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How To Make A QR Code For A Google Form?

Kate Williams

20 September 2023

5 min read

So, can to create QR code for Google Form? Yes. 

Does Google Forms let you generate QR code surveys? The answer is no! 

How to make a QR code for a Google form, then? Using external softwares. 

Enough with the questions. It’s time to take you through the step-by-step process of generating a QR code for a Google form. And that would be just the tip of the iceberg, as we have a lot more quality stuff coming your way. Ready for some good read? Great. Here we begin; 

  1. What is a QR code survey?
  2. How To Make A QR Code For A Google Form?
  3. How To Create QR code Surveys The Easy Way

What is a QR code survey?

Well, imagine this. 

You want to collect data from random folks walking past your office daily. Obviously, you don’t have their emails or contact details to send your survey. So, what do you do? Either conduct a paper survey or form a scannable QR code of your survey. Since we don’t live in the 70s anymore, paper surveys are not the most feasible option, QR code survey is. 

Simply put, it’s a type of online survey embedded within a QR code. To open it, respondents just need to use the QR code scanner or an app on their smartphone that supports code scanning, and that’s it. They’ll be redirected to the survey linked to a particular QR code. It’s that simple. 

How To Make A QR Code For A Google Form?

So, how to make a QR code for a Google form? Using free and simple software like ‘QR Generator.’ Considering you’ve already created your survey on Google Forms, here are the steps to create a scannable QR code for it. 

Step #1: Once you’re done with the form, click on ‘send’ in the right-hand corner. A pop-up window will open, allowing you to share the google form via email, link, social media, or as an embed file. Select the link option from there.

Step #2: Copy your form link and click on the shorten link option. Then hit the copy button to copy the shortened URL. 

Step #3: Now open to create a free QR code for your form. 

Step #4: Choose the “Link” option from here. A URL field to input your shortened form link will appear below it.

Step #5: Paste your Google forms link in the empty “URL” field. Now hit ‘Enter’ to update the QR code.

Step #6: You can customize the generated QR code with colors, frames, patterns, logos, background images, and fonts matching your brand’s style and theme.

Step #7: From the QR Generator website, download the code once you’ve fully customized it. Download it in various formats like PNG, EPS, PDF, or print. And voila! The QR code for your form is up and ready.

Create QR code Surveys The Easy Way

Why are we saying that? Well, there aren’t one but multiple reasons, starting with; 

QR Code Survey: Since QR codes are at the center of our discussion here, it’s befitting to talk about SurveySparrow’s QR code surveys. Yes, with this tool, once you’ve prepared the survey, click on the ‘QR Code’ option on the share page, fill in the required details, and download your survey-specific QR code. No need to visit any external website for it. Sweet, right?

qr code surveys

To create similar QR code surveys, sign up here for FREE!

Here’s what you’ll get by signing up for SurveySparrow.

Drag & Drop: Rearranging questions is easy with SurveySparrow’s no-code form builder. Drag and drop to rearrange your questions on the left side easily using the cursor.

Conversational Surveys: SurveySparrow is a popular Google Forms alternative for creating conversational surveys that build engagement. Engaging surveys can increase the response rates up to 40%, you know.

Dashboard & Reports:  A powerful online survey software should have a reporting module to collect data efficiently. With SurveySparrow, you can easily track and analyze surveys. You can also add filters based on the methods of sharing, question answers respondent details, and gather insightful reports.

executive dashboard

Data Security:  With features like encrypted surveys, you don’t have to worry about security while collecting data. The SSL from trusted reseller like SSL2BUY helps build safe connections, custom domains, and secure surveys

White-Label Surveys: You can reflect your brand’s identity with a white-label survey feature available with SurveySparrow. Brandify your surveys with color, logo, and fonts. So basically, you can customize surveys to style per your expectations, which isn’t that cool! 

Automated Pulse & NPS Surveys: Why work hard to create surveys when you can automate the process easier? SurveySparrow’s online survey software helps you automate the process of recurring and periodic surveys. With one time setup, you can schedule how frequently you wish to send surveys without investing much time and effort. Also, roll out NPS surveys and check how much your customers love your brand.

These are not it, you know. With SurveySparrow, collect real-time data, conduct powerful analysis, integrate with platforms like Hubspot, Slack, Salesforce, and Stripe, engage in insightful market research, and still keep your pockets heavy! Yes, this survey tool comes with a free trial and the paid plans start from just $19 a month. 

Tell us, then… can it get any better than this? 

What Gives Google Forms Its Popularity?

People and companies use Google Forms frequently to generate forms and conduct surveys. That’s pretty much given. But why? What gives Google Forms its popularity? Since we’re talking about generating QR codes for Google forms, why not talk about some pros of this survey tool from Google. Get your cuppa, and we’re starting here; 

Auto-completion Of Answers

Google Forms come with an autocomplete feature, where the answers get autocompleted with the help of predictive analytics. This feature is available in over 14 languages, including Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and Chinese, to name a few. And it’s easily one of its most popular features.

Unlimited Surveys and Respondents

One of the coolest features of Google Forms is letting survey-takers conduct unlimited surveys for unlimited respondents. Google Forms are a lifesaver for companies working on a tight survey budget!

Pre-built Templates

Google Forms come with templates to be used by anyone and everyone without any coding experience. Even those who’re new to the world of online surveys can get the hang of it with these templates. Work request forms, feedback forms, order forms, and event registration forms are some of the most common templates available here. And all you need to do is select a template, add the customization options you need, input survey questions, and you’re good to go. Simple and effective. What say?

The Google Ecosystem

If your business is using G Suite, it becomes extremely easy to navigate and use the entire suite of products, including Google Forms. Every product in this suite is connected to the other one, so the information sharing and storing process is seamless and quick.

Completely Free!

Well, this is the feature that makes Google Forms truly famous. It’s completely free! Yes, conducting online surveys using Google Forms would cost you exactly $0. If you wish to use G Suite, the price starts at $6/user/month; otherwise, it’s free forever. 

What Are You Choosing, Then?

One of the best things about QR codes is their easy accessibility. Share these via WhatsApp, webpage, email, or print them to stick at different places, it’ll all work.

So, QR codes are a massive time saver, but a QR code for Google form isn’t! Simply because of the time you or your team will invest to create such a code. Imagine needing QR codes for different surveys made through Google Forms. What a buzz (and time) kill that would be?

Yes, Google Forms are popular, and you know why, but you also know why SurveySparrow is the best Google forms alternative. Just look at the ease with which you can create QR code surveys using SurveySparrow. This itself speaks volumes about the tool. 

What do you think? A SurveySparrow free trial, maybe?

Fantastic choice. Connect with our team here, and they’ll set everything up for you. Keep surveying, keep growing! 

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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