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Google Sheets

Google sheets is a web-based spreadsheet creator/editor offered by Google within its drive service.

Google Sheets Survey Integration: Use Cases

Google Sheets survey integration to share surveys, collect feedback in real-time, and sync it with Google Sheets automatically. Avoid juggling between spreadsheets & responses, automate the entire process, and generate insightful reports.

Sync your survey data with spreadsheets on Google Drive

Capture survey data in real-time and sync it with spreadsheets using Google Sheets survey integration. Avoid the back & forth between your online survey software and spreadsheets. Integrate & automate.

Capture real-time data and generate insightful reports

Capture data in real-time and sync it with Google Sheets to get in hand insightful reports, instantly. Study the survey data and gain rich insights from it.

How to set up your Google Sheets Survey Integration


Connect your SurveySparrow account with Google Sheets.

Step 1: After creating your survey, navigate to Integrate > Integrations.

Step 2: From the list of integrations shown, select Google Sheets.

Step 3: Now, sign into your Google account and click 'Allow' to let SurveySparrow access your account.

Step 4: With this integration, you can either create a new spreadsheet or add survey data to an existing one.

Step 5: You also have the option of importing previous survey responses into your spreadsheets.

Step 6: The integration is now complete. Share your survey and test the connection.