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Top 9 Customer Analytics Tools and Platforms

Kate Williams

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23 May 2024

9 min read

Customers are what makes a business successful. So it’s only logical to invest some time to understand what the customer preferences and needs are. This is where customer analytics tools come into play.

There are different types of customer analytics tools available, but we will be starting with the list of the best tools. You can follow the link if you want to learn about the different types of analytics tools first.

So, let’s get going.

9 Best Customer Analytics Tools for You

By understanding what your customers are expecting from you and the issues faced by them, you can tailor your business for better CX. To help you with this capability, here are nine customer analytics tools.

  1. SurveySparrow – Best for customer experience analytics
  2. Google Analytics – Best for web and app analytics
  3. Mixpanel – Best for product analytics
  4. UXCam – Best for analyzing mobile app customer engagement
  5. Hotjar – Best for customer behavior analytics
  6. Kissmetrics – Best for consumer analytics (revenue insights)
  7. Talkwalker – Best for customer journey analytics
  8. Sprout Social – Best for social media analytics
  9. Appier (Woopra) – Best for customer retention analytics

Now, let’s have a look at them in detail.

1. SurveySparrow

✓ Free Version

14-Day Free Trial

G2 Rating: 4.4 (5)

If you are looking for customer analytics tools to measure, manage, and improve your CX, then consider SurveySparrow. It’s one of the leading customer experience management tools out there.

The main reason why SurveySparrow tops this list is because of its blend of survey experience and advanced data analysis. With its conversational-like interface, the tool makes sure the surveys are interactive and engaging – leading to a higher response rate. More responses mean more customer feedback.

SurveySparrow’s AI-Powered Text Analytics CogniVue

But feedback isn’t everything. Which is why SurveySparrow provides advanced text and sentiment analysis. The tool uses AI to help you understand the sentiment score, customer sentiment behind each feedback, the most discussed topics and keywords among feedback, and more. All of these are available for you in real-time.

Here’s a sneak peek into how conversational surveys are with SurveySparrow.

Customer Experience Survey Template

Key Features: CogniVue (advanced text analytics), AI surveys, Sentiment analysis, Multilingual surveys, Online reputation management, Ticket management, Omnichannel distribution

Major Integrations: HubSpot, PowerBI, Zapier, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Stripe

Pricing: The starting paid plan is Individual, and its pricing is $19 per month.

2. Google Analytics

✓ Completely Free

G2 Rating: Nil

Google Analytics or GA4 is a widely used analytics platform for identifying customer behavior on the web and app. It’s a free customer analytics tool you can use. You can learn how customers interact with your website or app – the page visits, bounce rate, click-through rate, and so on.

behavior analytics in google analytics
Source: Google Analytics

Furthermore, its behavioral flow chart lets you identify the path taken by each customer and their drop-off points. By improving these drop-off points, you can increase UX and conversion potential.

Key Features: Conversion tracking, Real-time analytics, Audience segmentation, User flow visualization

Major Integrations: Google Ads

Pricing: It’s completely free

3. Mixpanel

✓ Free Version

No Free Trial

G2 Rating: 4.6 (5)

Mixpanel is a product analytics tool for web and apps. The tool is suitable for SaaS businesses looking to track user interactions and improve product experience. Its event tracking feature can track user actions (events) on digital platforms. Thus, it offers a deeper insight into how users interact with various elements in your web or app.

Dashboard of the product analytics tool - mixpanel
Source: Mixpanel G2 profile

However, the feature that makes this a great customer analytics tool is predictive analytics. It uses AI and machine learning to analyze customer behavior data (historical data) and predict customer behavior.

Key Features: User segmentation, Funnel analysis, A/B test

Major Integrations: Google Cloud, Sprig, ChurnZero, Apptimize

Pricing: The pricing is based on events. For 10K events, they charge $28 per month.

Helpful Read: Take a look at the top product analytics tools for SaaS businesses.

