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What is an Online Quiz Maker?

Online quiz maker is a software that helps you create an online quiz, share it via multiple channels, score your respondents, and then track the results. You can share it online or print it out to conduct it offline. The quiz can be as simple as a classroom test or elaborate as a corporate training & assessment program. Be it either, and a free online quiz maker helps you get started quickly. Advanced design & themes help to enrich your quiz aesthetics while features like adding GIFs, emojis, videos, makes it highly engaging.

Create an interactive quiz with video surveys, conversational form, or chat surveys

SurveySparrow’s online quiz maker helps you create engaging quizzes by using video surveys, conversational form, or chat surveys. With video surveys, you can embed a video file as the background for your quiz. Conversational forms help you build a quiz with a variety of question types, like multiple-choice, and poses one question at a time. If you’d like to have a real messaging experience for your quiz, you can always opt for SurveySparrow’s chat surveys. Here’s a Halloween trivia quiz we’ve created for you using video surveys.

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Add questions, score questions, and create your quiz


Print your quiz or share it online via different channels


Track your quiz real-time and understand respondent behavior


With the auto-scoring feature, evaluate respondents easily

SurveySparrow as your Online Quiz Maker

Are you looking out to create quizzes as a part of your corporate training program? Or, to quiz your students for this semester? Or, just to challenge your friends? Be it any or all, here are some of the features SurveySparrow has to offer you as the best quiz maker.

Create an interactive quiz

SurveySparrow comes with chat surveys, conversational forms, and video surveys to help you create visually captivating and engaging quizzes. With features like question piping, contact param, and variables, you can engage with your audience through personalized conversations. With logic branching, you can tell your respondents their progress; a wrong answer? Tell them the right one immediately.

Create engaging, personalized quizzes using the best online quiz maker.
Create interactive, personalized quiz and challenge anyone.

Auto-score & personalize Thank-you pages

SurveySparrow’s Scoring feature helps you to set scores to the answers. The scores are added and displayed in the end, on the Thank-you page. You can customize and add multiple Thank-you pages based on the total score. One for a high score, one for low, and another for improvement!

Auto-score answers and personalize Thank-you pages.
Score answers automatically & personalize the end page of your quiz

Take the quiz on any device

Create quizzes that can be accessed by your respondents across any device. Be it a tablet, smartphone, or desktop, SurveySparrow’s online quiz maker offers multi-device compatible quizzes which your respondents can take anywhere using any device. The mobile-friendly quiz ensures a smooth experience through and through.

Let challengers take the quiz on any device.
Share quizzes compatible across any device like smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Share multi-lingual quiz

Quiz respondents from around the globe using the multi-lingual feature of SurveySparrow’s best online quiz maker. You can set the base quiz in any language of your preference. Download the excel sheet, translate it to any language of your choice, and upload it back. Now, the respondent can choose their preferred language from the dropdown while taking the quiz.

Share quizzes in any language.
Create quizzes in multiple languages and share it with anyone around the globe .

Track results real-time & cross-tabulate

SurveySparrow’s quiz maker software has a robust reporting module that tracks your quiz and saves the responses in real-time. You can see the number of submissions, the responses, and user information. You can cross-tabulate answers using Compare feature and sift out information using advanced Reports Filters. You can schedule the quiz reports to your inbox at any time, and automate the process.

Track results real-time and analyzer answers.
Track results of quiz real-time and analyze performance.

Export results in PDF, Excel, SPSS

With SurveySparrow’s online quiz maker, you can export the results of your quiz in PDF or Excel format. Peruse the data and understand audience behavior with ease. You can set filters, add Compare criteria to cross-tabulate responses, and save that particular report as a View. Afterward, you can download these reports, View-wise.

Export results of the quiz in PDF or Excel format.
Export results & reports of quiz easily as PDF, Excel.
Integrate with your day-to-day applications easily.

Integrate with any
day-to-day app of yours

Create workflows using webhooks.


Connect different apps using API


Integrate different applications using Zapier.


Create efficient workflows and execute tasks.


What can an Online Quiz Maker help you build?

An online quiz maker is a handy tool to create and share quizzes in a blink. Rather than jotting down questions, printing it, collecting answers, and then manually evaluating it, the best quiz maker will help you get it all done effortlessly. Easy creation & editing, real-time data collection, and evaluation. Here are some things a quiz maker software like SurveySparrow will help you build.


Classroom assessment quiz

Conduct an assessment quiz for your students covering all primary study materials. Most of the free online quiz makers will help you create interactive questionnaires for your students. As a teacher, your primary need for spending time evaluating the answers will be removed while opting for a quiz maker.


Corporate learning & training quiz

Run corporate-level assessment tests and examinations using the best online quiz maker. After training, you can evaluate their extent of grasping by sharing a training quiz. As a corporate trainer, you can quiz a mass audience by using a quiz maker and get the results instantly.


Engagement & trivia quiz

Create interactive, fun quizzes using the plethora of features offered by a quiz maker software. If you are a digital marketer or brand influencer, you can opt for the services of an online quiz maker to run campaigns on important events. Or, you can create trivia quizzes for fun and share it with your friends.


Multi-level quiz

Scale up your quiz to more than a level using an online quiz maker. If you wish for respondents to proceed to a higher level only after they have advanced a particular score, an online quiz maker software is a perfect choice. With SurveySparrow, you send your respondents to the next quiz using the survey redirect feature.


Auto-scored quiz

Score your surveys automatically using an online quiz maker. You can set a score for the correct answer alone or set partial scoring by assigning a lower score for other answers.

What are the benefits of Online Quiz Maker?

There are a plethora of advantages that a quiz maker brings to the table. If you are a teacher, corporate trainer, digital marketer, or social media expert, opting for the best online quiz maker will bring you the following key benefits.

Saves time & reduces efforts

Creating a quiz involves a lot of effort-preparing the questions, printing it, sharing it with your respondents, collecting it back, and evaluating it manually. However, an online quiz maker will help you get everything done in a click. The auto-scoring feature will take care of the evaluation part. Sit back and relax.

Reduces chances of error

Online quiz maker will help you edit and tweak any part of your quiz, any time you may need. Also, since the software evaluates the quiz, the chances of error are marginally low.

Personalizes the experience

Add a gif applauding the right answer, a message to motivate them to keep going, and a warm welcome message... all of these raise the quiz experience a notch. Engage your respondents with such interactive quizzes.

Reaches a mass audience

While it can be daunting to reach out to a mass audience, conduct an evaluation quiz, and then manually evaluate it, an online quiz maker will give you multiple channels to share your survey- email, social media, SMS, weblinks.

Consolidates the results & reports

The omnichannel nature of the best quiz maker software will help to consolidate all data in one place. No matter which channel you choose to share the quiz, you can find it all on your dashboard.

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