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White-Label Surveys: Why it is Important and How to Do It

Kate Williams

24 May 2024

8 min read

With rapid innovation in workplace software, everything we do at work is managed by external tools. We use Slack for work chats, Gmail for emails, and now Zoom for meetings. There has never been a better time to develop software that helps people work. But there is a problem. That is when white-label surveys come into the picture and bring authenticity.

With an increase in external tools, company identity no longer shows up actively in their employees’ workflow. There are no mugs with the company logo design or offices with the color scheme of your brand. Companies now need to plug in their identity whenever they can. That’s what white-label surveys are for. 

Thanks to the need for increased communication, online survey tools have become a necessity for large organizations. Ranging from customer feedback tools to 360-degree employee assessment tools, online surveys are everywhere. Online surveys, though, are a drastically underutilized marketing opportunity.

White-label marketing is a great option for online survey tools like SurveySparrow. Using these solutions, you can do a regular survey into a powerful branding opportunity. 

What is White Labeling?

Before we get to how white-labeling solutions can help your brand, we need to understand what this marketing is. Simply put, white labeling is when a company takes a product developed by someone else and rebrands it as its own. 

As an example, take the cereal you buy at your grocery store. Often, the grocery store will have its branding on a cereal which is cheaper than the rest. This doesn’t mean they developed the cereal themselves. They simply white-labeled the cereal made by another company. 

Another example of white-label marketing is AmazonBasics. Amazon does not manufacture the products it sells under Amazon Basics. It simply rebrands products made by other companies and sells them under its brand. 

For brands like Amazon and Walmart, white labeling becomes the perfect solution. They don’t have to go through the difficulties of making a product. At the same time, they get to leverage the value of their brand, and the seller gets more customers for their product. It’s a win-win. Here’s a minimal white-labeled survey created with SurveySparrow. Click on Use this Template button to try it out for FREE!

Doctor Feedback Survey

What are White Label Surveys?

White labeling helps you expand your brand presence by plugging your brand into a pre-existing product. These surveys are just surveys powered by an online survey tool like SurveySparrow that has your company’s branding on them. 

By default, online survey tools can feel standardized, especially if you use Google Forms and the like. This is not always a bad thing. But when you need to expand your brand presence, that’s a precious opportunity. 

If you use these surveys, a cool thing happens. While filling in your survey, your customer or employee also gets more familiarized with your brand. In this way, white-labeled surveys function as powerful marketing tools too.

Reasons Why You Should White Label Your Surveys

By default, most companies just rely on the survey interface given to them by default. This is a mistake. Especially when we are all working from home, online survey software needs to feel unique. Your company needs to take every opportunity it gets to display its brand identity. That’s why you need to utilize the potential of these surveys. 

1. Adds Company’s Identity to Employee Surveys

One of the most powerful uses of online survey software is conducting employee surveys. Survey platforms like SurveySparrow make it easy to conduct 360 assessments using their survey templates. We also have strong opinions about the employee surveys every business should conduct regularly.

While employee surveys are a great idea, passing them on without company branding is not. Anyone who has circulated a survey knows how difficult it is to get people to respond. Employees are more likely to participate in your survey if they feel like it’s in-house. That’s why such surveys are the way to go. 

There is also the issue of anonymity in employee surveys. It is crucial that employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions without fear of consequences. If you send them a survey from an online survey tool, it looks like there is third-party involvement. Your chance to inspire trust is hence ruined. 

To get employees interested in your survey and express their opinions honestly, these surveys are magical. They make employees feel like everything is in-house and help inspire trust. 

It is also important to mention here that white-label surveys make employees feel like they’re part of a unified organization. While we are all working from home, digital tools are all we have. If any of those tools can be customized to reflect company identity, that’s a big opportunity. These surveys go a long way in making employees feel at home. 

2. Make Your Brand Familiar to Customers

Aside from employee surveys, online survey tools are also great for conducting customer surveys. You can use NPS surveys to find out how likely your customer is to recommend your product. You can also conduct pre-sales surveys of potential customers to better plan your pitch. 

When a customer takes your survey, that’s a great opportunity. The survey style reflects your brand’s values, whether you like it or not. A basic survey with no unique styles says that you don’t do anything new. This survey, on the other hand, reflects initiative and innovation. 

There is nothing more boring than a company sending out a Google form to their potential customers. You waste an opportunity to communicate the positive traits of your company. You also end up looking like everyone else. 

Customer surveys are free ad space. If done well, a survey can serve to communicate your brand’s message and make sure it is etched in the customer’s mind. Any good marketer knows the value of an engaged customer and free ad space. For companies looking to leave an impact, these surveys are undoubtedly a great option. 