4. UXCam

❌ Free Version

14-Day Free Trial

G2 Rating: 4.7 (5)

This is an analytics for understanding customer behavior on (only) mobile apps. UXCam helps you with this through screen recording and user interaction tracking. The heatmaps feature is also handy in understanding what exactly excites (or bores) the customers.

Heatmap in customer analytic tool - UXCam
Source: UXCam G2 Profile

The major benefit of the session recording is that you can watch first-hand what are the usability issues faced by customers. Not to mention the unusual customer behavior.

Key Features: Event tracking, Crash recordings, User journey tracking, Session replay

Major Integrations: Zapier, Intercom, Amplitude, Figma

Pricing: The pricing details of the tools are available upon request.

5. Hotjar

✓ Free Version

14-Day Free Trial

G2 Rating: 4.3 (5)

Hotjar is a customer analytics tool that focuses on website user behavior. Track and monitor every click, mouse movement, and scroll on a page to identify user engagement patterns. The video recordings also come in handy. You can see what users are doing on your website in real-time.

heatmap feature in website customer analytics tool - Hotjar
Source: Hotjar G2 Profile

On top of these, the tool also offers provision for feedback collection. It offers surveys and polls to collect feedback, which can be valuable in shining light on customer preferences.

Key Features: Surveys, Heatmaps, Recording, Interviews, Conversion funnels

Major Integrations: Slack, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Mixpanel

Pricing: The starting paid plan is ‘Plus, which is $32 per month when billed annually.

6. Kissmetrics

❌ Free Version

14-Day Free Trial

G2 Rating: 4.1 (5)

Kissmetrics is a consumer analytics tool that helps businesses increase revenue potential. It excels at tracking individual user behavior across multiple devices. This way, you are getting insight into user interaction with the site over time and not in a single session.

customer insights on customer analytics tool - kissmetrics
Source: Kissmetrics G2 Profile

But how can it help with increasing revenue potential? Along with the customer insights, it also allows you to calculate specific metrics like churn rate, lifetime value, and so on. Following this, it further analyzes the customer count to identify the most revenue-generating products that you can leverage to maximize success.

Key Features: Funnel analysis, A/B testing, Trigger emails, Behavioral analysis

Major Integrations: Zapier, HubSpot, Appcues, Callrail, Marketo

Pricing: For 10K events, they charge you $25.99 per month.

7. Talkwalker

❌ Free Version

No Free Trial

G2 Rating: 4.3 (5)

Talkwalker is a comprehensive customer analytics tool. its capabilities are not just within your website or app but beyond them. You can track and analyze customer behavior on social media platforms, blogs, and more.

Dashboard depicitng april fool day results on talkwalker
Source: Talkwalker G2 Profile

It also provides a customer feedback analytics feature to help you optimize customer satisfaction. All the more reason to try out this tool. It can be valuable for social media, digital marketing, and customer experience analysis.

Key Features: Image and video recognition, Audience segmentation, Reputation management

Major Integrations: Hootsuite, Tableau, Khoro, Facelift

Pricing: You can request a demo, but the pricing details are only available on request.

8. Sprout Social

❌  Free Version

30-Day Free Trial

G2 Rating: 4.3 (5)

Sprout Social is one of the best social media analytics platforms. For businesses looking to get in-depth customer insights from social media platforms, then try this analytics tool. Its CRM features are helpful in tracking customer interactions.

user segmentation in the social media analytics tool - sprout social
Source: Sprout Social G2 Profile

Its premium analytics feature aids to understand what resonates best with the customers, identify market trends, and insights to help you improve ROI potential. It also allows you to benchmark your performance with your competitors.

Key Features: Customer engagement, User analytics, Publishing, Influencer marketing

Major Integrations: Tableau, Marketo, Shopify, Dropbox, Zendesk

Pricing: Their starting plan is ‘Standard’ with a pricing of $199 per seat per month when billed annually.

9. Appier (Formerly Woopra)

✓ Free Version

14-Day Free Trial

G2 Rating: 4.4 (5)

Appier (formerly Woopra) is an end-to-end customer journey analytics tool. It offers insights about customers at each touchpoint. Therefore, you will get a better idea of where customers are dropping off and improve them to make the journey smooth sailing.

