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SurveyMonkey vs SurveyGizmo: Detailed Comparison

Mathew Maniyamkott

19 June 2023

9 min read

Getting to hear directly from your customer about what they think about your product and every other aspect associated with your business was a privilege to businesses earlier. You will receive a treasure trove of information that can completely alter your business if you work on the feedback. We are living in a time where collecting customer feedback is extremely easy. For which we use online survey tools and software. So we decided to do a SurveyMonkey vs SurveyGizmo comparison for you to decide which online survey software to look out for this year. 

Previously, survey taking meant truckloads of time, resources and money spent in completing the entire exercise. Thankfully, there are online survey tools that take care of the entire process, right from survey designing, distribution, data collection, analysis and preparation of reports. Before the advent of online survey tools, businesses had to invest a lot of money in it. With customers becoming more aggressive with their demands and expectations, you have to provide them with the best experience possible if you want to keep them as clients. It wouldn’t take a lot for them to choose a competitor as they have endless options too. 

Without further ado, lets dive deep into the SurveyMonkey vs SurveyGizmo(currently Alchemer) comparison. 


It is one of the oldest survey tools in the market. With more than 60 million users worldwide, it is without a doubt one of the biggest players. Started in 1999, SurveyMonkey’s tool provides different types of templates, a suite of back-end programs and a stellar experience for its customers. SurveyMonkey’s website says that more than 20 million questions are answered every day by people using their software. 


Started in 2006, SurveyGizmo gives its customers the ability to complete complex tasks with a feature-rich interface design and with relative ease. Using SurveyGizmo , businesses can make informed decisions thanks to the customer feedback that it helps you get with relative ease. According to their website-”SurveyGizmo takes the voice of the customer out of dashboards and puts it into the hands of your people.” Thanks to the flexibility and security it offers, it helps businesses with the end-to-end process of survey creation. 

From finding the voice of the customer, product feedback, employee feedback, customer feedback, market research, marketing, etc., you can find something for everybody. It can be used not only for small and medium businesses but also for enterprises who are looking for a strong infrastructure and functionality. Enterprises are also careful about its data security since it can have a huge bearing on their reputation if it loses its data or someone misuses it. 

SurveyMonkey vs SurveyGizmo: Features

The first thing that a website visitor who is looking for an online survey tool will search for is the features that the tool provides. When they go to this page on the website, all they are looking for is whether everything that they want in terms of capabilities can be provided with the features available with the online survey tool. 

Will it be able to handle complex surveys? Is it easy to create surveys from scratch?

What kind of dashboard do they have? Will the dashboard be presented in an easy-to-understand manner? Is the entire experience from ideation to report collection a smooth one? All of these things are taken into consideration when they are scouting for an online survey tool and that’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this SurveyMonkey vs SurveyGizmo comparison. 


Reporting feature:

After the survey is completed by the respondents, SurveyMonkey presents this information to you in an attractive dashboard. They create charts, pies, graphs, and other visual representations for the business to get insights from. You can use advanced filters to find out insights based on a variety of variables. SurveyMonkey’s dashboard even allows you to download the reports as a PDF for later viewing. 

Embed NPS questions:

Net Promoter Score is one of the biggest predictors of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. You can embed NPS questions into the surveys that you send to your customers at regular intervals. By knowing what your customers think about you during crucial touchpoints, you will be able to know your customer deeply, figure out if they are having a great experience with you. If not, then you can take steps to provide a great experience to them. 

Close the feedback loop:

If you take the effort of compiling a survey, sending it to customers using an online survey tool and getting the feedback, but if you let the results rot in one corner, then what is the use of the survey in the first place. The ideal objective of a survey apart from collecting feedback should be to close the feedback loop. It means that you work on each of the feedback proposed by the customers. By doing so, you can increase customer loyalty as well as grow your business exponentially. 


With more than 240+ templates to its name, creating surveys using SurveyMonkey is easy. The templates are available for different use cases and industries. So no matter which sector you are from, there will be a template for your business. 

Create workflows:

With the help of SurveyMonkey, you can create a variety of workflows so you can route the questions to the right person and get the best results from them instead of showing them questions that don’t relate to what they want. 

