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What are NPS Surveys

Businesses worldwide place customers in the core of their strategies, plans, and developments. Customers are like the Sun- everything revolves around them. Thus customer experience management programs, customer support, customer satisfaction programs, etc, have gained vital importance. But how can you evaluate the health and quality of the customer experience you provide?

The Net Promoter Score, or the NPS, is a simple but powerful metric which has gained immense momentum in uncovering factors that fuel customer loyalty and brand advocacy. An NPS system involves asking quick feedback from your customers, segmenting them based on their responses, and engaging with them to improve customer retention and reduce customer churn. An NPS survey is an integral component of the net promoter score system. It is a quick online survey that consists of opinion scales to rate the product/service and the likelihood of the customer recommending it to a friend or family.

If a customer rates 8 or 9, they are promoters while a score of 6 or 7 puts them under the category of passives. Any score below is not good, and these customers are called detractors.















Types of NPS Surveys

Broadly there are two categories of NPS surveys:

  • Relationship NPS surveys
  • Transactional NPS surveys
Relationship NPS surveys

Relationship NPS surveys seek to uncover customer’s loyalty towards a brand. Also known as on-demand surveys, it is designed to calibrate customer relationships and customer engagement. In this case, the overall experience and satisfaction are considered. Relationship NPS surveys are conducted regularly and help to spot the gaps which require immediate attention.

Transactional Surveys

Transactional NPS surveys investigate the customer experience at a particular touch-point. It is designed with the intent of measuring customer loyalty with a specific sector and ways to improve it. Contrary to relationship surveys, Transactional surveys indicate the satisfaction associated with a particular event (sales interaction, product quality, support assistance, etc) and are administered immediately after the interaction.

Tips To Make Your NPS Surveys A Success

Surveys are tough cookies to crack. So here are some proven, quick tips to ensure the NPS surveys you send out is a roaring success. Net promoter system is about being swift and meticulous. Thus, without spending much time pondering, get started with sending your NPS surveys.

Engaging NPS surveys can easily boost your survey response rates.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spiking completion rates
Build Interactive Surveys

Bombarding your customers with long and dreary surveys is a big faux pas. Ensure that NPS tool you opt for has an appealing interface and helps you build engaging surveys. This provides a refreshing experience to your customers and helps to get high response rates. The concept of survey fatigue is out of the equation when you don’t interrogate your audience for feedback. This directly translates into higher quality of responses.

Ensure your surveys aren't too long and irrelevant.
Keep your surveys short and crisp
Keep it Short & Crisp

NPS surveys are known to be short and precise. NPS system is more than just about the vigor a customer shows in advocating a brand. However, even then, avoid making your surveys unnecessarily long with irrelevant questions. Ensure that you place 5-6 questions to the maximum. Studies show that the sweet spot is limiting to just three questions. Although anything less than that will guarantee higher response rates, the NPS survey would yield very little actionable data from it.

Include a host of distinct types of questions to get accurate answers.
Diverse Question Types fetches more accurate responses
Question Types Included

NPS surveys play around with open-ended questions like opinion scales to collect valuable customer feedback. While you ask your customers to rate the brand, it is necessary to ask them what drove their score-good or bad. This can be achieved easily by listing a set of predefined touchpoints. This avoids making the surveys long. Pick a net promoter score software which provides a host of diverse question types to choose from.

Skip irrelevant questions and ask only pertinent questions in your survey.
Conditional Branching to ask relevant feedback questions
Ask Relevant Questions Only

Ask precise questions to get exact answers. Stay clear of irrelevant questions which makes your surveys abandon the survey midway or ignore them all together. Pick a net promoter score software which offers conditional logic branching feature that presents only the relevant questions to respondents depending on their previous answers. This would prove to be handy when you send out transactional surveys. This helps in getting quality responses.

Get maximum responses for your surveys by employing multiple share options.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Pick the Right Channels

While sending out NPS surveys, pick a tool which offers multiple sharing channels to circulate the surveys. Track survey performance and identify the channels which have brought in maximum responses and strategize accordingly. Sharing via various channels like email surveys, social media, SMS, etc, lets your audience pick the channel of their convenience whether they are taking a subway or traveling in a cab.

Build The Best NPS Surveys With SurveySparrow

In order to build winning NPS surveys, it is crucial to pick an NPS tool that offers benchmark features without lightening your purse. SurveySparrow helps you build NPS surveys that brings you high-quality data.

Conversational Interface

Let's not bore your customers with NPS surveys that have a missable interface. When the survey-taking process is a chore by itself, why couple it with a depressing interface! SurveySparrow comes with dual UI that offers chat-like surveys and conversational forms. Go conversational!

Diverse Question Types

SurveySparrow offers a host of distinct question types to suit any purposes and capture accurate responses from your audience. Loaded with open-ended questions like MCQs, star rating, scale rating, image type questions and more, rest assured you can create great NPS surveys.

Conditional Branching

Accurate responses find their way into your data pool only when you ask pertinent questions. When you bombard people with pointless questions, they will abandon your NPS survey midway or even worse, not take it up at all. SurveySparrow offers conditional branching feature that skips irrelevant questions.

Reports & Insights

SurveySparrow comes with a rich dashboard which helps you deduce rich insights from NPS surveys. The process of gathering data is perfected only when the conclusions inferred help to gain new perspectives. Extract pertinent information and take actionable measures. Having a rich dashboard helps to uncover data that would prove extremely useful, for instance, if you are conducting academic studies or market research.

The success rate of your NPS surveys is assured when you have a great NPS platform to assist you. Set up a great NPS system and make every single one of your customers brand advocates.

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