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12 Must Ask Questions for Your Customer Support Surveys

Kate Williams

10 October 2023

9 min read

Customer satisfaction is the most vital aspect of any business. Companies that listen to their customers and value their feedback stand out from the rest. Happy customers remain not only loyal to your brand but also spread positive messages about the brand. Thus, you can grow your business only by strengthening your customer relationship(for which you will have to enhance your customer support surveys) and securing potential leads and profits. 

Once you understand the expectations of your customers, it becomes easier to provide those features or services. So, from this, we can say customer support surveys are an essential factor in determining the success of your business. But the question is, what survey questions should one ask to bring out the best results? For answers, we’ve made a list of 12 amazingly relevant customer support survey questions you must include in 2023. 

Wait, there’s more; at the end of the post, I’ve shared some bonus tips to create engaging surveys like a pro! 

So, without further ado, let’s dig in…

What are Customer Support Surveys?

Customer support surveys are tools that businesses use to collect feedback on their support services. They assess the quality of interactions with support teams, the effectiveness of solutions provided, and overall customer satisfaction. By analyzing this feedback, businesses can identify areas for improvement and enhance the support experience for their customers.

Types of Customer Support Surveys

There are three popular customer support surveys you can use to gauge your customer journey. These are:

#1. Customer Satisfaction or CSAT

CSAT allows you to measure customer satisfaction after purchasing a product. Most customer satisfaction surveys use a scale with a rating between one and five. One holds the lowest satisfaction level, while five represents the highest satisfaction level. 

#2. Customer Effort Score or CES

The purpose of CES surveys is the same as the other two survey methods- customer satisfaction. It mainly focuses on how much dedication a customer puts into completing the task given by your company. With CES, you can provide a better customer experience efficiently. 

NPS software

#3. Net Promoter Score or NPS

The purpose of NPS surveys is extremely clear; they help to measure customer satisfaction. Almost every business uses Net Promoter Score to learn the likelihood of their customers to recommend the brand to a close one. 

NPS scale is a rating scale that uses ratings between one to ten. You can calculate the NPS by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. For instance, promoters score- 9 or 10, and Detractors- scores below 7. 

As I mentioned earlier, here are 12 amazingly relevant survey questions to ask your customers right now! 

12 Customer Support Survey Questions to Improve Customer Experience

Customer satisfaction is the heart of any business. The moment your customers have an unpleasant experience with your company, your business faces the threat of losing them. In Hubspot’s recent survey study, 80% of the respondents shared that they’d end up doing business with a company if they have a poor customer experience.  

The best way to ensure that your company is doing a great job with customer satisfaction is through the use of customer support surveys. Here are 12 amazing customer support survey questions to give your customers a better experience.

1. How would you like to rate the quality of our service?

This question is essential to understand the performance and quality of your business. While using this question in the survey, you can combine open-ended questions with a rating scale to understand your customer’s thoughts.

When you are trying to measure customer satisfaction, a question like this helps to get an overall picture of your service quality.

2. How satisfied are you with our service/product? 

Always include this question in your survey list to gauge customer satisfaction. Asking questions like this will help you to realize your customer’s perspective about the service or products. 

For instance, you can add this question to your customer support surveys right after purchase from your company. Multiple choice questions and 1-5 ratings are the best ways to present this question for better engagement. 

3. How happy are you with the time it took to resolve your issue?

73% of the customers said that valuing customers’ time while providing service is the best thing a company can do. 

You can use this question to know if your customer support team matches your customers’ needs and expectations. Your team must respond to customer feedback on time, as it represents the quality of your service.

4. Do You Think our Customer Support Representatives Matched the level of your Expectations? 

This question is a crucial part to include in your customer support surveys. If your customer support team doesn’t provide a quality service or uses a stiff script, your customer will feel their voices and opinions are not getting heard. 

You can ask this question to know the gap of communication between your customer support representative and customers. Use the feedback to improve the gap and provide a personalized service to each customer.

5. Was the customer service provider knowledgeable?

Another important question you can add to your customer support surveys to measure customer satisfaction. With this data, you can understand what skills and knowledge your customer support team is lacking.

You can personalize the training and development program for your employees by collecting these survey information. You can represent this question as a yes/no or rating scale format. Also, you can leave an open-ended question box for your customers to allow them to share their opinions.  

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6. Based on the service you received, how likely are you to recommend our service to others? 

This question lets you know your customer’s experience with the company and what’s the possibility of a recommendation. If your customers are happy with your service, they’ll refer your service or products to their friends and relatives. 

Recommending your service to a close friend is probably the most powerful purchasing decision on the customer journey. So, we highly recommend including this question in your customer support surveys to get more referrals. 

7. Is there anything you want us to do better?

There’s always room for perfection. That should be your ultimate mantra when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction. If you include this question in your customer survey, it will help you to identify the real issues of your business from the customer’s perspective. 

Use their feedback to address the issues and implement solutions to bring improvement. Surveys with two or three open-ended questions like this are perfect to know your customer’s viewpoint. 

8. How happy are you with the purchasing experience?

This one is another crucial question to add in your customer support surveys list. This question will let you understand the purchasing experience of your customers. You can ask this question in the format of a yes/no question or rating question. 

9. How efficiently you navigate our website?

A business without a website is like ketchup in pancakes. Yeah, it tastes worse! Approximately 90% of users use the internet to search for local businesses. 

Websites are a crucial part of a business. You can’t give a beautiful experience without its presence. You may get surprised to know this, but 38% of users leave a website if it doesn’t have an appealing design. 

Ensure your customers are not having problems while navigating the website. Also, if you are thinking about changing the web copy or design of your website, then this is the perfect question you should include in your customer support surveys. 