Secure sharing of surveys:

Not everyone needs to be given access to the survey; only the ones who are given access to it will be able to enjoy the contents in the file. This is really important because most companies do not want all their internal data shared with everyone. Sometimes, employees in the lower rung might not be required to go through this file either. In such cases, it is imperative that you allow access to the necessary ones. 

Kiosk Mode:

If yours is a business that is regular at trade shows, then you need to show your expertise and products with the help of a digital handheld device. Taking the surveys of visitors is also an important aspect of attending trade shows, as most of them are prospective customers. SurveyMonkey offers a Kiosk Mode where the survey will be in a full-screen mode where users get the same experience as that of a tablet. 

Market Research Solutions:

SurveyMonkey, true to being one of the stalwarts in the market, comes up with innovative use cases with respect to online surveys. It has a product concept analysis concept which lets businesses run different product designs to arrive at one that is the most optimum. 


Rich intuitive interface:

The interface that it offers is unparalleled, and it is pretty easy to create surveys from it. It has a plethora of options available using which you can create surveys that will persuade the respondent into completing it. 

Easy-to-integrate API architecture:

SurveyGizmo offers native integration with BI, ERP, Marketing, CRM and many other marketing tools like MS Dynamics, MS Power BI, Tableau, Google Analytics, and so on. Stripe, Webhook, Slack, and Google Sheets are some of the other seamless integrations that are possible. Since it is built on an architecture that makes it easy to integrate, it allows users to extend its data-gathering capabilities to any enterprise software. 

Optimizes sales process:

It helps sales teams increase win rates by keeping customers engaged throughout the process. You can send pre-designed surveys which salespeople can use to capture real-time information. Using this, sales people will also be able to identify opportunities from the information that has been mentioned on the pre-designed surveys.

Process for reopening offices:

There are a lot of businesses that are expecting to hopefully continue operations from the main office. SurveyGizmo has a solution for businesses like this; it has built-in assessment forms and reports that will make the process of coming back to office an extremely smooth affair. With its Return To Work solution, businesses can enforce a daily return to work assessments and request workflow for anyone. 

Customize your survey content:

Using SurveyGizmo , you can customize every bit of text in your survey, starting from the error messages, final page text, field text, and so on. Everything is under the control of the business that wants to get customer feedback with the help of surveys. 

Survey branding:

SurveyGizmo allows for a lot of opportunities to brand your business. You can change the following: use a bunch of pre-built templates, customize the template colors, edit survey width, allow respondents to move back during the survey, customize language, white-label the survey, add your brand name to the survey link, and so on. 

Vast Library:

SurveyGizmo has a library of common questions, responses, surveys, themes, in addition to a library of images and other necessary tools that make survey creation an extremely simple affair. 

Conditional Logic:

Show only the questions that are required for a customer; there is no need for everyone to consume all the questions, even the ones that are not relevant to them. By using the conditional logic feature, you can let customers skip questions based on their previous answers. 


Working with a bunch of talented survey creators at the same time? Don’t worry, you can add comments, make changes, etc., in real-time itself. 

SurveyMonkey vs SurveyGizmo: Integrations

With the right integration capabilities with 3rd party tools, online survey tools can act as a super machine. By allowing for software integration with some of the most popular tools, you will be able to get the most out of the surveys. No matter how much data you have, if it is not aligned properly, then it doesn’t contribute much. 

With the help of 3rd party integrations, the online survey tool and business leaders will be able to make sense of the data. Integration of data allows for a seamless flow, reduces errors, increases efficiency, provides clarity, and so on. Let us look at the integration capabilities offered in this SurveyMonkey and SurveyGizmo comparison . 


The tool has a bunch of integration capabilities which makes it one of the most attractive ones in the market. Integration capabilities are available from email, events, marketing, productivity, digital gifts, education, CRM, analytics and reporting, social, customer support, Office 365 and G Suite. 

We are listing some of the apps that can be integrated for different functions.

  • CRM integrations– Akita, Bpmonline Connector, Gainsight, Salesforce, HubSpot, Affinity Canvas, etc. 
  • Productivity– Cisco Webex teams, Constructive, Freshservice,,, flow, etc. 
  • Marketing functions– Benchmarkemail, CleverReach, HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and more. 
  • Customer support functions– Jitbit HelpDesk, C-Connect, the entire suite of Freshdesk’s products, and more. 

