About Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (Amul)

Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd., trading as Amul, India’s foremost FMCG organization featuring the esteemed Amul and Sagar brands, announced a significant revenue of Rs. 55,070 crores (aprox. US$ 6.61 billion) for FY 2022-23. Amul’s success extends beyond India, with a global presence in over 50 countries. This achievement is anchored in their exclusive marketing of a range of dairy products including milk, milk powder, ghee, butter, cheese, ice cream, among others.

Amul follows a distinctive cooperative model, with an impressive daily milk procurement of approximately 26 million liters from 18,600 village societies. And, over 1400 employees play a crucial role in maintaining smooth operations at GCMMF.

How we hit the mark

  • White label survey
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Customized questionnaires
  • Real-time response tracking
“Implementing SurveySparrow's comprehensive 360-degree feedback system was an effective tool to find out training needs. The detailed insights allowed us to tailor our training programs, aligning them with both individual and organizational growth objectives.”

Mr. Gaurang Dixit

Sr. Manager - Human Resource Development


Amul recognized the need to strengthen its employee training and development programs to foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth. Thus, they intended to use 360-degree surveys across different groups for all managers and those overseeing operations. The goal was to evaluate employee competencies, specifically focusing on skill and performance-based components.


Amul has been actively engaging in diverse training programs for its employees. However, they aspired to empower their employees to voice their own training and development needs. Amul sought to identify areas where employees required additional skills or competencies. This involved overseeing multiple 360-degree feedback groups, managing responses, and collaborating with external evaluators. Apart from that, ensuring active participation and improving the response rate presented a significant challenge.


SurveySparrow smoothened the process by setting up a custom role in their feedback system and effortlessly managing the diverse 360-degree feedback groups. This process was further simplified by standardizing multiple question sets for various employee segments. Furthermore, real-time response tracking empowered Amul to make immediate decisions, such as adjusting assessment deadlines and sending reminder emails.



Tailored 360-degree assessments

Feedback collection in less than 2 minutes

Custom roles & permissions

More than 700% increase in annual responses

Increased response rate

From challenges to cheers! Amul sent out the printed reports to the individuals to help them understand their strengths and areas for improvement. Moreover, Amul leveraged these invaluable insights to establish strategic alliances with esteemed institutions such as IIMs and the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), along with several other management institutes. This endeavor involved the creation of customized training programs and workshops, aimed at nurturing employee development.

One of the most liked features of SurveySparrow is personalized feedback with end-to-end report customization. It generates in-depth insights for each employee, helping build a thriving workforce.

Amul also witnessed a significant feature in the form of survey branding. Branded reports, customized for Amul, not only reflected the brand’s overall aesthetic but also emphasized the nuanced differences between participants’ self-assessments and external reviewers’ evaluations.


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