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How to Use Customer Feedback to Win More Business


8 July 2019

3 min read

Non-paying clients, social media reviews, contract breaches, frauds, and shoplifting have contributed to the “us vs. them” mentality in leading businesses who now view customers as a source of risk. But what if you could flip this notion on its head? What if you could turn your customers into strategic partners who boost the bottom line of your business?

Every brand wants to please its customers, meet their needs, and keep them loyal. But how do you know if your customers are happy? Tepid responses often give businesses a false sense of their success which can have a considerable impact on the revenue. Not listening to your consumers can put even long-term relationships in jeopardy and lead to a steady decline in revenue.

The best way to collect customer feedback is through an engaging and conversational customer satisfaction survey.

How Customer Feedback Can Benefit Your Business

1. Helps Retain Existing Customers
Unhappy customers find a better alternative and switch. So if you want to retain your existing customers, don’t ignore their feedback, address their pain points, and improve your offerings with their evolving needs.

2. Identifies the Need to Update Products or Services
A consumer satisfaction survey offers actionable information on missing elements and glitches in your offering. Gather all the feedback and update your product accordingly so it caters to growing consumer needs and changing preferences.

3. Makes it Easy to Enhance the Customer Experience
The information obtained in terms of customer experience is very helpful in adjusting your processes, trainings, and products to make sure they meet consumer needs more accurately and add value.

4. Helps Potential Consumers Make an Informed Decision
Customer satisfaction surveys elicit reliable information that can be helpful for your potential consumers. While honest opinions from your existing consumers will help you rectify issues in your offering, positive reviews will help you attract new customers.

5. Spots Business Opportunities
Customer satisfaction surveys also help identify untapped business opportunities and eliminate error-prone processes. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, never stop listening to your customers and keep making positive changes.

Metrics to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Only accurate data can help you update your products, enhance customer satisfaction and improve customer services. So if you want to make sure that your business is on the right track, you must measure your performance and optimize it. Here are 3 customer satisfaction metrics that you need to measure for business success.

1. Net Promoter Score
This is one of the most crucial metrics for measuring customer satisfaction. Net Promoter Score is an index that ranges from -100 to 100 and reflects the willingness of clients to recommend your products or offerings to friends and family.

2. Customer Satisfaction Score
CSAT is typically used for measuring how efficiently your product or service meets the expectations of your clients. Ideally, CSAT is a 5-point scale that ranges from very unsatisfied to very satisfied to give you a clear idea of your consumer experience.

3. Customer Effort Score
CES is the combination of net promoter score and customer satisfaction score. It has seven answers starting from, ‘strongly disagree’ and ending with ‘strongly agree’. CES indicates how hard a customer had to work to get an issue fixed.

Easy Ways to Conduct Effective Customer Satisfaction Surveys

There are several ways to collect customer feedback, each with varying degrees of accuracy, convenience, and ability to generate actionable takeaways.
1. In-App Surveys
In-app customer satisfaction survey targets consumers while they are using your product or service. In-app surveys have a higher response rate and deliver useful insights since they are to the point, non-invasive, and clickable.

2. Social Media Channels
Social media platforms are a brilliant resource for brands that have a social presence. If you are engaging with customers and addressing their queries on social channels, it is important that you monitor public opinion and resolve issues in a timely manner.

3. Check Comment Boxes
Comment boxes make it easy for customers to leave a quick feedback. So when they take the trouble to leave feedback, make sure you are available to resolve their annoyances immediately. This will keep issues from escalating into big problems and help avoid negative reviews.

4. Exploratory Campaigns
Exploratory campaigns can be executed over emails where businesses can ask specific questions on an important topic. These campaigns can extract valuable information about customers like their habits, interests, preferences, expectations, and also understand their experience with your products.

5. After Sales Customer Satisfaction Surveys
A post-service or after-sale customer satisfaction survey is designed to extract customer views and opinions right after they make a purchase decision or interact with the customer support staff. This customer satisfaction survey can be conducted through various channels.

Most people find it quick, easy, and convenient to share their views and reviews online. So go conversational and get more answers with the continuous feedback loop of SurveySparrow. Signup for FREE and take advantage of instant feedback.



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