SurveyGizmo :

Using the integrations offered by SurveyGizmo , you can create new workflows and processes that will create stellar results for your business. Some of the integrations that it offers are: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, HubSpot, MailChimp and more. 

Here are the integrations applicable based on the plans that you have purchased with SurveyGizmo :

Here is what is included in Collaborator:

It allows for social media publishing where you can integrate with Facebook and Twitter. You can make payments using Stripe if you plan to include a payment link along with the survey. 

Here is what is included in Professional:

Google Sheets, API Access, Login/Password Action, Review Action, Quiz Score Action, Webhooks, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, MailChimp integration, Slack Integration. 

Here is what is included in Full Access:

  • R Scripts– R is a programming language for statistical computing and graphics. 
  • SPSS Export– Perform in-depth statistical analysis by exporting your survey data to SPSS.
  • Custom Question API– Using this framework, you can build your own survey question from scratch.
  • Custom Scripting- The tool provides a library of scripting functions for you to interact with a survey programmatically. 

Here is what is included in Enterprise Integrations:

Website Intercept, LMS/LRS integration, SSO Users, SSO Respondents, Salesforce Sales Cloud, HubSpot Integration, MS Dynamics, Custom Email Settings, Power BI and Tableau Data Connector Integration. 

SurveyMonkey vs SurveyGizmo: Pricing

When it comes to SaaS-based tools, convenience and functionality are two of the most important expectations. Price is certainly not the most important consideration when looking for a SaaS tool that improves any part of your business’ function. But pricing is still a decision making factor for small and medium-sized businesses who might not be able to afford top-tier rates. Without further ado, lets take a look at how these tools are priced in this SurveyMonkey vs SurveyGizmo comparison. 


There are three plans for its users: Basic, Team Advantage and Team Premier (Team stands for team plans, individual plans are also available). 

The Basic plan is free, and it will not offer anything more than 1,000 responses per month.

 The Team Advantage plan costs $28/user/month. The Team Premier plan will cost you $75/user/month. If you are looking for more powerful features with robust collaboration tools and highly-insightful resources, then you can get in touch with your custom requirements to the SurveyMonkey team. 

SurveyGizmo :

They have three different types of plans based on the needs of the customers. Please do keep in mind that the following rates are only for small and medium businesses. For enterprises, there are custom-made solutions for which you need to get in touch with the SurveyGizmo team directly. 

Collaborator- For businesses that are only looking for simple polls and surveys, this will be the ideal option. They will only be charged $49 monthly. 

Professional- If you are looking for powerful data collection and reporting, then this plan works perfectly for you. The monthly rates are $149 while it will be $1020 if you are making a single payment for the year. 

Full Access- Businesses that want a comprehensive all-in-one plan should go for this one. It costs $249 per month, or they can pay the annual charge of $1800. 

If you want a free trial of any of these plans, that is possible too. 

Wrapping it up.. 

We hope this SurveyMonkey vs SurveyGizmo comparison was worth your read. If there is one thing that we keep telling repeatedly, it is the fact that there is no ‘best online survey tool’ in the market. It might be good as a keyword to capture the attention of users who search using those keywords. But if you, a business, is looking for the perfect online survey tool, your search will end up being a futile one. You need to find out the tool that works perfectly with your business. It doesn’t require all the flashy features as long as it gives you everything that you absolutely want. 

Once you are able to figure out the difference between finding the perfect one and what’s best for your business, your search will become easier. The two online survey tools that we have discussed have their own advantages and disadvantages. Look at each of them objectively and figure out if what they offer is in line with your expectations of the online survey tool for your business. 

We are taking this opportunity to introduce our online survey toolSurveySparrow. SurveySparrow is great at creating conversational surveys. It has a myriad of attractive features, starting from enterprise-grade data security, anonymous surveys, white labelled surveys, skip logic, advanced branching, etc. It also has automation capabilities, allows you to create your own workflows, API access, Webhooks, text analysis, sentiment analysis, and whatnot. 

If you are still looking for an online survey tool, do get in touch with the SurveySparrow team who will be more than happy to assist with your needs. SurveySparrow also offers a Forever Free plan with limited features, as well a free trial for users to test out the product. Sign up below to try it out. 

Mathew Maniyamkott

Guest Blogger at SurveySparrow

Regular contributor to various magazines. Passionate about entrepreneurship, startups, marketing, and productivity.

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