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17 Quiz Examples and Ideas to Inspire Your Own


3 March 2023

7 min read

Looking for some quiz examples and inspiration for your next quiz?

Businesses are putting out more content now than ever before. And most of the content they publish falls flat and does not perform. But interactive content, such as quizzes, can help you stand out in an increasingly crowded space.

Quizzes are one of the most popular types of interactive content. They are a great way to collect email addresses and personal information from your visitors. If you’re looking to increase your sales or grow your subscriber base, quizzes are the way to go!

In this article, we’ll take a look at 17 quiz examples to help you better engage your audience with interactive quizzes. Click to jump to the quiz that interests you!

1. “Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?” Quiz — BuzzFeed

buzzfeed quiz example


It’s likely you’ve answered this quiz before given its popularity. This quiz was published by BuzzFeed way back in 2013 during Game of Thrones’ height of popularity.

This quiz asks you a set of questions and then reveals the Game of Thrones character that matches your choices & characteristics the best.

BuzzFeed successfully came up with this viral quiz idea by combining people’s innate curiosity to learn more about themselves and the popularity of the TV series.

Want to create your own Buzzfeed-style quiz? You can sign up below to create one for FREE.

FYI, here are some quiz templates that you also might want to check out!

2. “What’s Your Brand’s Irresistible It Factor?” Quiz — Erika Holmes

it factor quiz example


This quiz is from Erika Holmes, a professional copywriter. It asks a set of questions and helps you figure out the celebrity personality that matches your personal brand.

It’s aimed at helping copywriters infuse more of their personality into their content and messages.

3. “What Kind of Copywriter Are You?” Quiz — CopyHackers

copyhackers quiz example


CopyHackers provides online copywriting courses and resources for content marketers and copywriters.

This quiz helps you learn what kind of copywriter you are so you can position yourself better in the market.

When you have a clear understanding of what you are good at, you can easily differentiate your services to cater to a specific market and build a profitable copywriting business.

4. “Which Therapy Dog Are You?” Quiz — Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

dog therapy quiz example


This quiz is conducted by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to help kids with their therapy. Plus, it’s one of our fav quiz examples on this list!

Since dogs come in various breeds and personalities, it can be quite difficult to figure out what kind of dog suits a kid’s personality.

With this quiz, kids can quickly find out the therapy dog that matches their own personalities.

5. “What Hat Are You Wearing?” Quiz — NetPeak Software

netpeak seo quiz example


A little unclear about the role you play as an SEO specialist?

Looking to gain more clarity on your preferred SEO techniques? This quiz is for you!

With this quiz, you’ll be able to find out what SEO tactics you typically tend to use.

6. The Buzz Quiz — icould

icould buzz quiz example


The buzz quiz from icould is a typical career quiz. This kind of quiz can help you gain a lot of attention since virtually everyone on this planet wants to have a successful career.

This quiz helps you find your strengths and what you’re passionate about so you could find yourself a job role that aligns with your strengths.

7. Digital Marketing Quiz — BrightEdge

brightedge digital marketing quiz example


Looking to figure out how good you are at digital marketing? Think you know a thing or two about digital marketing? You can take BrightEdge’s digital marketing quiz.

This knowledge quiz from BrightEdge helps you test your digital marketing skills and your overall knowledge of digital marketing.

8. “What’s Your Brain Type” Quiz — BrainMD

brainmd brain type quiz example


This quiz from BrainMD asks about 15 questions to help you figure out how your brain works.

With this quiz, you can quickly understand the kind of brain you possess and the characteristics that come with this type of brain.

Based on the type of brain you have, BrainMD will recommend products to help you enhance your brain health.

Interactive content garners 2x more engagement than normal, static content such as articles and infographics.

9. “What’s Your Skin Snapshot” Quiz — Annmarie Gianni

skin snapshot quiz example


This quiz from Annmarie Gianni, a skincare and makeup company, provides you with 10 questions to help you find out your skin type.

It also gives you a score based on the health of your skin and product recommendations to improve your skin condition.

10. “You’ve Been Framed” Quiz — Zenni Optical

zenni optical quiz example


Zenni Optical published this quiz in 2015 to improve traffic and brand awareness.

This quiz asks questions about people’s personal preferences and lifestyles. Based on their answers, Zenni Optical recommends eyewear that fits their lifestyle.

This quiz has helped Zenni Optical generate over $1 million in revenue and 29,000 lead conversions in just 6 months!

11. “What’s Your Beauty Sleep Score?” Quiz — Solluna

solluna quiz example


Do you know how well you sleep? Looking to understand the factors that affect sleep quality?

Solluna’s sleep score quiz helps you with that!

The quiz asks you questions about your current sleep habits and environment and then gives you tips on how to get a better night’s sleep.

12. “Do You Offer a Great Business Experience” Quiz — Genbook

genbook quiz example


Genbook’s quiz helps a spa or salon business owner learn how good an experience they offer their customers.

This quiz helps you assess how happy your customers are with the experience you currently provide them.

It asks questions about your business’ online presence, how clients can book your services, whether you greet your clients, etc.

13. Sustainability Quiz — Red Bull

red bull sustainability quiz


Red Bull is committed to sustainability. Their manufacturing process uses 80% of renewable energy and they place a great deal of emphasis on dealing appropriately with their packaging.

But did you know that? This quiz helps spread awareness on its commitment to sustainability.

14. How Much Do You Know About Tudor Queen Elizabeth I — History Extra

history quiz example


Know anything about Tudor Queen Elizabeth I? Ever heard of her? 😀

Looking to learn more about her or history in general?

This quiz helps people test their knowledge on this topic.

15. “Want More SEO Traffic?” Quiz — Neil Patel Digital

neil patel seo quiz example


Need more website traffic? Who doesn’t? And yes, Neil has published a quiz on his website to help you with that.

This quiz asks 9 questions and gives you a personalized, step-by-step action plan to increase your organic traffic.

It’s a little different from most quizzes in that it also asks for your website’s URL and analyzes your website for any errors and opportunities.

16. “What’s Your Makeup Brand Spirit Animal?” Quiz — Birchbox

birchbox quiz example


Aw man, I guess you’ve seen enough quizzes that lead to product recommendations! 🙂

It’s no secret that Birchbox has got plenty of quizzes to engage with its website visitors.

This one seeks to know about you and your preferences, and then recommends a cosmetic brand that suits you the best.

17. “How Fast Can You Lose A Kg?” Quiz — DoFasting

How Fast Can You Lose A Kg? Quiz - DoFasting

This quiz from Dofasting consists of 13 questions that estimates the amount of time it will take you to lose a Kilogram of weight.

The final analysis comes with a weight-loss routine plan which you can follow to achieve a desired, healthy result.

Final Thoughts

Time for you to create your own quiz now that you’ve gotten to see a ton of quiz examples from some of the best brands out there!

We hope the quiz examples listed in this article helped you come up with your own quiz idea.

Been searching for an online tool to create quizzes? Check out our article that lists the 9 best online quiz makers in 2021.

Got any questions on coming up with your own quiz ideas? Did you come up with a quiz idea that went viral? Did we miss out on any excellent quiz examples? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

Looking to conduct interactive, conversational quizzes that your audience will love answering? Feel free to check out our online quiz maker.


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