Apart from these surveys, there are other ways to customize your survey. You can choose font styles and backgrounds that represent your company aesthetic. Use your white-labeled survey as an opportunity to communicate your brand to your customers. 

3. White Label Surveys Inspire Trust

Let’s take a situation. Your loyal customer or employee receives an email from your company. It has an online survey. But the link in the email takes you to some third-party survey tool. Now, your customer is a little suspicious about whether this survey was actually from your company. After all, there is no shortage of spammers trying to get customer data. 

For sensitive surveys, you need to use white labeling as a strategy. When a survey looks and feels like an internal exercise, both customers and employees will be more likely to trust it with their data. 

This is a point that deserves extra emphasis. Online surveys are only useful if the data they give us is reliable. The data is only reliable when responders are honest. Responders are only honest when they feel secure. 

These surveys provide your survey responders with that security. So ultimately, they give you better-quality data. So whether it’s 360 employee surveys or customer feedback surveys, adding a custom domain to your survey only helps you get more, better data. 

4. Reflects Professionalism

The reason a lot of survey tools are initially free to use is simple. When you send out your survey using their online survey tool, you’re helping them advertise their brand. So when you rely on an external source for your survey, you are paying a cost, whether it’s free or not. 

All freebies on the internet, from WordPress to Medium, come to suggest only one thing – you’re not serious enough. You are not committed enough to your business to invest in it. That’s why you’re relying on pre-made tools to get the job done. These surveys put you a step ahead. 

When you use a default survey, the impression you’re giving is that you’re not serious. That may be false, but your customer or employee will feel it anyway. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that little things like this don’t matter. You need every chance you can get to show that you’re all in. When you do that, the customer will too. 

A white-labeled survey with company branding comes across as professional. It shows that you care about your brand identity, and do not shy away from using any opportunity to display it. Reflecting on such professionalism through these surveys can only mean good things for your business. 

How To White Label Your Surveys

Till now, we’ve seen some very good reasons why you should use white label surveys. They inspire trust, promote your brand, make employees feel part of the company, and reflect professionalism. No company says no to these things. But there’s a reason companies often don’t bother to use these surveys. They think it’s hard. 

The good news is – it’s not hard. Not anymore, anyway. With online survey tools like SurveySparrow, you get the option to white-label surveys right out of the box. All you have to do is ask for it, and the option presents itself seamlessly. 

After SurveySparrow makes it so easy to customize surveys and white label them, there is no excuse not to customize your surveys. There are three main ways in which SurveySparrow offers such surveys. 

1. Using A Custom Domain 

Everybody likes it when their survey is based on their domain. It makes you feel right at home. SurveySparrow lets you set custom domains for your surveys to give them an in-home feel. 

Custom domains help the survey responders feel like they’re not just responding to a standard template. Companies can take ownership of the survey through custom domains. And with SurveySparrow, using them is as easy as a click. 

2. CSS Customization

Now this one is for users who want to be a little more advanced with their online survey tools. CSS is a programming language that tells a webpage what style elements to use – fonts, colors, positioning. 


To control the look and feel of your survey right down to the placement of text or images, you need CSS customization. And let me tell you, for white labeling surveys, there is nothing like it. It might take some time, but the results are immensely rewarding. 

Want to see amazing results? Don’t miss out on branding opportunities with your surveys. Learn how SurveySparrow’s white-label features can enhance your brand visibility. Try it today for FREE!

3. Custom Emails

Another way to white-label surveys is to send emails that match your company’s brand aesthetic. Online survey tools like SurveySparrow keep this in mind and allow you to completely customize the look and feel of your emails. 


What the email looks like may not matter to those who take the survey. But it will matter to those who are on the fence about taking it. Custom emails with your company fonts and colors help make your case stronger. 

Wrapping Up

When online survey tools have made it so easy for you to add custom domains to your surveys, there is no reason not to. As we’ve said, such surveys are useful both for customer review surveys and employee feedback surveys. It’s a little thing that is usually ignored. But when companies care enough, it shows. 

For employees, such surveys help them feel like part of an organization. For customers, filling in surveys is a great time to also communicate your brand values. With these surveys, you also help responders trust the survey and hence get more reliable data. To top it all off, with online survey tools like SurveySparrow, branding your survey is as easy as the click of a button. 

All said and done; it really won’t make a huge difference if you don’t white-label them. You can fulfill your surveying needs without it. But there are really good reasons to make the extra effort. So add a custom domain to your surveys and build your brand, all while collecting better, more reliable data. 

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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