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Hat-Trick in the Bag: SurveySparrow Wins G2’s Fastest Growing Product Award for 2022!

Parvathi Vijayamohan

Last Updated:  

18 October 2023

2 min read

First month in, and we’ve scored a triple win.

SurveySparrow wins the prestigious G2’s Fastest-Growing Products Award 2022 – the third time in a row!


SurveySparrow is an omnichannel experience management platform that helps businesses, of all sizes, refine the journey of their customers and employees from end to end. Thanks to our powerful toolstack, which includes surveys, automations, 1,500+ integrations, and business intelligence tools, SurveySparrow goes beyond just collecting data. We enable organizations to act on that data to make better business decisions.

And we’re super pumped and proud to announce that we are on G2’s list of Fastest Growing Products for 2022 for the third year running.

G2 is the world’s best platform for businesses to compare software and services, with over 60 million+ users annually.  So, this is an incredible moment for us, because SurveySparrow users have testified to the value we deliver – not once, not twice, but three times in a row!

“From the beginning, SurveySparrow has continuously redefined the survey space. Data is one of the most precious assets of a company, and we want to help companies act on that data to make their customers and employees’ lives better. For us this award is a testimony to the will of our customers, employees, and investors to make it work, make it better.”

Shihab Muhammed, Founder & CEO, SurveySparrow

While we’re honored to be on the Fastest Growing list with companies like Notion and ClickUp, we also want to answer that burning question: What’s next?

With the world going hybrid, it’s clear that employee experience equals customer experience. With more remote work, the amping up of digital shopping, and the acceleration of AI and automation, there will be huge transformations for businesses everywhere.

What is SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow powers transformations with omnichannel feedback. This is not about those occasional surveys or once-in-a-year reviews. It’s about constantly refining the experiences at key touchpoints, and making people feel valued.

Here, meet SurveySparrow!

  • Need to solve a customer complaint right away? We got you covered with our Case Management feature.
  • Want to get a holistic view of each employee’s skills and experience gaps? Get it with our 360 degree review software.
  • Juggling data from multiple surveys? Pull them into one place with easy-to-understand dashboards.
  • Struggling with customer loyalty? Find your most loyal customers, and learn from them, with our NPS software.
  • Planning a conversational marketing strategy? Start with your first contact point – no-code chatbots for websites.
  • Wish to insert survey services into your own app? Sparrow API has you covered.
  • Anxious about a product’s chances? Get the validation you need with our Audience Panel.

SurveySparrow currently serves 100K+ customers across 149 countries and 86 languages. Our client list includes Warner Bros, Gartner, EA Sports, GrantThornton, among others. To learn how SurveySparrow has improved customer and employee experiences, view our Success Stories here.

Parvathi Vijayamohan

Growth Marketer at SurveySparrow

Fledgling growth marketer. Cloud watcher. Aunty to a naughty beagle.

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