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How to Create Google Forms in 2020: A Guide

Kate William

7 min read

How to create a survey without the knowledge of any programming language? We’re sure you’ve asked this question multiple times over the years to which you’ve always come across the same result – Google forms. Google Forms is an all-rounder. Be it to receive feedback, create a questionnaire, quizzes, create tests, or to track results, Google Forms is a one stop destination. You can create Google forms either using its app or through Google drive.

According to Google, Google forms is a survey administration application that is included in the Google Drive office suite along with Google docs, Google sheets, and Google slides.

It simply helps you generate Google surveys, create a questionnaire, quizzes, view proper input from viewers, create tests, track results, and do much more for free, easily, and efficiently. Google Forms enables us to do all this and more without learning a proper language for programming. It also helps you generate leads and evaluate your website, YouTube channel views, and responses, etc. In short, Google Forms can be your go-to platform for all your surveying needs. We hope this guide on how to create Google Forms will provide you with the answers and doubts you’re looking for.

How to create Google Forms?

The process starts with Google drive or Google forms App.

How to create Google Forms.

  • As soon as we enter our Google drive, it shows us a feature of “New+”, and after clicking it, a range of blocks open up.
  • Amongst google docs, sheets, and slides, when clicked on “More”, you see Google Forms. That’s your cue to create Google Forms.
  • An Untitled form opens up, in which description can also be added.
  • We get the new form to work with here.

How to make Google Forms.

  • Under it, you get to see Untitled question which are automated according to the question from multiple-choice, to short answers, to paragraphs, etc.
  • Any question can be dragged upwards or downwards by the six dots present beside the question.

Google Forms - Question types

  • When clicked on “multiple choice” beside the question, a whole range of choices opens up –  short answer, paragraph, short answer, paragraph, multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdown, file upload, linear scale, multiple choice grid, checkbox grid, date, and time.
  • Depending on the selected question, they get automated. For example, if the question is “What is your name?”, then it gets automated to Short answer. Make sure you select the suitable question type to create Google Forms.
  • Dropdown is the most popular amongst these.
  • File upload is used to upload pdf, contract, or even a screenshot as an answer to the question.
  • The duplicate icon on the right lower side helps to copy the context and type another question.
  • Delete icon is also present if you wish to delete the question.
  • There is an icon for “Required” with a toggle.

You can make a question to be mandatorily answered by the participant before moving forward, by toggling it to the other side.

Different options to Create Google Forms

Google Forms Customization.

  • A range of options appear on the right side of the questions which includes:
  1. Add question- This is used for adding a question
  2. Import question- This is used for the repurposing of the questions.
  3. Add title and description- It is used to add a new section, with a description only.
  4. Add image- An image can be added concerning the questions asked for it. If clicked, this opens the “Browse” option and enables us to upload an image.
  5. Add video- This is used to add video as a reference to the question.
  6. Add section- This is used to break long forms into different sections and parts.

How to customize Google Forms

  1. On the top right corner, an icon for customization is present.

The four options available include:

  1.   Header – Here, an image can be uploaded, to make the form more attractive and relatable to the cause.
  2.   Theme color – Here, different colors can be inserted resonating with the theme of the form.
  3.   Background color – a suitable background color can be inserted according to your preference.
  4.   Font style – lets you choose the desired font.

Google Forms Settings

Besides Customize, an icon for Preview is present.

  • This shows the exact copy of the google form with a proper URL in a new tab.
  • It creates a real live link to the form.
  • After filling this form, it directs you to the next page with the Submit icon.
  • If you choose to submit the sample form, it may hamper with your final result, as all the Google surveys add up to the total result.

Google Forms settings.

  • Besides this, the Settings icon is also present where three options are present – General, Presentation, and Quizzes.

1) In General, an individual email address can be saved. The number of responses can be limited to one. Editing and summarizing after submitting can be enabled or disabled.

2) In Presentation, progress bar, shuffling of the order of questions, and link to submit other responses can be enabled or disabled. A confirmation message can be written, such as, ‘Thank you for your response‘, ‘Your response is submitted‘, etc.

3) In Quizzes, there is a toggle to change these questions into a quiz. It also enables the user to show progress afterward of all the participants. It enables the respondents to see missed questions, correct answers, and point values.

Under Responses we can:

  • See the number of responses of individual questions in summary.
  • In ”Question” we can see the individual responses to the particular question.
  • In individuals, every response can be monitored.
  • There is also an icon to create spreadsheets present in Responses. In this, a Google spreadsheet can be created in the survey or questionnaire.
  • A toggle for accepting responses is also present, which if turned off can limit the responses of the form.

After the completion of filling the form, when we hit Send, three options appear.

  • Email – In Email, individual Email can be selected to send the form, along with the subject and a message.
  • Link – a link can be generated and even shortened to send to people for the google survey and their responses.
  • Embed HTML – a URL can be put on a webpage to make Google Forms so that any individual visiting the website can fill this form and submit the feedback or a response.

Google forms help us generate leads and create quizzes, questionnaires, generate evaluations, conduct online tests, receive customer feedback and so much more.

In times like these, when the world is recovering from a pandemic, when people are inside their homes, when students are worried about their exams, Google forms help us conduct Online tests, MCQs, quizzes, and surveys for the betterment of mankind.

Even a simple survey for the pros and cons of a product or a feedback from a valuable customer, Google Forms come to the rescue. It features all the sharing and collaborating features on Google drive. Be it a student who wants to create polls, surveys or quizzes for his/her project, or an employer who wants to roll out an employee satisfaction survey, Google Forms is their one stop portal. Go create a Google Form, now!

Google Forms Features – Summarized

Let’s take a summarized look at the features of Google Forms.

  • A source to collect information- serves as a free source to collect information and entries.
  • Analyzation in google sheets- the total number of responses can be added up and calculated in google sheets.
  • Provide unlimited free forms- Every app or resource before charging you allows only a limited supply. But in google forms, there is unlimited supply and access to as many forms and surveys or tests as much as possible.
  • Shareable- The documents surveys and feedback can be shared by an option of Email.
  • Mobile friendly– This app is mobile friendly and is accessible from anywhere.
  • Various Customization options- There are various options of customization according to the needs and requirements of your product, company, or brand.
  • As it is accessible only through your Email, it is safe and secure.

One major drawback is that it only provides limited design customization. Google Forms, though lets you create basic free forms, it doesn’t provide you with major customizations to play around with. If you’re on the lookout for a Google Forms alternative, feel free to check out SurveySparrow. It lets you roll out NPS surveys, customer feedback surveys, employee satisfaction surveys and a lot more. What makes SurveySparrow the best Google Forms alternative is its ability to boost the survey response rate to a whopping 40 percent with its engaging interface and easy customizations.

Wrapping up..

Though Google Forms has some limitations, it provides free access for generating tests, questionnaires, and evaluations for teachers and students. Different fonts, backgrounds, themes, and customizations are present to make the form, especially for your brand and company. Exact photo or video can be used anywhere to customize. It can prove as a dimension builder for businesses and companies. Creating responses and recording observations, that too, in a unique way along with so many options and opportunities has never been easier. Google forms have made our life so much easier and to be honest. If Google Form doesn’t provide you with the features you’re looking for, you should maybe look out for a Google Forms alternative like SurveySparrow.

At the end of the day, Google Forms brings people together, when they are not connected. We hope this guide on how to make Google Forms helps you build better online surveys.

Happy surveying!

Kate William

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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