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5 Ways SurveySparrow’s Partnership with Rybbon Helps Boost Your Survey Response Rates

Jignesh Shah

20 September 2023

2 min read

Getting people to respond to your surveys is likely a top headache for you, right? You sometimes feel like begging them to click a few buttons to get the responses you need for your feedback and research projects.

It’s our goal to help you see the highest response rates possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with Rybbon to do just that. Rybbon is a digital rewards platform, and it now integrates directly with SurveySparrow so you can automate incentive delivery. Here’s how the SurveySparrow-Rybbon integration benefits you.

1. Get the response rate you need with easy and awesome rewards

You know rewards could help your response rates. But you have been putting off using rewards because of the hours and headaches involved in sending, managing, and tracking rewards. So here’s the good news – Rybbon takes care of all of that for you. Now, setting up automated rewards for a SurveySparrow survey takes less than 30 minutes.

2. Automating incentives means respondents get instant rewards

Rather than have respondents wait days or weeks for their survey rewards (which puts them off the survey in the first place), you can automate the process with Rybbon. The SurveySparrow-Rybbon integration instantly sends details to the respondent about how to claim their incentive.

Most marketers and researchers love the ease of automating the process. But if you prefer, you can also manually approve respondents.

3. Respondents can choose their incentives

Rather than forcing all respondents to get the same reward, Rybbon lets them choose what they really want, whether it’s an iTunes gift card, a Visa prepaid card, or a donation to a charity (among many other options). What motivates one respondent might not be enough to compel another to take a survey. But giving them the choice to choose their reward will help you boost response rates.

Are you worried that respondents will suffer from analysis paralysis if you give them too many choices? Or, that the choices may be inappropriate for your brand and audience? Rybbon lets you curate your rewards selection to include popular and appropriate incentives.  That makes it super simple for the respondents to pick a reward.

4. Global rewards mean more global survey respondents

You might need input from people across several countries, if not around the world. However, it can be a nightmare to fulfill rewards in different currencies or worse, physically mail checks to addresses abroad.

As part of the SurveySparrow-Rybbon integration, you get access to survey incentives that you can use worldwide.  Problem solved!

5. You can increase reward value for more involved surveys

If you have a survey that requires a bigger time investment, you can match the respondents to a higher-value reward. That will ensure your audience feels that the incentive is worth their time. Look at past response rates to get a sense of what that monetary value should be, and provide reward values accordingly.

Wrapping Up

Having a higher response rate means you get the data you need for your research faster. What’s more, you waste less time on the survey process with automated rewards from Rybbon.

If you’ve been using SurveySparrow, you’ll love the control you now have over survey rewards with the SurveySparrow-Rybbon integration. If you haven’t started using Rybbon, set up an account and send rewards with your first campaign in minutes.

Jignesh Shah

CEO at Rybbon

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