responses
  • High-level custom dashboards
"SurveySparrow improved response rates to 2X, giving us a deeper understanding of our customers and enabling smarter decision-making; the intuitive UI/UX made survey creation a breeze."

Suhaida Sulaiman

Customer Experience, Assistant Manager


With a growing user base and expanding operations, SOCAR envisioned tapping into customer emotions through NPS surveys. The goal was to gather insightful feedback to identify areas of refinement and improve overall operational efficiency, which eventually enabled SOCAR to make informed decisions and elevate the customer experience at every point of their customer journey.


SOCAR encountered challenges when it came to effectively monitoring and improving customer satisfaction.

Thus, SOCAR searched for a solution to tackle this situation and explored various options, including well-known platforms like SurveyMonkey. However, they continued their search for a product that could offer an even more complete and easily accessible summary of customer insights, all conveniently housed in one place.


After well-grounded research, SOCAR narrowed it down to SurveySparrow as the best fit that meets all their requirements. SurveySparrow’s robust reports and dashboards proved invaluable in effectively monitoring customer experience by providing at-a-glance visibility and consolidating data from multiple surveys for in-depth analysis.

In addition to easily customizing surveys with brand colors and incorporating company logos, SurveySparrow’s platform accessibility, user-friendliness, and advanced logic capabilities made a significant impression.

With an array of integrations available, SOCAR streamlined operations and enhanced productivity by effortlessly linking various tools and systems. Additionally, the omnichannel survey distribution made it effortless to distribute the surveys and gather more responses.


More than 18% increase in annual CSAT score

15% increased response rate

Feedback collection in less than 2 minutes

Higher customer engagement

Real-time data monitoring

Real-time data monitoring

Response rates soared, with up to a 15% increase in feedback compared to their previous tools. The platform streamlined the surveying process, resulting in a 2X increase in the number of responses received.

SurveySparrow also enabled SOCAR to keep a constant tab on their customers, allowing them to promptly address any concerns. With an extensive volume of data at their disposal, SOCAR could now confidently quantify feedback and make informed decisions based on actionable insights.


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