Customer journey in woopra analytics tool
Source: Appier AIRIS

What makes it unique is its retention analytics tool. It provides a report on whether your users are continuing to perform key actions. These include but are not limited to logging in, using core features, opening the app, and clicking promotion emails. This way, you can acquire a complete understanding of customer engagement to retain your best customers.

Key Features: Cohort analysis, Churn rate analysis, Behavioral segmentation

Major Integrations: Salesforce, Dropbox, Figma, Clearbit, MailChimp

Pricing: Apart from the free plan, they offer two more plans. The ‘Pro’ plan pricing is $999 per month, and the ‘Enterprise’ plan is a custom one.

What Are the Types of Customer Analytics Tools?

As you may have noticed, there are different types of customer analytics tools out there. Since the key is to understand what’s the best fit for your business, consider going through these types as well.

Different types of customer analytics tools

Type 1 – Customer Journey Analytics Tools

These are tools to track how customers are moving through the sales funnel. This includes the initial awareness (social media posts or ads) to purchase and beyond (customer support). As a result, these tools can help identify key touchpoints and opportunities for better engagement.

Example – Talkwalker, SurveySparrow, and Appier.

Type 2 – Customer Experience Analytics Tools

The focus here will primarily be on how customers perceive your brand and what their expectations are. These tools allow you to collect feedback through surveys or polls or use customer support interactions to do the analysis. You can understand areas you need to improve and the satisfaction levels of your customers.

Example – SurveySparrow.

PS – Voice of the customer analytics tools also fall under this section.

Type 3 – Customer Engagement Analytics Tools

These are mostly social media analytics and listening tools. The tools evaluate how customers interact with your brand across various platforms. The insights can include user behavior, engagement levels, and more.

Example – Sprout Social, Talkwalker.

Type 4- Product Analytics Tools

As the name indicates, these tools are specifically for customer analytics on products. From user sessions and historical data analysis to customer behavior prediction, these tools can be very handy for SaaS businesses. They are best suited for optimizing and improving product experience and performance.

Example – Mixpanel, Hotjar, and SurveySparrow.

Type 5 – Customer Lifetime Analytics Tools

These types of analytics tools assess the long-term value of customers to your business. It’s usually done by tracking user interaction over time and predicting user behavior and revenue contributions. The key metric measure by the tools will be customer lifetime value.

Example – Mixpanel.

There are some more like customer retention and loyalty analytics tool, but the above mentioned are some of the crucial ones.

5 Benefits of Customer Analytics Tools

The benefits offered by customer analytics tools are many. The following are five among them. Have a look at them.

  1. These tools can identify customer preferences and buying patterns. Therefore, it allows you to tailor your offering to enable increased sales.
  2. The insights can help you improve service and customer satisfaction, leading to better repeat business.
  3. Monitoring customer behavior and addressing customer issues practively can lower the churn rate.
  4. Analytics can spot the best marketing channels to reach out to prospects, lowering the overall customer acquisition costs.
  5. The more you know about your customers, the better you can tailor the offering. Therefore, it enables a higher level of personalization.

Now that we have understood almost everything about customer analytics tools, let’s see how you can choose one.

How Do You Choose the Right Customer Analytics Tools?

We have been in the same situation- what tool to choose? Do I go for the cost-effective one? Or should I choose the one with lots of features?

Well, the real question you should ask is – what exactly do I want to achieve with the tool?

You want a tool that best fits your needs. So, we suggest that you start from there. Define your needs and shortlist the candidates accordingly.

If your needs fall within the following list – then we highly recommend using SurveySparrow.

  • I need an engaging way to interact with my customers
  • I want to gather customer feedback from various channels
  • The tool should have a reputation for being easy to use from both ends
  • I want to know how customers perceive my brand and their sentiment
  • I will not have time to conduct very surveys, so tool that can automate this task could be better
  • I want a tool that integrate smoothly with my existing tech stack

There’s a free forever plan you use to test the tool and see if it’s the best fit for you or not.

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Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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