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21 Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples

Fasna Savad

31 August 2023

7 min read

Need some examples to craft your own Customer Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire?

Here’s a guide to help you design the perfect customer satisfaction questionnaire that would aptly gauge your customer base’s pulse without bothering them much.

In this blog, we’ll explore:

What are Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

A customer satisfaction survey/questionnaire entails a series of questions that inquiries your customers about your services, customer support, and everything related to your brand. The main aim of this questionnaire is to determine what the market thinks of your product and how it can be improved to meet their expectations.

CSAT Surveys

With proper execution of these CSAT surveys, you can quickly identify what your customer expects and what you should deliver to provide them with the WOW experience. The surveys can be rolled out at various touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Your aim as a brand is to constantly work on the feedback and help the customer smoothly transition from their query phase to the happy consumer phase.

With that being said, customer satisfaction survey questions would mean nothing to your business if you couldn’t extract the required statistical data from them. For this, you need to keep in mind three things while you prepare the questionnaire:

  1. Specify the goal of the survey
  2. Prepare highly directed questions that align with the goals
  3. Prepare an action framework to be followed once you extract the data from the survey

Importance of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction survey questionnaires are essential tools used by businesses to gather feedback from their customers. They play a crucial role in measuring and evaluating customer satisfaction levels, allowing organizations to understand their customers’ needs, preferences, and expectations.

These customer service satisfaction surveys enable businesses to identify areas where they excel and areas that require improvement, aiding in developing effective strategies for enhancing customer experience and loyalty.

By soliciting opinions and suggestions directly from customers, these surveys provide valuable insights for businesses to make data-driven decisions and implement necessary changes. Ultimately, CSAT questionnaires help organizations build stronger relationships with their customers, increase customer retention rates, and drive business growth.

Types of CSAT Surveys

1. Post-Purchase CSAT Surveys


These surveys are conducted immediately after a customer purchases to assess their satisfaction with the product or service received.

2. Transactional CSAT Surveys


These surveys are sent to customers after specific interactions or transactions, such as customer support interactions or service appointments, to measure satisfaction with the experience.

3. Relationship CSAT Surveys

relationship survey templateThese surveys aim to evaluate overall satisfaction and loyalty over a longer-term relationship with the customer, providing insights into the overall customer experience with the company.



4. Touchpoint CSAT Surveys

touchpoint csat template

These surveys focus on specific touchpoints in the customer journey, such as website navigation, checkout process, or onboarding, to gauge satisfaction at specific stages.

5. Website CSAT Surveys

website customer satisfaction survey template

These surveys are embedded on the company’s website and collect feedback on the user experience, content relevance, and overall satisfaction with the website.

6. Product CSAT Surveys

product customer satisfaction survey template

These surveys concentrate on customer satisfaction with a specific product, gathering insights on product features, usability, and overall satisfaction with its performance.

7. Employee CSAT Surveys

employee satisfaction survey template

While not directly related to customers, employee satisfaction surveys can indirectly impact customer satisfaction by measuring employee engagement, which, in turn, influences customer service quality and overall customer experience.

21 Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions to Ask Your Customers

If you are wondering how to create an impactful customer satisfaction questionnaire, here’s a tip for you. Include questions that belong to these five sections in your questionnaire. This way, you can get a holistic idea of what prompted your customer to choose your services and how you can better your product to be ahead of the competition.

Here’s a simple Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire created using SurveySparrow:

Want to create similar Customer satisfaction surveys?

Demography Based Questions

Demographic questions may sound general and too dull. But these questions let you easily segment the customers into different categories that would further help you uncover some hidden trends and patterns.

With that said, minimize the number of demographic questions you ask (maximum three). Respondents can get easily annoyed by it, and don’t forget to include the option “rather not say.” This way, if the customer isn’t comfortable, they can simply opt out of answering it.

1. What is your age?

2. Where do you live?

3. What’s your gender?

4. What’s your marital status?

Product-related questions

Product or service-related questions focus on knowing how helpful the products were and whether the customers are satisfied with the results. Based on your goals, you can use different types of questions, but you shouldn’t ask them to describe their experience in a paragraph. Include rating scale questions, multiple questions, or simple open-end questions to get maximum insights.

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, How satisfied are you with our products or services?

6. What qualities of your product please you the most?

7. What qualities of our product did you like the least?

8. Are you willing to repurchase our product based on your previous experience?

9. What aspect of the product do you think requires serious attention from our side?

Customer support-based questions

The customer satisfaction surveys should also inquire about the quality of the service your representatives provide. The inputs received from this section will help you train your representatives accordingly and equip them to serve your customers better.

10. Are you satisfied with the service provided by our Customer care executive?

11. Did our customer support representative help you with your query?

12. Do you find our customer care executive knowledgeable about the product?

13. Were our representatives polite to you?

14. How can we improve our services to serve you better?

Customer experience and technical questions

This section inquires all about how the user interaction with the brand went. The questions could be directed at the technical aspects and user experience of your official website or mobile app. The responses received from this section will help you better the channels through which the customers can access your services.

15. On a scale of 1 to 10, how user-friendly was our website?

16. Was it easy to find the services you were looking for from our mobile app?

17. Were you able to navigate easily through the different sections of the website?

18. How would you rate the responsiveness of our mobile app/website?

Competitor based questions

Even though this section isn’t a mandatory part of a customer satisfaction questionnaire, you can throw in one or two questions to know whether your competitors influenced the customer’s decision-making process.

19. What were the other brands in consideration before buying our product?

20. What made you choose our product over the competitor’s product?

21. Compared to other products in our market, would you say our product is better than the competitors?

Now that you have all these examples in hand, let’s dig a bit deep into what can be considered as a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire and why it is essential for businesses.

Why is a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Necessary for Your Business?

Customer feedback surveys

Have you ever wondered why big brands care about the feedback they get and constantly work on it to improve their services? The logic is simple:

Retaining existing customers costs way less than finding new ones.

A customer satisfaction questionnaire is an essential tool that helps you to retain your existing customers. If a slight improvement in your service can WOW your customer and add them to the loyal customer base, why waste it?

Establish your business as a brand.

There’s a massive difference between a brand and a business. To establish yourself as a brand, you need customers who actively recommend your products to their peers and close ones. The publicity achieved via word-of-mouth is much more powerful than any advertising or marketing campaign.

The words of a satisfied customer speak volumes. When the number of happy customers increases, you establish your business as a brand.

When you roll out customer satisfaction surveys at regular intervals, you get to know the current perception of your business. The positive can be used for marketing campaigns. At the same time, you can do some homework to convert the negatives to positives next time.

You can partner with SurveySparrow to gauge better customer feedback and insights.m

Further, when you roll out follow-up surveys, you would know if the customers well received the changes you made in your products or not.

Know your customer up close.

When you roll out the surveys, it becomes kind of personal for the customers. They can express whatever grief they have about your services. Further, it would be a cherry on top if you personally contact them and take sudden action.

Customers love it when companies go the extra mile to ensure that their needs are met. I mean, who wouldn’t?

Customer Satisfaction Surveys Best Practices

Here are five main points that you need to keep in mind while rolling out a customer feedback survey:

  1. Keep surveys short and focused.
  2. Use clear and concise language.
  3. Offer a variety of response options.
  4. Send surveys at appropriate times.
  5. Act on feedback and communicate results.

Wrapping Up…

Voila, you have now mastered the art of creating the perfect Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire that yields the required data for your business. Remember always to take the necessary action once you have the responses in hand.

“All questions and no improvements can make your customers really angry.”

Fasna Savad

Full-time introvert with a dash of spontaneity and at times, A writer!


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