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About Europass Teacher Academy

Europass Teacher Academy, situated in the heart of Florence, specializes in offering top-tier professional development programs for educators. The academy blends traditional and modern teaching techniques, catering to a diverse, international audience.

How we hit the mark

  • Secure and unlimited data storage
  • Omnichannel survey distribution
  • Comprehensive and customizable surveys
  • Real-Time Analytics and Reporting
"SurveySparrow has revolutionized our feedback collection process. The clarity and organization of data have enabled us to make strategic decisions that significantly impact our course quality and employee development."

Andrea Merlo

Marketing and Development Director


The primary objective of Europass Teacher Academy was to capture detailed employee feedback to foster a culture of continuous development and job satisfaction. In addition to internal surveys, their major aim was to understand client experiences to enhance course offerings and overall satisfaction. This dual focus required a sophisticated, versatile tool capable of handling diverse feedback types efficiently.


Previously, the academy encountered difficulties with organizing and extracting useful insights from the feedback data. The prior tool needed a clearer overview and lacked in-depth customization options. This led to difficulties in understanding employee performance and gauging the client experience effectively.


This was the point at which Europass identified SurveySparrow as the ideal platform, due to its versatility in handling both employee and customer experience management.

The super personalized conversational surveys helped Europass almost read their employees’ minds. Unlike boring surveys, this wasn’t just about ticking boxes; it was about really listening to their team, celebrating the wins, and catching those little things that could be better. The executive dashboard’s comprehensive view made it all a breeze, providing an in-depth analysis.

Now, let’s talk customers. Post course completion, Europass didn’t just wave goodbye to their clients; they got into their heads! With SurveySparrow, they sent out these friendly, easy-to-answer surveys.

The surveys were designed to understand customer satisfaction and find the areas needing enhancement. The automated report generation feature of SurveySparrow saved significant time, providing a quick synthesis of customer feedback that could be directly used for refining courses and tailoring marketing strategies.


Business Intelligence

Data-driven decision making

Response Management

Enhanced employee engagement

Response rate

Increased client satisfaction

The implementation of SurveySparrow at Europass Teacher Academy led to transformative outcomes, resulting in a more organized and insightful feedback process. This enhancement enabled the Academy to effectively address the needs of both employees and clients. The insights gained from the data collected through SurveySparrow empowered Europass to make strategic decisions, improve course quality, and elevate overall satisfaction levels. Additionally, the platform’s capacity for secure, unlimited data storage effectively mitigated the risks of data loss that had been a concern previously.

Building on this success, Europass extended the use of SurveySparrow to the Europass Italian Language School. Renowned as the largest online Italian language school, it also offers courses for foreigners in Florence. The goal was to replicate the significant benefits realized at the Teacher Academy, with a particular focus on capturing detailed feedback from a broader and more diverse audience of language learners.


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