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Announcing SurveySparrow Launch; Our Doors are Wide Open!

Shihab Muhammed

Last Updated:  

21 May 2019

2 min read

Every day is a fresh start, they say. But today is a really big one for us. After months of hard work, today we are launching SurveySparrow!

We like to joke that the SurveySparrow team were more bees than sparrows for the past few months. Nose to the grindstone, we worked hard, focusing solely on the product that we hoped would save a lot of time and effort for the decision makers. We were creating a survey platform to create awesome surveys that the respondents would love to take. Conversational surveys that are the closest to a real heart-to-heart.

And we have come quite a long way. With a great team, I’ve created a truly cool product, one that we are all mighty proud of! Of course, despite our best attempts, there are some features that need to be perfected. But we are far from finished.

We are committed to making corrections and improvements to make it one of the best online survey tools, that we know will vigourously benefit our customers. Our goal remains the same – to create irresistible surveys that garner the finest data so that leaders may reach better conclusions that benefit all. And as far as we are concerned, today is just a good start.

I shared my experience on how my frustration with a boring employee satisfaction survey resulted in the birth of SurveySparrow, our conversational survey platform that creates a chat-like experience through surveys. I am positive that with its in-built Survey Automation feature (recurring survey), SurveySparrow will make the lives of the HR folk a lot easier. The same is true for all leaders who wish to know their employee or customer pulse. Moreover, on our quest to improve the survey completion rates by 40%, SurveySparrow comes with a mobile-first experience that today’s messaging-first world is bound to appreciate.

SurveySparrow Best Mobile Survey Software

The best favor you can do for us at this point is to offer brutally honest feedback 🙂 . We are earnestly looking for your feedback and we intend to see through until we make SurveySparrow perfect. You can help us out with a conversational feedback here.

That said, I am delighted to announce that SurveySparrow has opened its doors wide to the public.

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Shihab Muhammed

Founder & CEO at SurveySparrow

SaaS Entrepreneur, Growth Leader, Built and scaled multi-million dollar SaaS products. Passionate about building user-friendly SaaS Products.

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