10. How do our services or products make you feel? 

Asking this question gives an idea about how your customers feel about the products and services of your company. This question can be helpful to improve your business as your customers may give some valuable insights. 

You can use a mix of multiple-choice questions with one or two open-ended questions to understand what your customers think.

11. What new products, services, or features you would like to see from us? 

You must add this question in your customer support surveys to know exactly what your business is lacking and what is needed to improve revenues. You can use open-ended questions to understand the perspective of your customer and bring improvement accordingly.

12. How likely will you recommend our service to your friend or colleague?

You can use the Net Promoter Score to determine the result of this question. With this question, you can understand how many customers are actively promoting your services and products to others. 

Power Your Customer Support Surveys with Feedback Software!

One of the best ways to know what your customer wants is by conducting surveys. Popular brands like Taco Bell, Starbucks, Amazon, and Nike use customer feedback religiously to understand their customers better. Customer feedback helps a company to keep its customers happy and satisfied and have a flawless customer journey. 

That’s why every business must implement customer feedback software to create useful customer support surveys. Customer feedback software collects and manages customer data. Later, the software analyzes the data to bring growth within the organization. 

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If you are not convinced yet, here are some reasons why owning a customer feedback tool can take your business to new levels: 

6 Benefits of Using Customer Feedback Software

  1. You can create effortless customer support surveys with the help of feedback software. Feedback software makes it easier for employees to be available to customers 24/7 through several social media channels, emails, and chats. With customer feedback software, you can listen to your customer’s problems and expectations without causing them much trouble.
  2. Customer feedback software allows you to gather real-time insights into your dashboard. The feedback software analyzes the feedback data efficiently and provides quick results based on it. 
  3. You can give an excellent customer experience by collecting feedback data and aligning the data with your company’s goals and strategies.  
  4. Customer feedback software will help you to think like your customer. Understand your customer’s pain points, expectations, and requirements. With customer support surveys, put yourself in your customers’ shoes to serve them perfectly. 
  5. Feedback software allows you to take customer support surveys without a hassle. These surveys will help you understand exactly where you can bring changes or develop services to boost customer satisfaction and engagement. 
  6. Happy customers are loyal customers. When you learn about your customer’s needs through customer feedback software, they’ll feel their opinions are cared for and valued by the company. A quick follow-up with your customers will increase the retention rates and revenues.

How to Choose the Right Customer Feedback Software?

If you want to give a wholesome customer experience, then customer support surveys can work like wonders. But, to create effective support surveys, you have to invest your time and money in a really good customer feedback tool. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain. 

So, read on to know what features you should look for before selecting customer feedback software.

#Create conversational and Smart Surveys

You need feedback software that can transform boring surveys into engaging and conversational surveys. Conversational surveys have 40% higher response rates. Always look for feedback software that provides features like chat surveys, NPS surveys, offline surveys, etc. 

Make sure the feedback tool has multiple survey themes and styles to make it appear attractive. If your customer feedback software allows you to personalize the surveys with buttons, colours, fonts, and designs, then you’ve picked the right tool. You can make your surveys more engaging by asking short, simple, and jargon-free questions (keep reading to learn more on this). 

customer feedback software: SurveySparrow

#Omnichannel Feedback

Choose a customer survey software that enables the opportunity to share customer support surveys via social media, websites, and email: scannable QR code and other embedded options. 

#Real-time Reporting

Survey tools with real-time reporting features can help you to gain rich insights and analyze data effectively. Real-time data stores the customer responses right at the moment your customers hit the “submit” button. Perfect customer feedback software provides data privacy with encryption to give a top-notch survey experience. 

#Automation & Workflows

While choosing customer feedback software to create customer support surveys, ensure it has APIs, webhooks, and integrations to conduct seamless workflow. Features like recurring surveys are another reason to love automation in your customer feedback tool. With this feature, you can schedule and share periodic surveys to free yourself from the task of creating regular surveys. 

With SurveySparrow, you can gather well-structured data and valuable insights about your customers at the snap of your finger. The conversational interface of SurveySparrow’s customer feedback software encourages customers to engage more actively. 

Also, SurveySparrow lets you collect customer data offline with Kiosk mode, schedule reports, and export data as Excel, PDF, and SPSS. SurveySparrow’s multiple survey templates, conversational forms, visual workflows, and 360-degree feedback offer a wholesome experience to your customers. 

I know that you’ve been waiting for the bonus tips for a long time! So, without wasting much time, here are some tips to help you ask the perfect questions. 

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The Art of Asking the Right Questions: Dos and Don’ts

Before closing the curtains, here are a few dos and don’ts for you to follow while conducting customer support surveys. 

Things You Must Do 

  • Use simple, crisp, and direct questions. Always avoid jargon to keep the engagement alive.  
  • The more specific questions you’ll ask, the better specific answers you’ll get.
  • Mix and match the question types in your customer support surveys.
  • Limit the ranking option in your surveys. Five to six items are enough to collect customer data. 

Things You Should Avoid 

  • Always avoid double-barreled questions; they are challenging to answer. 
  • Don’t ask too many questions; it’s better to ask limited questions. 
  • Never ask private questions to your customers. 
  • Don’t force your customers to give answers. Try to keep “I don’t want to answer this” or “I don’t know” option to make your customer feel comfortable.
  • Don’t use negative questions like “Do you not like using our product?” Instead, the question you should use is “Do you like using our products?”

Wrapping it up…

One thing your customers want the most from your business is a little assurance that their opinion matters. And customer support surveys are the best way to assure them. 

With customer feedback software, you can make the survey-taking process smooth and fun. However, if you find crafting a value-packed survey challenging, feel free to steal some question ideas from our lists. 

Lastly, crafting a good survey may take a little effort and time. But, with the right tools and tricks, you can bring excellent results without breaking much sweat. 

Kate Williams

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow

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