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SurveySparrow Chosen as a Finalist for 2020 Red Herring’s Top 100 North America Award

Vipin Thomas

18 October 2023

2 min read

Honoring the year’s most innovative ventures, & exceptional accomplishments, Red Herring’s Top 100 North America Award brings together C-level technology entrepreneurs, corporate strategists, and venture financiers from across the continent.

Being one of the most prestigious awards in the SaaS industry, we are most excited to tell you that SurveySparrow has been selected as a Finalist!

Launched in 1996, the Top 100 North American Award, has been awarded to up & coming companies in the region leading the charge in many tech sectors. Respected as the springboard to many of the biggest names in the market,  the Top 100 list has previously included the industry giants such as Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Skype, SuperCell, Spotify, Twitter, & YouTube.

Red Herring’s editorial team analyzes hundreds of cutting edge companies and technologies and selects those who are positioned to grow at an explosive rate. SurveySparrow’s most awaited launch of 360° assessments was made early this year and has seen incredibly positive reviews. The employee-friendly solution, helps your teams to create highly personalized development plans that helps them be more engaged & productive. 

Trending in G2 grid as momentum leader under survey software, & ranked #1 in G2’s Fastest Growing Products 2020, our journey has been challenging, rewarding & blissful.

Founded in 2017 by Freshworks veteran Shihab Mohammed, SurveySparrow was the world’s first survey tool to offer chat surveys. The conversational UI that guarantees 40% more responses, helped SurveySparrow, the new kid in the town, turn more than a few heads. From the very beginning, the core ideology of SurveySparrow was to help businesses deliver better & refined experiences. Understanding the power of experiences & the significance of actionable data, SurveySparrow has now grown into an experience management platform capable of offering multiple end-to-end experience solutions.

“Selecting finalists for this year’s Top 100 has proved more difficult than ever,” said Alex Vieux, publisher and chairman of Red Herring. “North America has been tech’s beating heart for years–but never have I seen such an exciting, disruptive and innovative generation as we have in 2020.”

“SurveySparrow fully deserves its place among our finalists, and I’ve every confidence it will make a significant impact in the tech world,” added Vieux.

From omnichannel approach for data collection, to facilitating automations that simplifies workflows & driving actions, SurveySparrow has become the one stop solution for all your experience needs. The selection to be a finalist for Red Herring’s Top 100 list is an honour and more over a badge of appreciation for all that we have achieved over the last few years.

We must say, Thank you!

Congratulations & best wishes to all the finalists!

Vipin Thomas

Director of Revenue Operations at SurveySparrow

A versatilist Customer Success professional zealous about driving predictable B2B SaaS Growth, Retention and Advocacy.

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